#Dublin #Ireland Day 3

Where am I at? Oh day 3. Okay. The third day we had spent a lot of time with my wife’s Irish family. They were sharing so many funny stories and really explained to us about how and why a lot of them stayed in Ireland. Her parents obviously did not. They left in the 1970s because it was getting too dangerous and they wanted to move far away. I don’t blame them after reading some of the books I had read before we got there.

Me and a few others went and grabbed bagels, donuts, and Starbucks for everyone so we could eat and get going for the day. This was the day we all stayed together, all day. Huge mistake. We are better off in smaller groups. The dymanic of all of my wives’ siblings all grouped up can be overwhelming. My boys aren’t so good in crowds yet anyway so actually being a part of one wasn’t their favorite thing. We struggled with them a lot this day. After lunch I took them home myself and hung out for a few hours.

This was the day we really looked at our Dublin passes for all the great things you can do.

I better add the website for anyone that’s thinking of going to Dublin soon.


I think it’s 40 things you can do and it saves you a lot of money. With a big group like this we were going to go to all of the sights we could and this pass gave us a lot of free info on each site. It was a very good deal also. My wife found out about it and made sure we bought some asap.

We decided to do the 2 cathedrals in the morning. I wanted to see if they would bless my boys and our new baby. They did which was very cool. I appreciate both Churches doing that for me. It was selfish but I just thought it would be a good thing to do. And let’s face it, with my luck as much of God’s help as I can get, I need to take it.

We went to St Patrick’s Cathedral first. Wow. It’s huge first of all but all of the great history. You can read about it here:


Built in honor of Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the most important historic landmarks in Dublin. Dating back to 1191 to the site of an ancient well where, legend has it, St Patrick used to baptise new converts into Christianity, St Patrick’s Cathedral has played a vital role throughout Ireland’s social, cultural and spiritual history. Walk through the nave and see the 200 monuments and impressive alter which makes St Patrick’s so breath-taking.

That’s the little info from their website. This is what we thought about going inside.


My wife’s family was very proud to show us this on our trip. It’s the Irish equivalent of the New York Cathedrals, all historic, all beautiful, all very well known. I had been reading articles on this place for a few months not only because my wife kept printing them out, but because she said it’s more than just a Church. It’s a spiritual parcel. You have to walk onto the grounds to feel a shift in your spirit. It really is a holy ground. I loved how detailed all of the rooms are. You go from one to the other and just see all of these great tapestries, banners, and very colorful decorations. They welcome you and they want to show you around. We had called ahead to get a tour time set up so we had our own little group going together. That’s why all of us stayed together for this. My father in law acted like it was his vacation home and we let him. He kept grinning and puffing out his chest as he walked. One of my brother in law’s said Look Dad’s bursting and he really was. We got to sit in for a service which I was very excited about. I wondered what the difference between Irish Catholic Mass and American Catholic Mass was. It’s not that much different except the blessings are much much longer. They really are proud of their Church and we loved learning about it. There’s so much more to see and we tried to fit it all in but we missed the 2 famous graves that are there. We ran out of time but I told my wife, next year we will make sure to come back and see it all. She agreed.


We were shuttled off to the next Church and I have to say it was equally beautiful. A little less decorative and a little more stoic. You walk in and are blown away by all of the grandness of it.


Christ’s Church Cathedral is also huge. It’s the oldest building in all of Dublin. They have a crypt built there from the 11th Century I think they said. We were there in time for another service and we got to see their choir. Now that was amazing! So beautiful and very harmonious. My wife teared up just in time for my boys to start fussing so I had to take them both outside to walk around a little. Sarah came with me and she said it really is an amazing trip and thanked me. She said she had called her mom a few times to tell her everything and she said her mom said to tell me thank you for taking her. I told them both when I hired her I would show her the world and take care of her the rest o her life. I hope she believes me. She must have she’s still here after I told her it’s twins! Lol I realized how thankful I was too. God is showing me a little piece of his heart with all of these great sights and I know I need to do more to praise him. I try everyday to share his word with people and offer my prayers several times a day. I am very humbled by all of these things we keep experiencing and I am also proud to be able to afford to take all of these people with me. My boys did calm down enough for us to go back in. My wife said we missed 4 songs but that’s okay. There is always next year. As we were leaving we were in time to hear the bells tolling. Wow. Such a huge bell and it sounded great. They said it had been replaced a few years ago because the old one had hung there for 70 something years? Amazing sound.

