Swimming & NBA Finals

  My wife suggested yesterday that we go swimming with the boys after work. I said fine by me. My boys love it, it cools us all off and it’s really fun. We have a swimming pool near by our condo that we can use anytime we want. That makes me feel a lot better. I’m not much into those giant pool places.

We got home and got the boys ready to go. I told them we were going swimming but all they care about is that we’re going bye bye and they get to go. As soon as we got to the pool though that was it. It was all about swimming. We spent an hour and a half playing around in the water or sitting out on the pool deck playing with toys. It really was a relaxing thing to do with them. Plus my nannies get to swim and they all love the water. We can barely get them out of the pool either when it’s time to go. After that I was tired and didn’t want to cook so we ordered salads and pizzas for supper last night. Then it was NBA Finals time. I’m a huge Kevin Durant fan even though he left my favorite OKC Thunder team. Still a fan. We got the boys to bed just in time so I could see him go on a huge run and score 39 points to finish the game. He finally did it! He won an NBA Finals. I’m so happy for him. Sad it’s not with my Thunder but that’s basketball.

What a series. I haven’t been able to watch all of the games but I have been able to catch the ESPN highlights every time. That helped.

Tonight is date night since Friday night we are going up to the lake house for the weekend. My wife wants to go to this play she keeps telling me about. I laughed and said a play? Aw man. Of course I’m going to dress up and take her. She wants to see it and that’s the husband’s job. She did say we can eat at one of my favorite restaurants beforehand so that’s a plus.

And we broke the bad news to the girls. After our Dublin/Las Vegas 2 week trip we are moving out of the condo. I need to get it fixed back up to sell. We will all be moving into the Lake house. That’s a bigger commute for us to go to work but it’s worth it. Condos are not that easy to sell especially in my price range and I need to get going on all of these things before we move to Paris. It’s the right decision. The girls are now debating on keeping their own apartment. It would be cheaper but if they do that once we move, they will have to look for a new home. I told them maybe it’s time you 2 stop living together and each get your own place. I have already offered Sarah a condo in one of my building and I’m also offering the same for each of the part-time nannies. They are thinking about it. Of course they all get the family discount and can stay as long as they want. I told them it would be a good time to get a 3 or 4 bedroom condo through me now and lock it down into a solid price because once Lindsay takes over she will not do that kind of sweet deal. That way they have a family home. Sarah wants to stay in Chicago. She has a few career choices and so do the other 2. But those 2 aren’t sure they want to stay in Chicago. I told them pick any city we do business in and we can set them up. This is the right thing for all of us. And it’s just for 6 more months before we move. They love the lake house and I really think they will be much happier up there.

I’m going to miss my condo. I have had it for almost 8 years now and I really can’t believe I’m going to sell it but it’s the right thing to do. My wife wants to keep the lake house not the condos. I’m fine with that. That way we always have our own home to come back to when we visit family.

Oh geez it’s later than I thought. I need to go get ready I’m dropping my wife off at court this morning. I promised. I need to get going. Have a good one guys! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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