Family decision

We have decided as a family that I will go back to work on September 4th. That will give me all of August to stay at home with Peace and get her a really good start to life. We are already bonding. She stops crying when I hold her. She barely fusses anyway but I can get her to calm down. My wife really wants to take off of work too and she is legally entitled to it however she has a really big case she has been working on for months. It’s at trial and she doesn’t want to leave right when the trial has begun. I told her please don’t feel guilty you will see her when you get home. She has cried over that decision for days.  I feel really bad for her. I know this is tearing her up but Peace will be here when she gets home from work.

I have never known a woman to come into my life and love me for everything that I am and am not and scoop up all of my kids and love them as much as she does. My wife is amazing. I look at her holding the boys or our daughter and I fall in love with her all over again. She catches me grinning at her thinking that exact thought and she just grins back and says What? She is so beautiful. You guys have no idea how lucky I really am.

Her birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get her. I said can Peace be one of your presents and she said yes so that’s good. I need to start putting in some thought. 28 is a big year for her. A lot is going to happen in the next 12 months after we celebrate her day. I just want her to be happy and enjoy life. She loves being pregnant. She said she wants to do it again and again. No problem. I have always wanted a lot of kids. I’m actually really good at this. I am patient and loving. I know how to multitask and I’m getting really good at holding the baby while playing with the boys. They want to help out with everything. They are both all over Peace when she’s up. They want to look at her, touch her. I put her down on a big blanket and playmate so they could lay next to her and Heston just gently touched her hand. Then he started laughing when she grabbed his fingers. I really wished I had videoed that but I was trying to watch her head. I had her propped up on this baby pillow thing. Then I freaked myself out and thought she doesn’t need to be on that yet and I took her away. Both of the boys got pissed at me and let me know it. It took them a few minutes to calm down. The only thing we can do when they want to hold her is sit on the couch and they get on either side of us. Then they can look at her and touch her a little. Heston is trying to say Peace but it’s coming out Pea Lol I guess that’s what her nickname will probably be anyway. Alex says sissy which is perfect.

We ordered a really cool peace sign poster from for her room. I will get it framed and mounted when it arrives in a few days. My wife was so insistent on that name. I didn’t like it at first. Now I love it. I really do. For a girl it’s a beautiful name.

Speaking of that she’s crying.

Okay I got her taken care of. Wet diaper. Now that I will be home for the next month I will get plenty of time to hang out with my boys. I can’t wait to see what we do today. A lot of legos I’m sure.

Hope everyone has a great work week. I’m so happy to read all of your comments and emails. I am starting to write back now. I will try to get them all replied to by this weekend.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

She’s home!

Yesterday morning we took Peace back up to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor said she’s fine to fly. He said straight home and get her into the house. I said Yes, sir. We left and took one last family selfie before we got in the car. I had to drop my wife off at the plane and then go return the rental car. That took a little longer than I thought. By the time I got inside Peace was up so we decided to feed her, change her, and then leave. I also decided to get myself and my wife something to eat at the airport before we left that way we both can make it. I usually have snacks with but this time in the rush of things I forgot. We both had a light breakfast so we were pretty hungry.

On the way back to Chicago Peace slept great. She woke up twice my wife said but she just held her until she went back down. We landed and had to get my plane parked again. We finally found car service. The guy went to the wrong pickup spot. I was getting pissed and finally told him 5 minutes or we are taking a cab instead. I didn’t want my daughter outside that much. We put the cover over her car seat so she was okay but I didn’t like that. He apologized and made sure he drove safely home.

We pulled into the driveway and around the round part to see a huge Welcome Home Peace sign. I’m guessing they made it because it looked a little janked up Lol Lindsay said they had all pitched in to make it so thank you girls, great job. Still a little janked. We got her inside and immediately she was swarmed. Everyone go a chance to look at her. I made sure each one washed their hands and had on a clean shirt then they could hold her. But only for a few minutes. Poor thing got passed around like a bowl of beans Lol Everyone got photos taken real quick and then it was time to get the boys to sit down and meet her. All they wanted to do was touch her and look at her. Heston was fine with her right away. Alex was a little shy until he saw Heston touch her. Now they are obsessed with her. They are trying to learn her name. They know she is sissy. They have that one down. My dog just sniffed her and walked off. He’s over it Lol He’s so done with me and all my babies. He just wants to hang out in the backyard. With it being fenced all the way on the sides and only open to the beach he spends all day out there. He loves it. He even walks on the beach and checks things out. My wife’s cat Tristan hid. I know  he will come out soon but with all the people in the house, he’s a little scared.

