We are going to Dublin, Ireland

  A one week vacation with my in laws, friends, twin sons and more. Oh boy.

This website has been my info guide for the trip. My wife rattles stuff off that I have to Google.


All I know is I’m not allowed to say I’m NOT a James Joyce fan and I’m NOT supposed to crack any stupid Irish jokes. I only have one Irish joke and it’s actually hilarious…but fine.

All I know is my father in law told me I’m going to try a “Proper Guinness” as soon as we land which means the airport bar. I had no idea the American Guinness was improper but raspberries were blown my way when I asked. My Irish wife’s family will be drinking our way across the tourist attractions. I think one of my brother-in-law was born in a bar. Or so they say. I wouldn’t be surprised. I know my wife was born in Chicago so that’s a plus Lol I asked in a bar and she said “In a hospital, duh.” Oh ok.

We are almost all packed up. The dog sitter is prepared to stay in my condo for the whole week. The kid is very easy-going. I told him no friends over. Go hang out with your friends after you take care of my dog. I have cameras everywhere and I know when my security alarm is Armed/Disarmed which will make me turn on my app to see my cameras. I hope that scared the shit out of him. I need to make sure my dog and her cat are okay. I mean he’s earning $1000 to sit on my couch, eat my food, and watch tv. I’m also leaving him $200 extra to buy groceries. Which means he will buy ramen and pocket the rest like last time. Whatever he does, that’s fine by me. I know he does a great job and our pets love him. Plus they are both very easy to care for. You walk my dog 4 times a day, let him out on the roof if it’s not too windy and he’s perfectly fine. All he does up there is bark at the pigeons anyway.

We are leaving first thing in the morning. Our flight is at 10am. I chartered a plane and I’m not flying it. However, my smaller plane I leave in Paris is being moved to Dublin just in case my wife wants to go somewhere in Europe for a day. I told her I was having it moved and she said “We are so spoiled, you know that, right?” I said yes. She said “How much does it cost us to move a plane over to Dublin just cuz?” I said I paid $1200. She just looked at me with her jaw dropped open. It’s a special trip. I don’t think that’s bad!

Ireland here comes the Coopers and my wife’s last name which I won’t ever mention that she still legally uses for her career (Insert a very Irish last name into your mind). It’s going to be fun. It will also be a disaster at some points and I will lay in bed asking myself why do I always do these huge family trips twice a year.


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