After that we decide to go eat. I thought they said they just wanted to go back home to eat but one of the Irish cousins said we weren’t too far from The Bull and Castle.

Bull and Castle is a pub that serves really interesting food. We tried 10 different things on the menu. Most everyone got steak or burgers. I went for the salad with my boys but we got to also try some nachos. The place is so huge we went upstairs to eat. My wife got the buttermilk chicken and said it was the best she’d ever had. I tried a bite and it was okay. A little too greasy for me. Not a big fan of the animal heads all over but the photos on the walls were nice. It was loud in there. It was pretty packed for a lunch. Great place to eat!

700 years ago the Vikings took over Dublin for a time period that is well documented. We were all full and wanting a nap but this was the one place I was really pumped up to visit.

Dublinia is an entire medieval experience. You walk in and they immediately start harassing you Lol It was hilarious. My boys were in awe. They both had big eyes looking at all the cool stuff. We learned so much on our tour. The best part was getting to see everything up close. We got to try on some clothing and we shackled up my brother in law who’s the cop. They were going to lash him a few times but his wife said “Maybe tonight” and we all just laughed. Some of the kids didn’t get it but he really laughed at his wife’s comment. They have some really cool souvenirs here too. We got to see one of the battle performances and it was really fun for everyone. They come right up to your group and try to mess with you a little. One of the shirtless Viking guys tried to take my wife and she just laughed and went with them. We found her a few minutes later in a new outfit. She said they converted her and she’s going to live there now Lol Okay babe. It really was a fun experience. I think everyone really liked it.

After that we hit the last stop for the day, Dublin Castle.

I have more photos to put up of it but I did add some to my Facebook the day we went there. It’s this huge sprawling place filled with more Viking stuff but also a great amount of Irish history. I really liked learning how the city went through so many changes. It even shared some of the lesser known tragedies that I hadn’t read about. Some of the Irish cousins even said they hadn’t ever remember learning that. We got to walk around and this place let me use the stroller. Usually we have had to take the boys out and wrangle them. I was very happy I could just push them along. At this point they were getting pretty tired and I think we all were.

We went back to the house and decided to go out for dinner. I fed the boys and left them with Sarah and Brandi for the night. A few of our older relatives wanted to stay in too so I made sure they had plenty to eat and snack on before we left. Heather was finally ready to go out with us at night since it was a much smaller group. We decided to try some Irish cuisine.

The Irish cousins told us to go to Gallagher’s. Boxty is an Irish potato pancake and they leave a bag of the mix you can buy right on your table. I tried a bite and it was very light and good. Great taste. It’s a great location with this huge bar. The bottles go all the way up to the ceiling. Very classy place and it was a great meal. Huge portions of food. You get what you pay for there. It was a nice quiet dinner because everyone was so tired from walking around all day. My wife grabbed my arm and told me she was having the best time. I thought that was sweet. I was really trying hard to make sure everyone was okay. I felt bad for my boys. I knew 3 tourist things in a row would be too much but they held in there as long as they could. My wife said her feet were a little sore but she would make me rub them later before bed Lol Anything my pregnant wife wants, she can have!

We made it home and some folks went out to a Pub nearby. They just wanted a nightcap. I think no one stayed out too late that night. I don’t know I was sawing logs around midnight again. My boys slept in from all the fresh air and traveling around so I was happy about that. The next day we were going to the zoo so they really needed their rest.

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