Lindsay did a great job on Peace’s nursery. All of the things we didn’t buy she bought them. She even remembered to get the bath chair for newborns. We have the one for the boys but she wouldn’t fit it that one at all. I am so glad she remembered to get it. That makes it a lot easier.

We got all of our bags unpacked and I showed everyone the videos of when we first met her. They saw it on Facebook but Lindz hooked up my phone to the big tv so they could all watch it better. I am such a goofball I didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

The rest of the day was all about resting and making sure we were ready. She’s home and that’s all I care about. My wife has to work all next week she can’t take off. I will be home with the nannies and we can all pitch in. I told Sarah this will be a piece of cake and she said I’m not really thinking about trying to feed Peace with both boys trying to eat her bottle Lol No I guess not but we will work things out.

This morning we are going to Church. Heather and Brandi are staying behind with all of the kids. I need to go thank God for this miracle in our lives. I promised I would go and I think a little break will be good for us. After Church we are going to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Lindsay gave me a list. She eats the weirdest things, I swear. Why does she need powdered sugar? What is she going to put it on? I don’t know.

I’m so happy to be home. My daughter is amazing. I am so in love with her. I hope we are bonding. I’m spending all of my free time with her and the boys and my dog. We are all hanging out together. When I walk out of a room everyone follows me. It’s so good to be home.

I hope everyone has had a great time the past few days. Thank you all again for the great messages I read them and I appreciate all of the congrats. Adoption really is a blessing. It’s a long, long road of waiting and hoping. I don’t know how this happened soon but it’s been almost a year. I guess it was longer than I thought. I had forgotten when I filed the adoption paperwork. I put it all on hold a few times but as soon as I released it and opened us up for it to happen, bam, 7 months later! God is so good to me.

Go to Church everyone, thank God for all your blessings. Have a great Sunday!

Quality time

We have spent all of our time with Peace. She is the quietest little girl in the whole world. She barely fusses and when she does it’s for a few seconds. She’s eating good, she’s pooping and peeing like she should. Everything is good. Is it possible we end up with a very easy baby? My wife said wouldn’t that be just like her name. How funny is that. We are so happy. My wife holds her more than I do. I love looking at her. Her little face is so beautiful and my goodness all of that black hair Lol We can put a little bow in it. I went out yesterday and bought the outfit she will be in to meet everyone. I told my wife we will change her into it on the plane before we go home. I called car service already and made an appointment to be picked up so I don’t have to mess with it. I also didn’t want anyone to come get us at the airport. Knowing Lindsay she would be standing next to my hangar rental so she could scoop her up right away.

The girls all told me they have everything ready. Sarah said Lindsay has spent so much of her own money buying things. We have 2 different strollers and she found a stroller that will fit 3 babies Lol That is hilarious. I didn’t even know they had that. We have a side by side seated one for the boys. We also have the one in front, one in the back kind too. It all depends on where we are going.

3 kids. Wow. I’m 44 and I am going to have 4 kids by the time I’m 45! God is so good to me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve so many great things recently. My wife is so happy. She keeps hugging me around my neck and telling me how in love she is with our life. I am too. We are so excited to bring Peace home tomorrow. Everyone is going to love her. The DONT TOUCH rule will be in effect when the bigger crowds of family and friends start coming in. I do not want a sick baby right away. You can look but no holding her. That will be just for the 8 of us. Drew’s kids can hold her for a few but only if they wash hands before.

My boys still have no idea what a sister is and that’s okay. When we bring her home they will find out. My dog and her cat are going to have to adjust. Sam jr is so good with my boys. He runs around and the boys chase him. It’s really funny watching the boys go after Tristan. Heston will say titty titty instead of kitty kitty. We all just laugh.

We are going to hang out one more day here to make sure she is okay. In the morning we are going back to the hospital to make sure her lungs can handle a short flight. Her doctors said because we are both healthy and wouldn’t pass off any airborne germs to her she can go as long as her lungs sound good. I told my wife if she is in any distress I will land right away and we will have to drive back. She said okay.

I just put up 10 more videos and 12 new photos of Peace. She isn’t doing much yet but she is Daddy’s girl so I have to show her off. I already put a Batman onesy on her Lol I had to do that. It’s pink with a black Batman logo on it. My wife said where did you get that. I said I found it at Toys R Us when I was buying her foldable crib. We had to go buy one because the crib the hotel had for us looked gross. I was not putting my daughter in that. I told my wife, BRB and came back with a bunch of stuff. I’m glad we bought it because we can use it for the new baby.

