Nashville is full of good times

First of all I want to send my love and prayers to London. There are no words for that kind of attack and I’m deeply sorry to everyone affected. We love you London. I’ve been there a number of times and I love going there. I pray for all the people who have been hurt or passed away.

We came to Nashville yesterday. Brought the twins and my 2 part-time nannies. Sarah wanted to stay home and relax. I don’t blame her we have had a very busy week with the boys. From doctor’s appointments to dentist appointments to a meeting with a nutritionist. They have been going out a lot. The doctor said they are doing great.

My boys are now 23 pounds and 30 inches tall. They are light and that’s why the doctor wanted me to talk to a nutritionist. She recommended we do add a little meat into their diet for growth. I will do whatever our doctor says so we are feeding them a little chicken from time to time. About 4 times a month. They spit it out the first time (Good boys) and then they are slowing eating it more and more. I haven’t seen a difference but she said the difference will show up in their blood work in a few months. She recommended it, we’re doing it, I am not going to fight that. She said once they pack on a few more pounds we can take them off of it but for now it’s very important to keep their growth from stunting. I looked it up and according to my baby book I was 38 inches tall and 27 pounds at 16 months Lol I don’t think my boys will hit 6’6″ anytime soon or ever.

Nashville is a fun town. My wife loves it. One of her favorite bands had an outdoor concert and she had asked me weeks ago if I would take her. I said sure. We had a fun-filled family day checking out all of the cool sites and local food. Then we got the boys back to the hotel, supper, baths, and ready for bed. Once I heard about the London attack I called my nannies and told them I wanted both of them in the same suite as my boys because you just never know what is going on. They stayed up and watched news footage. By the time we got back they had all of the update and said it was scary. I’m sure it was horrifying for the people involved.

Again the conversation of is Paris safe for us to raise our family. Of course m wife’s family was all over her texts last night with that question. The truth is in a terror attack you don’t know where, when, or how. It just happens. What you may have a little intelligence on, you can’t really rate it a viable threat until you have actual proof. This makes it impossible to figure things out. Our home, wherever it will be, is going to be a G.D. fortress. I promise ya’ll that. Cameras, security, gates, fences, anything. I will make sure our home is not downtown and I will also make sure that we have plans in case of something catostrophic. I don’t know what they will be but our security team will work that out. We will be prepared as much as possible and we are not a family that will be out to at night much. The truth is we just love being home. We love spending time together. I don’t know if we will ever be in the midst of a terror attack but I can tell you we are going to do all we can to prevent it. At least in or near our home and I honestly think that’s the best anyone can do.

What else? Church was great this morning. I love going to different Catholic Churches. I’m still laughing at the fools that think I’m Roman Catholic. Noooooo. You fools. My wife is and her entire family are but myself, my boys, and my nannies are not. We are the “other” kind Lol And I will leave that at that.

We are really enjoying our spring and as soon as it’s officially summer we will be going to the lake house more and more. This traveling stuff is getting old. I told my wife I’m exhausted. She understands and says maybe 1 trip a month will do. I’m happy to send her anywhere she would like to go but she wants all of us to go and I’m just old and tired. I told her after January we will be flying all over Europe and abroad. It’s going to be nonstop weekend getaways for a while. I just love traveling in Europe. Now that I’m working on the Spanish language I want to go test it out over there. See how I’m doing.

Today is about looking at more sites, a little shopping, and time to go home. We are leaving at 3pm today. No excuses (Ladies!) and that was decided this morning. I’m tired of getting home at 8pm and having to rush through getting the boys settled. I would like to get home and have a peaceful transition.

One last note. I found this online yesterday. I have never read it until then.It was pretty powerful. I don’t agree with everything in it, but I deeply respect the author. He is a very talented and thoughtful writer. Someone I do look up to.

He is also flawed like me and has had to redeem himself a few times. I’m more inspired by his writing, not so much his life choices. I would love to meet him someday if possible.

To me it’s worth the read. You can check it out here. Love ya’ll!

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