Weekend with the boys

My friends from Nebraska came into town Friday morning. We spent most of the day trying to figure out what places we wanted to visit on this trip. Some of them had some pretty strong opinions of what they didn’t want to do but we all agreed, Cubs games all weekend! After the Friday game we went to a few bars in Wrigleyville. That was a lot of fun. Most of the time we just go home so it was different for me to hang out a little amongst all of the fans. Everyone in Cub Nation is very nice. As long as you support the Cubs. You say anything wrong and that’s it. Conversation over.

Saturday we spent all morning playing with my boys and taking them swimming. Everyone loved that. My boys really enjoy having more men to hang with. They went up to all of them at one point and it was nice to see my favorite people on the planet interact with my kids. Drew even said we all waited a long time for these 2 to come around. I said I know I know. I really do have the most loyal group of dudes. They defend me without thinking twice, they pick on me like I’m the older brother and they love my kids with all they have. Very true friends. Saturday’s Cubs game was not so great but still a lot of fun. After that game we went and picked up my boys and took them out again. This time my wife stayed home. She said she wanted a break. She’s also not feeling that great thanks to the bun in the oven we created. With the heat wave hitting Chicago she decided air conditioning was what she wanted over having a great time hanging out with us. We dropped the boys off and went out to dinner than went out for the night. I was finally able to show them into the club we invested in. It’s been fixed up now and it’s doing very well financially. It’s been a lot of fun being one of the owners. Free drinks for my buddies, orange juice or water for me. And a safe ride home for all.

Sunday we got up for Church, went to Mass together, ate brunch then went to the last Cubs game of the weekend. Now that game was hooooott! And a great game. At the end of my boys weekend I hated having to drop everyone off at the airport. Big man hugs all around and my 6 best friends from back home headed out. I really miss all of them. They are all at different phases in their lives. Some divorced. Some married. Some unhappily married. Then there’s me. So in love with my wife I can’t think straight. So excited for our new baby to get here as soon as possible. More ready for kids than I have ever been. I really thinking having twins the first time prepares you for everything. I think when our new baby comes next year I will think it’s too easy or something. By then my boys will almost be 2 years old and I think that will be the perfect age difference. Especially if my boys turn into holy terrors in school Lol The teachers will all ask are your brothers Heston and Alex? Yes, then a quiet Oh Sh*t Lol

I’m glad we finally got together. It’s been a while and I needed it. My wife said she loves seeing me so happy and laughing. My friends make me laugh constantly and the stories they tell about me are some how funnier now. I love all of my friends and really appreciate them coming to see me. We all had a great time. We all want to make that a yearly trip. I think I’m going to need it.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I have several more posts coming up to stay tuned.

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