My wife is now 14 weeks pregnant. Let me look at the app we use. Oh, our new baby is the size of a peach this time. How funny. It says baby is probably thumb-sucking and wiggling toes. It says the baby has probably doubled it’s weight since last week. It says my wife should be feeling hungry a lot. She’s over the throwing up finally. She still gets queasy when she smells something that triggers it but she is so happy to be done with the morning sickness.

This app is giving us fun and creative ways to announce the pregnancy. We did that already. We did that as soon as we wanted. Waiting to share that kind of news in our family won’t work. We have 3 nannies that can sniff out a baby faster than anyone so trying to hide it in our house, no go. We decided to tell everyone earlier than most but we wanted to. It’s our first baby together and I was so happy to learn I got her pregnant in our first year of marriage. We want a big family. We have settled on no more than 6 but we are more comfortable around 5. It all depends on my wife’s health and her desire for more. I told her even if she only as the new baby we can keep adopting.

She loves being a mommy. She said she has learned so much about life from taking care of my boys. So have I. It really is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. These kids, they have my whole heart forever. I love all of my babies! I love my life. Things sure turned out way different from I thought it would but I kept faith in God.

I will update more later. Have a great Friday!

Lindsay is already in Chicago

Sarah just called. She said Lindsay is already at the house and already bossing everyone around. She said she threw out a few of the things the girls put into Peace’s nursery and rearranged all of the furniture. She also put a bassinet up in our bedroom for when we want her to sleep in there with us. I didn’t do that with the boys. I had them in their cribs from day one. I would let them nap near us in the living room or if I needed a nap they could nap in my room but we had decided early on they need to get used to their cribs. I’m getting all of these flashbacks from when we brought the boys home.

I’m so happy Lindsay is there. I knew she would be Lol She is going to Costco and stocking us up again. She does that every time she’s in town. Our baby closet is going to be so full she will have to find another room to put stuff in. She always buys about 3 months of everything. Diapers, wipes, formula, and now she has all of these baby girl outfits to buy. Sarah said she brought in a gigantic teddy bear. It’s about 4 feet tall. I said how did you get that on the plane. She said she made Dave stop at a store on the way to the house Lol How funny. I can see her sitting it up in their rental car and buckling it in the backseat. She said her god-daughter deserves the best. Yes she does!

Lindsay will help the girls get things figured out. It’s going to be a great weekend. I asked if she would go get groceries too and she said she was half way done with the list. She said she’s also hired a party planner to do our baby party for all of our family and friends. She scheduled it for 3 weeks from Saturday. So that puts it, let me look, August 19th. She said by then her immune system can handle that many people and by then we will all be in a routine with her. Then she told me we are not moving to Paris now and she’s going to go cancel that trip Lol I told her don’t do that and she said I’m a selfish a**hole for taking her nephews and niece away from her. I said move to Paris and she said there’s an issue she’s not allowed anymore Lol I don’t think Paris has banned Lindz but you never know with her. I’m sure she’s banned from a specific airline she doesn’t travel well with chatty seat mates.

Auntie Lindz is waiting at home to meet us. I can’t wait to see her hold Peace. And when Drew and his family comes it will be that same feeling all over again, a complete feeling of safety for my kids. With my 2 best friends I know 100% they would both give up their lives for any of my kids. Knowing that makes me feel more at ease when I get both of them in town at the same time. I just know everything is going to be okay because these 2 awesome people will always look out for me. Always.

I pray Peace has a great nap. She was up a little while ago with a bad diaper. I changed her and my wife said thankfully we both have enough practice with that. It does make it easier. My boys have made me a pro by now. I still don’t like dealing with the blowouts Lol But so far Peace hasn’t had one yet. It may be a while.

I have so much free time with her sleeping that’s why I’m blogging more. I want to share this whole experience with everyone. I just put up 4 more videos on Facebook, guys. Go check them out. Isn’t she cute!

We have her!

We have Peace! We filled out all of the paperwork. The birth mom did not want to meet us. She was very sweet and told them she knows God found the right couple and she doesn’t want to know anything about us. I told the Hospital administrator lady and social services lady to ask her one more time please, they did and she declined so I accepted it. I prayed for her, I prayed for Peace and I let it go. That’s what God has taught me. Accept, reassess, let go, Let God.

I just put the video up from when they brought Peace into the room they had us wait in. I put up my mini tripod and put my phone on it so everyone could see it. I was going to Facebook Live it but I didn’t. Yes my wife and I were both crying. I kissed her perfect little head half a dozen times. She has so much black hair Lol I was amazed. My boys didn’t have this much hair. She has the sweetest little face and she’s very quiet. I know once she gets the cobwebs out of her lungs she will let me have it but for now she’s very chill.

