#Dublin #Ireland Day 4

On the 4th day everyone got into a huge argument with me. I don’t like zoos. I don’t want to support them and I really did not want to take my kids to one. My wife said they boys need to learn these things but she knows for sure they will go to the zoo during school field trips. I know that too and I was kind of hoping to call them in sick that day Lol I have an issue with capturing animals NOT rescuing them and putting them into life long cages, areas, or water facilities that have nothing to do with their native homes. I know zoos try their best to keep things almost like home for them, but it’s not. It never will be. It’s a huge mistake to keep animals locked up for mankind to look at for entertainment. That’s all it is. Yes we can study, research, and learn from captured animals. But I see no purpose at all for zoos. I don’t like them.

We argued all through breakfast and finally I said ok. I do want my boys to have these experiences. My wife said we didn’t have to stay all day. We could go when/if I objected to something I saw or my boys were done. This was one of the few days I was praying they threw a meltdown fit and we had to go Lol

I will say the Dublin zoo was better than I expected.

They do have a large variety of animals. The park is huge. It’s great exercise and on a cloudy day that we attended it made for a cool outdoor activity for everyone. We had to stop a few times for the older people in our group which was fine. We took a ton of photos that I have just put up on my Facebook. Yes I was holding a penguin Lol They let us do the backstage type area with our Dublin Passes and Zoo Fast Track. My boys squealed when they waddled up to them. That video is also on Facebook now. It really was hilarious. Heston wanted to take him home. Alex was cool with it for a few seconds than it was UP, UP dada. I held him the rest of the time through there.

The birds are beautiful, the larger animals stink but look healthy. They just look really bored and miserable. I felt sorry for them. We spent all morning and half of the afternoon there. We knew we would be walking all day so we didn’t plan anymore sites for that day. We did plan a nice big family dinner out with all of the Irish family plus our group. We practically took over the restaurant.

After that we all just went back to the rentals and crashed. Everyone was so tired from the full day of fun.

At the end of the day I was glad I went only to see my boys reactions. I still object to zoos. I still pray those animals get to be released some time.

Dublin Zoo is really great for families. The kids loved it. And the photos we took are worth it all.


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