#Dublin #Ireland Day 5

Happy 4th of July America! We did nothing at all to celebrate the 4th while we were in Dublin. I suggested a cookout but this was the night my wife picked for her and I to escape and have a romantic evening alone.

On Tuesday morning we had all decided to split up and do the tours in our smaller groups. My wife laid out 3 different things to go do. Whoever wanted to go in whatever group for the first thing she put us all together. The shuttles we hired would then pick up or take whoever to the next thing since several people wanted to do other things too.

Have I mentioned yet how many times we had to stop at Starbucks? 10 times the whole trip to Ireland at least while I was with everyone. I’m sure it was double that. By now we were starting to get the hang of the road systems and signs. It was very confusing at first but we all learned from several mistakes. My wife planned things out from a map, not from the actual time with traffic or any road construction issues. She did a great job.

My group went to the Jeanie ship tour. If you want to climb on board a beautiful ship and climb off completely depressed this is the tour for you Lol I didn’t really know what the tour was about. I really thought it was just a tour of the ship. You get in there and you get almost an hour of Famine and how it took them 47 days cramped up in this thing to cross the Atlantic. My wife said she was going to tell her parents to come to this tour. She said she knows several family members made that boat voyage and wanted them to see what it was like. She said her dad would be very interested in it.

Fast forward to his response, which I’m pretty sure went like, “If I wanted to see how they stuffed my countrymen like sardines and made them sit in their own piss for a month I would go” Lol So he wasn’t interested at all and said it would just break his heart to see how it was for them.

I thought the boat was beautiful. Not the forced slavery part of it, the actual ship itself. I also was amazed at how many people they took on one trip. And did you know they also brought folks back that went to America and decided No Way. Kind of how half of America feels under Trump’s Leadership right now.

After that we decided to stay around the waters and go to the National Gallery of Ireland. Now this was my kind of place. My boys weren’t that interested because they value art on how many crayons they can stuff in their mouths right now. We will get them to appreciate art later. We didn’t go to the Exhibited artist section because none of us know who she was (Sorry) and we wanted to see the more famous pieces. We had called ahead weeks ago to set up a guided tour and found out we were a little early. The SS Depression tour went faster than we thought. So we hung out and just looked at stuff before our Guide showed up. The guide was very funny for docent. The other docent I have met on museum tours are very knowledgeable but don’t really like to add their own comments to the tour. This guy was hilarious. We really enjoyed the hour we spent with him. I had to take the boys out twice because they were bored and trying to grab everything. The outside of the building is more fun for 15 month olds anyway. The only problem is all the people wanting to look at them and the 600th time I’ve answered “They are identical”. I have to say that at least 3 times a day. The museum is more for people who really love art and want a cultural experience. I wouldn’t recommend it for families with small kids because you have to wrangle them everywhere and you don’t actually get to see much. It’s a nice museum. It seemed like everyone liked it.

After that we went to lunch back at the rentals because we all had to pack up and get ready for my group’s last place for the day.

We hit Aquazone. Now I know some people would ask why go to a water park when you overseas and could go see something more interesting. The answer is simple. We had 11 kids with us. The kids needed a break from being drug from one place to the next. They had all been great sports and we all did promise to take them at some point. I told them we are going there at 1 and we are staying until the place closes. So do all of the rides, all of the water slides you want. We are camping out. The weather hadn’t been that warm at all so it was tricky at first but once you got used to the cold it was no big deal. It actually felt good. My boys wanted to sit on an inflatable tube the whole time and make me pull them around so that’s pretty much what I did for 5 hours Lol They had a blast. We did play in the rain shower thing for the babies. We did get in the baby pool a few times but they had the most fun on the tube. I obviously need to go get them one. We don’t have any tubes. The mess bottom was strong enough to hold them both at the same time so it made me feel very comfortable. Seeing my boys laugh and smile while I’m pulling them around was priceless. I just put those photos up from this full day of tours on my Facebook.

I had so many people look at or ask me about my back tattoos. I’m used to it but my wife isn’t. She kept asking who was that girl talking to you or why did you let those girls touch your back? When I turned around I didn’t know they were going to touch my back, they had just asked to see my tattoos. They loved my Celtic cross (Of course) and my wife now claims I got the celtic cross years ago because God knew she was coming my way Lol It actually just happen to work out that way but maybe God did put that in play and it worked. All I know is that I have always loved the design of the celtic cross so when my tat guy was asking what kind of cross I told him the style and he said it’s celtic. Fine by me if it looks cool.

Everyone had a blast at the water park. I guess the other 2 groups were pissed at the things they went to go see and said they should have just done the water park with us. Yes, you really should have. The kids loved it and wanted to go again some time. I promised to take them all to the Wisconsin Dells sometime soon for a weekend. They have already all been there a bunch of times but they love it. I said which one was better and they said the Dells Lol That’s right. America wins.

We got back to the rentals and I got myself ready for date night with my wife. She had picked out a vegan restaurant for us to eat at then 2 stops for dancing and a special surprise.

The dinner was amazing and I really appreciated her eating vegan with me. I had been craving some tofu and it was getting harder and harder to find. After dinner we went to a club and I have to say this is why I don’t go to clubs much anymore. I’m just too old. I love the music because most of it is EDM and that’s my favorite, however after a few songs I’m tired and sweaty. I just want to sit down Lol She could dance all night and I love that about her.

After we danced for about an hour and a half I thought we were done but she said no. My wife took me to this beautiful part of Dublin that is all lit up with little sparkly lights that look like stars. She had a photographer there and she said she wanted night-time photos of us with Dublin skyline in the background. How cool is that! We won’t get the photos for a few weeks but I thought that was very sweet. She is very proud of her Irish history and thought this would be great for my office or in our bedroom. We already have a huge painting of all 4 of us hanging above the fireplace so why not a few intimate photos of us. The photographer said just look at each other like you both are about to win the lottery. I started laughing and my wife said “He already won it” Lol Yes, she is my lottery win. I got to kiss on her a lot which is also one of my favorites and we had a great time. I really did think it was sweet of her to do that. She said I could thank her when we got back home. And I did Lol Twice!

We had another great fun-filled day in Dublin and I think everyone was almost ready to go home. That’s the thing on these week-long trips, after a while you are tired and just want to be home. So far no one was acting grumpy. I think all of the beer helped.


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