Comic-Con? No

I asked my wife a month ago if she wanted to go to Comic-Con. She just looked at me like I was the biggest nerd she knows, which I probably am. She patted my shoulder and said you go ahead if you want to. That was the end of that discussion. Who doesn’t want to go! Maybe next year. Now I get to see all of the cool pictures my friends are sending me from there. Some of the Cosplay costumes are badass. No I would not have dressed up. I like looking at that stuff and buying all the Batman stuff I can but that’s as far as I go. I own Batman t shirts not Batsuits Lol

We made it up to the lake house last night. We grilled out and had a nice quiet evening. The boys love the big backyard. They don’t love getting sprayed religiously with bug repellent. We had a slight increase of water level on our beach but not that bad. I was surprised actually. The house is nowhere near the flood plain so we were fine.

Today we are going shopping and going to map out where everything is going to go. I have 2 condos full of furniture. Not all of it is coming here. Lord knows I have the space. We have so much open space in the 2 other living rooms here I’m sure we can fill up the house finally. My wife has been going through each piece of furniture this week and marking it on some list Keep, Move, Donate. I told her just leave the boys stuff alone and any of my personal stuff, then decide whatever you want. I’m not very particular about this stuff anymore. I used to be. I wanted it all perfect. Now with kids I don’t really care. It’s just stuff. I can buy more stuff. The nannies packed up their bedroom stuff and we brought it up this trip. That meant when we got here last night I had to unload everything and carry it up and down the stairs a million times. I’m thankful at my old age (44) that I’m still getting around so well. I still wake up stiff and have to stretch a little. I sit up on the side of the bed and yawn then I stand up and my knees say good morning to everyone. I take a step or two and then I know all systems are a Go Lol It’s sad getting old but this is why I still workout and yoga. I want to keep limber. With all these young babies around this place I need to run after them.

All of my clothes and my wife’s clothes arrive today. Later this afternoon all of the boys’ clothes and Sarah’s clothes will arrive. Then we get to spend the rest of the day putting it all up. Thankfully everyone can help me put the boys’ bedroom together. They really have too much stuff. I told my wife this is a good time to purge some of it. She said it’s all my fault for shopping online. I can’t help it. Amazon makes it way too easy to get the latest new baby thing. Buying 2 of everything can fill up a room faster than you realize.

Heston has shown some interest in his potty chair. We are at the point we are trying to explain what it is. I know we are a ways off from him actually using it but I think he’s getting it. Alex won’t have anything to do with it. And Sarah had a very awkward conversation with me last week about having the boys watch me take a piss. She said they will model me and learn how to do it only from me. She said she could throw Cheerios in the toilet and try to make them hit it but they won’t get it. It’s easier for me to do that. I don’t want to Lol I mean I will when it’s time but I don’t even piss in front of my wife. That’s just bad. No one wants to see that. My wife doesn’t care but I do. That’s just part of my shy side I guess.

What else? We have some really fun concerts coming up soon. We went to so many shows out in Vegas. When my cousin Tyson buzzed through town he had some really cool passes we could use. We saw 4 shows that my wife picked out. I’ve seen almost all of them. Lindsay and Dave have too but they still went with us. They also went with us when we spent the day at New York New York and had a lot of fun on all of the rides. They didn’t go with us when we went to Circus Circus. Lindsay says it’s the armpit of the Strip and the food and gambling there suck.

We might get a few sprinkles this morning but it’s mostly going to be a cool cloudy day. It’s amazing the difference between the weather here and Chicago. It’s going to rain almost all day there. Up here, maybe a sprinkle or two. That means we are going out on the boat. My boys love the boat. I never get on the engine unless I am alone. When anyone is with me we just kind of putter around a little. We like to go visit our friends and dock up next to their property. We get off and go say hi. Then we load back up after a little while and go to the next. Everyone does that around here. It makes it nice to catch up and see what’s been going on.

My wife is no 13 weeks pregnant. Let me check our baby app The Bump. Yep, 13 weeks and 2 days. It says we are 26 weeks and 5 days away from her due date. That seems like forever. We are almost through the first trimester. That’s good, what grade did we get Lol She said the pregnancy so far is pretty easy. She’s getting all round everywhere, I love that. She has been eating well, exercising, and trying to relax more. She’s pretty stressed out with work lately. She has some really big cases she’s trying to wrap up before she resigns. There sure is a lot more to legal work than I realized. She said for every meeting or conference she has with a client there’s 2 or 3 days worth of paperwork that follows it. I guess I never thought about it.

I did get her name tattooed on my back. She’s not pleased that it’s the only female name on there but my back piece tats are my life story. Most of all of my tats are memorial ones anyway. It’s pretty big and it turned out just like she wanted. I love it. I love knowing it’s on there. When we pick out the baby’s name I will add that to after he or she is born. We have begun the list. The baby name list. 2 columns. We get to say no to whatever doesn’t sound good. We did have a doctor appointment and we did confirm it’s just one little Cooper in there, a while ago. Thank goodness! If it was twins I would move Lol Just kidding. I would be okay with it but geez. What a twist that would have been.

Here is the list we already said no to:

Preston to go with Heston

Charles, too stuffy

Michael, too plain

Six, Lindsay said that one and I just rolled my eyes, Six Cooper, really?

Heather, guess who came up with that one Lol

Adam, don’t like it

Molly, it’s a nice name but no

and the best no ever was Hermes Lol Cam came up with it. Hermes Cooper, the m is silent. It would have an accent above it. No. Sorry Cam.

The yes list we are keeping private. It’s on my phone. I’m in charge of keeping the list.

My wife just woke up she just came in and hugged my neck than gave me a kiss. I need to go get breakfast started. She wants her OJ. Have a great weekend everyone. I will update more later. It’s going to be a pretty chill weekend here.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


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