RIP #Batman

  My wife called me and told me the news. I was eating somewhere and I stepped outside to take the call. She sounded serious so I told her to hold on a second I would walk out. I asked my friends to watch my boys. I said okay, what is it. She said Honey I have bad news. My heart sank thinking we lost our baby. She said Adam West just died. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That was the 2nd worst thing she could have said to me. I started crying and couldn’t speak. She read to me an article that had just been posted. She said I wanted to tell you before you saw it online.

So here’s the story. When I was a very young kid my mom bought me my first Batman. I still have that toy to this day. It’s all mangled up because he went through a lot of things while I played with him but he’s still in once piece Lol From then on I just wanted everything Batman. I think I was 4. He was the very first celebrity I ever met. I met Adam probably over 100 times during his lifetime. On average I would see him 3 or 4 times a year at different events. He basically watched me grow up and after my later teens began to recognize me for my height. He was always very gracious and funny. I would drag up whatever new Batman thing I had found for him to sign, we would spend a few minutes talking and then off I went. He really was one of my personal heroes. He was also the first famous person I ever heard of with Leukemia. I wouldn’t say we were friends, we were friendly. I supported everything he ever did in his career. If he said donate to whatever, I donated. If he said go buy this, go try this, I did. I wanted to help him live a great life like he had taught me to live. I learned so many lessons watching that ridiculous Batman tv show. He was everything I ever wanted to be. Tall, funny, a good guy, and very helpful. He saved the world. Him and his best friend Robin were a great team and worked together to get rid of bad people. That’s all I remembered from the shows when I was a kid.

I have several photos of Adam and I at different  Comic Cons or other events that I put on Facebook. I was shocked to see just how many we have taken over the years. I posted the first one when I met him at age 6. He put me on his lap like he was Santa and I’m holding up my little Batman coloring book. He signed the inside cover and told me to be a Good Batboy Lol  I still have that too. I have an entire case full of Batman stuff that I will never get rid of. I told my wife if there’s a fire I’m grabbing my kids, my dog, my wife, and my Batman figurine from 1966 that’s Priceless Lol She just rolled her eyes at me.

Thank you Adam West’s family for loaning him to all of us for so many years. He really got out and among his fans. I loved that about him. I have done book signings now and I can’t stand sitting there for the hour I’m booked. I hate every minute of it until one of my fans says something funny and loosens it all up for me. That was Adam. He loved al of it. In all of the years my friends and I have been going to see him we never had a bad experience. No one did. The guy was our James Bond or I guess our Michael Jordan.

I will miss you Mr. West. You will always be the one and only Batman to me. The rest of the actors that try to fill your shoes will never do it right. I loved you like a hero and I will teach my kids all that I know about you. God bless you and I pray I see you again someday in Heaven. I loved you very much. I told you that several times and you would just laugh. The last time I saw you was November of 2016 and I told you Look I finally got married. You told me it was about time now go make some babies and get out of here Lol Well we did.

If he’s a boy I already told my wife I’m naming him Adam. She said good she thought I’d name him Batman. That would be a very cool middle name but I know she would never do that.

Thanks for all the messages. Everyone that knows me knows how hard that hit me. I cried. I went back into the restaurant and I told my friends what happened. Some of them got teared up too. My only regret is never taking my boys to see him. I really wanted to but I wasn’t ready to take them to a Comic Con yet. I wish I had.

Long Live Batman! The good thing is Adam West knew how much I admired him. Not the character he played for a few short years. But for the man he turned into. He really was a good guy. I pray everyday to be just like him.

I will miss you. Thank God you knew how much you really meant to me my entire life.

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