Father’s Day 2017

  Let us all remember my 1st Father’s Day with my boys here.

Sunday is round 2 of that. This time with my wife playing host. Lindsay and Dave are here for the weekend. She wouldn’t miss this weekend. Plus her stepdad lives nearby so she’s going to meet up with him at some point. I asked her if she was going to introduce Dave to him and her stepbrother. She said No but with different words. She only sees them once or twice a year out of obligation to her mom’s wishes. They always ask her for money and she usually says no. I just hope she has a good time. I guess Dave’s kids did his big Father’s day weekend last week because everyone was in town for his son’s college graduation party. I’m glad to hear that. I can’t even imagine having Lindz as a step parent Lol That would either be my worst nightmare or the most fun. It’s a coin flip.

Speaking of Lindsay. Her plan for me to unblock the troll accounts has worked out better than I thought. I had Twitter lock up 8 accounts, suspend 3 accounts and it’s gotten pretty quiet in Troll-Land Lol If these nasty women would just leave me alone and go find something better to do with their lives I wouldn’t do that to them. Lindsay’s friends at Twitter have been a huge help and I’m glad to get rid of them. They are bullies. All of them. Not a nice one among the group at all. And no one likes hearing from them. I get a lot of DM’s from new followers saying how nasty they are and how they ignore them. I’m happy to hear that.

My wife has my weekend all planned out. We are at the lake house. That’s what I wanted. We are not grilling out like a traditional thing. My wife wants us to do our own traditions. She had the boys make me a few things. I’m going to love them whatever they are. She is having my favorite meals prepped by a chef. I think that’s very nice since everyone will be eating vegan all weekend. She’s also teasing me with a big surprise. I hope the surprise includes Drew somehow. I know he’s at home but I would love to at least catch him on Facetime or something this weekend.

It’s going to be cloudy and a little rainy all day today. I’m getting ready to get everyone on the boat for a quick trip around to see everyone. Then we will park and play with the jet skis until the rain gets heavier. Tomorrow will be nicer so we can spend most of the day in the boat. I had it filled up and ready to go. My wife loves the boat. Thank goodness for that because it’s one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. We haven’t made the journey down into Chicago yet. We will sometime this summer. But it needs to be a calmer day. Those choppy waves scare the shit out of me. Especially with my kids on board. My part of Lake Michigan isn’t that bad. I’m right next to a Marina so that helps a lot. Everything is kept clean here. We have our own private beach on my property. It’s not that big but the groundskeeper keeps it all cleaned up for us. And we don’t allow any glass down there at all. I had them put new sand all over it in May then grind it in so that it would stay put for a few weeks. The girls love the beach and how quiet it is. They still complain about the bugs but there’s not much I can do about that. My wife is on Zika alert which is ridiculous. I don’t think Zika is up here. Either way she’s being very careful and I do appreciate that.

I had more to write but I just got hollered at. I guess everyone is ready to go.

We are going on the boat! I will update more Monday.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Call your dad, if you don’t have a dad, call your mom. Call whoever is your father figure and say thanks. Being a dad really is the best job in the world. I wouldn’t change a thing!

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