Dinner and THAT play

Last night was our date night. We have had so much going on my wife turned to me Monday night and said when are you taking me out for date night? Uhhhhhhhhh (Checks my schedule) tonight? Tomorrow night? What night, dear? Last night it was. She has a big case she’s working on and needed to veg out for 1 night. She picked the activity, I picked the restaurant. Then she told me it was a play but wouldn’t tell me which one. She named 3 I’ve already seen and don’t want to see again. Usually we compromise things very well and honestly I usually go along with whatever she wants because she picks really fun things to do together.

She drug me to the same play I’ve seen 8 or 9 times, that I never really liked, and made me sit through it. She wouldn’t even let us ditch at intermission. Believe me I tried. She did promise some very awesome sex if I would be a good boy and shut up Lol Guess what I did the rest of the night? I shut the f-bomb up and had amazing sex as soon as we got home.

We both got all dressed up and I had car service come get us. She likes to get fancy every once in a while. It’s actually more convenient for me to just drive us places but some times she wants to flaunt our money and I’m okay with that, to a point. We had a very delicious dinner and I was able to try 3 new vegan dishes I had never heard of. That’s the thing about Mediterranean food they always have more recipes than you are aware of. Very delicious, all of it. Then off to the play. I was trying to get a little handsy in the car but she smacked my hand off of her leg and told me to behave. Then when I helped get her out of the car she kissed my cheek and said we can get naughty later. (Yes!)

We survived the play, I told car service Home ASAP! Then Heston was thrust into my arms as soon as we got there. I asked Sarah why he was up and she said he had been fussy all night. I got him to sleep while my wife slipped into something with no clothes and we had  very nice evening. It was well worth sitting through that play. Mental note I need to complain more often, the rewards are the best part!

Tonight she has to work late so I offered to bring over a picnic dinner for her and her co-workers. She said that would be lovely but also reminded me that may not be a good time for her to expect her to stop immediately and eat together. I said no I didn’t mean that I knew that she would be busy I just wanted to bring food that could stay there and when they all got time they can dive in. She said that was very sweet and yes, make sure I bring her chips Lol No problem. We only have 10 bags sitting in the pantry for her. I’m going to make up a bunch of sandwiches after work and pack everything up. Sarah can watch the boys while I run the food over then I will grab something for Sarah, the boys and I to eat for supper. Sarah wants, no big surprise here, italian. Which means I’m getting a salad. Whatever she wants, she’s still pissed at me for selling the condos Lol I have to be a little nicer to her for a few more days. That’s how it works with her and I know that from doing the WRONG things several times.

The paperwork has begun on our big move. We filled out countless forms and already filed them. It’s a GO and in 6 months we will be out of here.

It is Flag day and my American flag, USMC flag and Nebraska Cornhuskers flags are all flying high up at the lake house. My groundskeeper sent me a pic of them all this morning. Very proud of that. I like to represent anytime I can. God Bless America and all of that jazz.

And finally Lindsay came up with a brilliant new plan. Unblock all of the trolls from my twitter minus a few extra nasty women and report anyone that makes a comment to me or anyone I talk to. I didn’t think that would work but it did. I managed to get 3 troll accounts locked up over night and Kristie’s account is under investigation Lol How fun is that. These relentless, boring women really have no lives. It’s pretty sad actually. But like Lindz said the more they pick on me the less they are beating or cussing at their husbands and kids. So go for it ladies. I’m happy to be your target Lol We also planted Kendra with fake doclady as Lindsay refers to it with more bullshit stories to keep her twirling in the wind. That’s always extra fun to see when she eats the bait and makes a total ass of herself all over Youtube Lol It’s actually gotten easier to get her to believe the lies Kendra tells her. She’s so desperate for any info on me or Lindsay or Jackie that she actually sounds like she buys it. I wonder when she realizes it’s all bullshit meant to make her look foolish? I bet that will take a while to unravel. In case anyone is wondering, Lindz and Kendra are still bff-ish, they still talk weekly and in fact I just talked to Kendra yesterday via DM. Everything is cool and ya’ll got played, again. Sorry trolls but you deserve it Lol


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