Cubs games all week

I’m finally going to be home all week from the work trips I’ve endured the past 2 weeks. It’s been a lot. I get to go to all of the Cubs games this week and weekend. I’m excited and can’t wait to watch the boys play. I’m taking different people each time. Tonight my wife and I are going with her sister and brother-in-law. A double date. Tomorrow night we’re taking the boys. Me and 3 nannies plus 2 babies = Uh oh Lol Should be fun. Then it’s going to be Employees with me night. I’m taking 3 random selected people. That will be fun I really hope they enjoy the game. And the rest of the time it’s boys nights out. I need it. I really do. I’ve been so busy lately I’m barely seeing my Chicago friends. I don’t have that many male friends that live here because my life is surrounded by woman but that’s okay. I asked Drew to fly out this weekend but he can’t. They are going on their family vacation this weekend. I forgot about that.

We had a very nice weekend in Nashville. The concert was awesome. Not much to say it’s not my type of music. I did like some songs. Kind of catchy. The boys had a great time hanging out with everyone. My wife has begun her morning sickness. She’s not miserable yet. She just wants to get through work when it hits. We’re trying to figure out what smells or food makes her want to hurl. It’s very tricky. She said it’s not so bad right now but may get progressively worse. I don’t know. I’m just doing exactly as she tells me. I’m not up her ass about anything. I told her during her pregnancy I’m here. Anything she wants or needs but she has to communicate. I can’t read her mind. If I could we could avoid the eye rolling I get.

Lindsay took care of a bunch of trolls. She got their accounts locked and suspended. I’m very grateful for all of the hard work she puts into my protection. She’s always been my plenipotentiary but it’s nice to know she handles the small stuff too. She will be back and forth to Mexico the next 3 weeks. She always brings home good, better, best news on our investments. I know she has side investments of her own down there, I don’t ask, either way we are making more money off of those investments than all of my company’s profit margins combined. That explains how she was able to invest so much into the pot companies when she did. I really thought she was just loaning those people money. She is a 50% owner in each shop. She now has invested in 40 shops. Isn’t that crazy? She’s making a killing at it too. I don’t mind she’s into that, she doesn’t smoke it or even use it. It’s just wrong to me. She’s fine with it because most people do use it for pain control and she said that’s something you need when nothing else works for you. I disagree that a 25-year-old male gets a weed care for glaucoma. That’s bs. Everyone knows it too. That’s just how it work. There are always loopholes.

I’m going to get back to work. I hope everyone has a happy Monday! My work week is going to be pretty light. Mostly staying in the office with not too many meetings. I’m happy to be home. All this flying around is exhausting.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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