We Facetimed with the boys and they both said Ooooohhh. They have no idea what a sister is but they are about to learn. My wife looks so amazing holding her. That’s what really got me. My wife holding our daughter. Wow. That’s what life is all about. I told her in a few more months we will be doing this all over again and she said when she married me she knew I wanted a lot of kids, she did too but even this is surprising. I told her we can stop for a few years. I don’t want number 5 and 6 to come so soon. She agreed and also told me I was cut off Lol Oh no! I don’t want to be cut off!

Thanks for all the great comments that keep coming in on Facebook. Isn’t she the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen. She is mixed race. Half Asian/Half Caucasian. I don’t see that as a problem at all and I know her life is going to be perfect. If anyone says one damn thing about her ethnicity they are going to put me in a Try Me mood and I will have something to say about it. No way will I let anyone pick on her.

I get bullied enough online I won’t let that happen to my kids. Not ever. Lindsay has been working very hard to get the trolls accounts Locked up and Suspended. She also has been matching up their IP addresses from Twitter and Yelp. How dumb are they to actually use their real names and locations on Yelp Lol It makes it very easy for her to figure out what troll is what IP and she bans them on here. I told her I want everyone Unsuspended once a month because I believe in second chances. She says she doesn’t and it’s her decision to keep all of them blocked so sorry guys. Unless it was an accidental blocking, you nasty women are permanently banned. She’s also banning your proxy websites you still try to use to read my blog. If you are banned, how about stay away? I don’t read anything you say to me on Twitter, you are all muted. Lindsay is the one that goes around once a day to get you all kicked off. I don’t even know how she does it. All I know is she tells me who is locked up and who got suspended. That’s all I see. That new Mute button, wow that thing works great. I see NOTHING Lol I love it. They are getting nailed for spamming me. If they send me over 5 tweets in a row we can get them locked up in a few hours she told me. That’s amazing. I really want to thank Jack and Biz and all of her friends at Twitter for helping me out. It’s making things so much quieter. I love that.

The hospital doctors all told me to wait a few days before we fly home. I asked if it’s easier for us to just drive back they said she will be okay in 2 more days so we will be here until Saturday morning. I asked if we could bring her back before we leave to make sure and they said yes. This hospital is so awesome. We took photos with her and the staff that was taking care of her. The OB/GYN said she was a very easy birth, 4 big pushes and she came out. He said after a little suction and shaking her chest a few times she let out a big scream and was ready for life. She’s a little bigger than my boys were. She’s healthy that’s all I care about. I counted and kissed 10 little fingers and 10 little toes.

We are at the hotel. I signed everything I needed to sign. I spoke with my adoption attorney and she said if the hospital social services and administration cleared us we could leave. I put my little peanut in her baby car seat and drove about 10 mph over to the hotel Lol My wife said you can speed up a little Sam. I said precious cargo!

She’s taking a nap right now. My wife and I each took a shower so we are completely cleaned up. We have no plans other than to go get food for ourselves. We have formula we are feeding her. We are starting her out on vegan formula. I am going to try this once again. If she starts presenting issues like Alex did I will take her immediately off of it. I won’t go through that again it made me feel like a horrible father. It was all my fault. I decided, he wasn’t thriving so I threw away an entire case of formula.

It’s a 2 and a half hour flight from here so it won’t be that long. My wife said she’s small enough right now she can handle it and after that we won’t have her fly until we leave for Paris. My wife will be moving in November. I’m following with all 3 kids in January. We have a plan and as far as ya’ll have seen God always has another plan for me.

I keep taking pictures of Peace. I was surprised we aren’t taking too much crap for her name. I really thought our family and friends would have a lot more to say about it but so far no. They love it. It really is a beautiful name. I love it. Taylor is for my cousin Taylor who passed away years ago. Her death had a major impact on my life and I wanted to honor her. My wife is the one that came up with Peace. I love it but at first I was like Nooooooooo, that’s weird. It grew on me and she was pretty adamant. I’m happy she got to name our daughter. She said at least we can make her nursery with all kinds of peace signs, that’s easy. Yes it is Lol Great point!

My wife just got back with our food. I love ya’ll and I will update you more tomorrow. I need to go eat. I can’t wait for my boys to meet their little sister. I will video it!


Today is the day

I wrote this a few days ago, I saved it as a Draft and I am finally publishing this.

We barely slept again last night. Today is the day. We get to go pick up my daughter. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I have prayed every single day for this to happen. I was patient and not so patient. I begged, I almost gave up but I knew God was going to bring her into my life. My adoption attorney says it can happen faster once you have already adopted once because the family court judge will have the paperwork showing I have already adopted before. I wondered why it got pushed through. I really thought it was the $65,000 we paid for this adoption. I really did. I thought well that’s more than I paid with the boys so maybe this time it will be expedited. She says it’s pretty normal for this time frame. Because they work nationally they have access to more kids are able to help more families like us.

