The No Hot Dog Video

I posted it last night on my Facebook. Yes that really did happen and it was hilarious.

I took my boys and the 3 nannies to the Cubs game last night. My wife took my NBC Chicago prize tickets to the Mummy preview party with a co-worker so we all had plans. We got to the Cubs game, got to our seats and were just hanging out a little bit. The game was going slow, we were down by 1 early but made a monster come back. Not that I was able to be at the game when the big rally was happening. Cubs win, that’s all that matters. So last night we were sitting there, probably the 3rd inning. My nannies had all gotten their food and were happily munching on hot dogs. Please keep in mind that I never deny my kids food at fun places. If they want to try regular food, fine. That’s the only way I can

  1. Figure out any food allergies
  2. See what food they like/don’t like
  3. Figure out what foods they gorge on and not bring it into my house

Some guy in our row was getting himself and his 2 kids hot dogs. He saw my boys sitting in their seats not eating anything while my 3 nannies all had hot dogs. I was not paying any attention to him. I was watching my boys and half- ass watching the game. Now keep in mind he obviously didn’t see them both plow through 2 bags of their vegan snacks and before we even left the house they both had supper. Sarah made sure of that. We have found out that’s just the best way to do it with them. Give them snacks while we are out but they eat beforehand. It’s how we have always done it.

This really nice guy bought my boys a hot dog each and passed it down while saying “Hey buddy feed your kids a hot dog, it’s baseball”

I know. I was stunned then just grinned. I handed $20 to Brandi to pass to him to pay him back. I said thank you and left it alone. I have my babies right there. I know better than to stand up and be a dick to some guy that had zero bad intentions. He tried to deny the money but eventually took it.

We helped them unroll their hot dogs and Sarah peeled the bun away so the tip of the dog was sticking out. Alex licked his. That was pretty funny. Heston just held it. I think he tried to sniff it. So I got out my cellphone and threw it on video. This is what happened.

Heston grabbed his hot dog with his hand. He waved it like some kind of Sorcerer and threw it down Lol I died laughing and everyone in our area that saw him did too. It was a small, but loud burst of laughter from our row. He didn’t hit anyone with it. In fact it went all of .3 feet and landed on the ground and stayed there. Yes I picked it up and yes I threw it away. The guy that bought him the hot dog just laughed and that’s when I said,

“They’re vegan. No hot dogs for my boys!” Which made everyone else laugh and that’s when Alex threw his too Lol

It’s all on video. I didn’t tell them to do it. I was just sitting there recording it. The guy said Huh? Which is what I get often and he just laughed it off as little kids being little kids.

Proud vegan dad moment there. Even my kids won’t eat hot dogs. That’s a good thing. Those things are made up of the leftover parts. It’s really disgusting. I eat a hot dog maybe once a year at a game if I have some weird craving. Yes it is baseball. Hot dogs and baseball go together. It was very nice of the guy to do that. I wasn’t insulted. I was curious as to why he would think I don’t feed my kids anything. When we left I took a closer look and both of them still had the peanut butter stuff all over their lips and mouths from their snacks. Sarah had to wipe them both clean before we got in the Escalade.

On Facebook overnight the damn video went crazy. It’s not going to go viral but it has had a lot of shares, likes, and comments. About 100 comments so far. It really was funny.

We left the game early which was fine. We got the boys home for baths and bedtime. My wife got home just before midnight. She texted me they were going out to a bar afterwards. She came home not drunk. She said she just had one drink to be social and had a good time.

My wife says the Mummy movie is predictable. She said it’s just like all of the other Mummy movies that, is it Brendan Fraiser? Wasn’t he the guy that did those? She said she liked all of the action but it’s going to bomb at the box office. She said it would be something we rented.

Remember when we all went to Blockbuster Friday after work to rent movies for the weekend? That’s so funny I just remembered that.

Today I have no meetings which is a miracle. I can catch up on a lot of emails.

We just did the random drawing for the 3 employees that are sitting with me at tonight’s Cubs game. I told them I’m going to pick all of them up at their homes so feel free to drink beer. One of the woman just called her husband and told him he has to take care of the kids tonight she’s going to a Cubs game. I don’t think that went over very well but she said she doesn’t care. It’s her turn for fun Lol That’s funny.

The other 2 have never been to a Cubs game before so I’m very happy to be providing them with that experience. I’m letting them all go at 3pm so I can also get home and get ready. I have their addresses and I’m trying to figure out who to pick up first. I’m excited. I’m going to buy them all some Cubs gear at the game and send them home full of food, happy, and excited from a great evening. My wife asked who won and I just texted her the 3 names. She said Ok, Ok, Hmmm to the young blonde in our group. I said ? back to that and she said we will talk at lunch. That means I’m about to get the “She’s blonde and young” speech. I deserve it because of the affair I had and I now take it as a good reminder and not as a criticism or man-bashing session. I have zero reason to look elsewhere in my marriage. My wife is perfect! I love her very, very much and there is no other woman on Earth for me. She knows that but she’s also aware of my past so she likes to claim me from time to time.

Look at the time. I need to get back to work here. I hope everyone has a great day. Don’t eat hot dogs Lol God loves you and I love ya’ll too!



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