More like a Grapefruit – 10 Weeks Pregnant

My wife is now officially 10 weeks pregnant. She is supposed to start showing finally. I keep talking to our baby and it hasn’t done anything. She said the doctor told her any day now she will start feeling our baby kick. I can’t wait to feel that for the 2nd time. With Ryan I just knew he would be a soccer player. He passed away at 7 months gestation so I got to do a lot of things. My wife made me download the same pregnancy app she uses. It’s called The Bump. You flip it on and it shows you how big the average baby would be. Today it’s a strawberry. I said oh no my baby is going to be huge, more like a grapefruit. I think last week it said a cherry? She doesn’t believe me. Right now our baby is 1.18 inches long according to this app. I think it’s probably more like 2 and a half inches long with legs out to………………………… Lol

We get to find out the sex soon. I think she told me at 14 weeks but I can’t remember. We are NOT having one of those reveal parties. I’m going to make a post the same time she puts it on her Facebook and that will be that. I don’t feel like we need a party to announce that. I’m not that much into myself, I swear. We both want a little girl. It’s more of a balance of gender thing but if we get a boy I will have that proud man thing going for weeks. Ryan was my first, I ended up with 2 boys not one. What’s one more boy in this house. My wife said anymore boys and she’s going to go nuts.

I showed my boys a strawberry this morning and told them that’s how big their baby is. They just looked at me until Heston tried to eat it Lol I said “Babe, Heston just took a bite out of his baby strawberry and she said tell him to not bite his sister” Lol

Uh oh look at the time. I got hung up making breakfast and getting ready for work. I thought I had hit Publish on this one. Spellcheck, Featured image, tags, Ok.


Oh and read this neat article. I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time. At least I learned this trick today!


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