When my wife found out she was pregnant within a few days I spoke with my adoption attorney and she said her agency has dealt with that before. It doesn’t disqualify me at all. She said even Thomas Rhett was in the process of adopting when he found out his wife was pregnant. I don’t even know who that is. Isn’t that the actor on that show Wings? I can’t remember. Because I already have 3 nannies, a huge support system and now a wife, she said it doesn’t surprise her I was moved up the ladder. Whatever it was, thanks to God. Praise Jesus on this one. I really owe you Big Guy Lol My butt will be in Church this Sunday for sure!

We are packing up a bag for a whole week because I really don’t know how long we will have to stay there with her. I know that later on this afternoon I am flying myself and my wife to go get her. We will be there by early evening and will go straight to the hospital. I can leave all of my stuff on the plane and come back to get it. We already rented the car and have the baby seat with us. We also packed up a baby bag for all the things we will need. Sarah bought it. It has little pink bunnies on it. She put in enough things for a whole week also. And we have a backpack full of new clothes and hats for her.

I keep thinking thanks to my boys I am well prepared to take care of a newborn. How easy it’s going to be for me with just one baby for a few days. Piece of cake! My wife is freaking out. She actually asked me if we needed to take Sarah with us. Really? I told her no and it kind of made me mad.

I am a VERY hands on dad. When I get home from work I kiss the boys, let the dog out, go change clothes and then I am on dad duty the rest of the night. We don’t even have Sarah monitor them on over nights anymore because I want to do it. Granted my boys mostly sleep all night now but even before they weren’t I told Sarah I need to do it. I can’t have you going all day and at night too. When my wife moved in after we were married she started taking a few nights too. She said she loves it. She would be tired the next day but she loved it. These are my boys, my responsibility. My nannies are only here to help me on weekends when I have to go do the food shopping and errands or when I’m at work or working from home. I honestly probably only need Sarah at this point but the other 2 are family and I want Sarah and myself to have a little break. They all do such a great job and my boys love all of the girls so no way will I get rid of them. Too bad none of them want to move to Paris.

Speaking of that, now my wife is having doubts about our move. She said we are going to have 4 kids under the age of 3 all under one roof. I told her I already have 3 nannies in Paris hired and moved into the new house. They are prepping the boys’ room and now both nurseries. I told her it will be fine and if we get there and she can’t do it we move right back. No big deal. She loves the idea of raising the kids in Paris. I have always loved Paris. I want to be closer to all of the great historical things around Europe. I want to be able to travel on a weekend and not crush it all into a fast 4 day trip like we would have to. I want to take our time and really learn about World history and teach m boys about other cultures. I can afford to do it, my grandmother took us all over Europe when we were kids. I want to try this move. She said okay.

I need to get into work. I have to go tell everyone what’s going on and file my emergency family leave as well as my paternity leave paperwork. I also need to get some things finished up. Lindsay will be here this weekend and all of next week to take over the office. She is so excited to be an Auntie again. Drew is so happy to be an Uncle x 4. It’s the best support system for me and I’m so grateful they can both come stay this weekend. I want to show off my little girl!

Thank you for everyone’s support. This was so sudden. I am still a little shocked. It couldn’t have been worse timing but like with everything else we will adjust and adapt. Or adopt Lol Look what I did there.

God has such a big beautiful life ahead for my family. I’m so happy to be married and having all of these babies. It really is all I have ever wanted, to belong to someone.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

My daughter’s name is…

I’m well aware of the reaction/comments I’m about to get for this but this is the name we agreed on after on all day back and forth on it. My wife loves the name. I love the name and I think it will fit our daughter. Thanks to Hannah for making this for me. It looks great! We are leaving tomorrow at noon to go pick her up. She is in the northeast part of the United States. It’s going to be a quick trip there and back I hope. A couple of days.

We have been getting the nursery ready all afternoon. I think it’s mostly done. My nannies and in laws are coming over tomorrow to help finish it up. My wife and I may need to stay a day or two there. It all depends on how things go. I’ve never done an adoption like this before so I don’t know how it will be. I hope to meet the birth mom and talk to her but my adoption attorney said probably not. I can at least try. I bought a little pink bear today. I want to give it to my daughter when I meet her. I can’t believe this happened, no one can. It’s awesome. God is so good. So now I want to share my daughter’s name with everyone. We’ve already told my family and friends and I just put it on our Facebook family page and my personal Facebook page. My wife and nannies did too.

Her name is: