#Dublin #Ireland Day 6

We made it through a non 4th of July without too many problems. We all did watch the Washington DC and Chicago fireworks on Youtube the next morning to just see how it went this year. Same as always, a big giant beautiful explosion of celebration. My wife and I had our own fireworks the night before. If she wasn’t already pregnant I would have gotten her pregnant is what she told me the next morning Lol

This was the day we decided to do the castle tours. My wife said the Cliffs of Mohr bus/guided tour was great only because you got all of the info from someone who knows every detail. She said otherwise she would have gotten off of the bus and looked at a giant cliff, not knowing any history. She said that would have felt like a ripoff. She said the castles in Ireland are very significant and it’s something all Irish are proud of. She said her dad knew every castle. I said but there’s a lot of castles, she said doesn’t matter. I took that as a warning as to let him lead us on our Castle tours and don’t argue the facts that he might randomly make up. Ok.

We all went out to breakfast to meet up our are spot for the bus. Breakfast was very delicious. I remember this because this was the day I took the video of Heston saying Yum yummmmmmmmmmm. That’s on Facebook now. He was really getting into Irish vegan food. Alex just ate. That’s the one time my high-octane son is chilled out. Until he runs out of food then it’s rev up to 90 in 2 seconds. By this time things were getting much easier with the boys. They knew we would be going places. They were starting to behave a little better and I was doing my best to listen more to Sarah tell me they are crashing. We came up with a plan to have the bus take Sarah and the boys back to the rentals after lunch when they were dropping us off at a castle nearby. She said she thought they would last until then but we all needed to do a better job of watching them.

I have the boys that see something shiny and go right for it. They can’t help themselves they get that from me. I also have the boys that want to fight over pamphlets or whatever paper thing I have in my hand that I give to them. It turns into a baby punch, baby shove match. No one wins because I see one fist fly and they get separated. Well except that time I was just walking out of the men’s bathroom and I saw Heston yank Alex’s shirt and send him to the ground. I didn’t get there in time for that one. I do know that Alex is a scraper and he won’t take much shit off of his 7 minute older brother Lol They are exactly the same size so it’s not like Heston can push him around much. He’s just more passive aggressive (Like his father) and will wait and wait and take as much as he can until it comes out.

Let me sum up all of the castles in one shot and then you can go read my Yelp reviews and see what I really thought. It’s getting a little redundant on here than on Yelp. The castles are all huge. The difference is they are for different purpose depending on their positioning. I didn’t know that. If they are closer to the coastline, which most of them are, they are meant to shield townsfolk from any immediate coastline invasions of whoever. If the castles are out in the country, they are meant for trading posts, news distribution, what else did the guides tell me, I think food, entertainment, and training. I can’t remember I think that was most of it anyway. All of the castles have been around for centuries. They were very well-built and have to be inspected 3 times a year to make sure structurally they are okay. If they haven’t crumbled by now they won’t ever. Inside each castle is very well maintained to be authentic and preserved for that family or crest’s way of living. It was very interesting to see 4 different castles that all look similar but really not. My wife said all of the grandeur was a bit much for her taste. I said you won’t live in a big Paris castle if I find one? She said no. She likes our house we picked out and wants a yard that doesn’t need a moat or a guard tower. That made me laugh a little too loud and it echoed for everyone to hear. Sorry?

The boys loved the castles. Heston would get out of the bus and look and go Ooooohhhh dada. Or oooohhh mama. It was so funny. I told the kids in our group that someday they could live in one and be Kings and Queens but they all had to go to UNL Lol Otherwise you can’t be a King of a Queen. The older ones rolled their eyes. The younger ones said ok. I have at least 4 going to UNL from this group so that’s good.

We wanted to do Bram Stroker’s Dracula castle but it’s only open at night and only on Saturdays. We should have looked into that one sooner I guess. I heard it was pretty cool. A lot of tourist we ran into said they went. They do a magic show at the end. I was bummed out we missed it. Maybe next year.

We spent the night at the rentals. A few groups went out for the night. I told everyone get a great night’s sleep because tomorrow would be SHOPPING DAY. The day my nannies had been crabbing at me for. I told them we are shopping on the last full day so we can make sure we hit all the stores we want. And I want to add we had to buy 2 brand new suitcases to get everything loaded up on the plane. I was not happy Lol That just meant I had to lug even more luggage upstairs by myself. I can’t wait until my boys are older and can help me with that. Women!

And on a completely random note read this letter from 1988. Big Bush wrote it to Little Bush on why you don’t talk to people outside of the family/friend/employee circle. Great advice!



I know I’m slow posting my Ireland trip blogs but I’ve been very busy out here in Las Vegas all week. We are flying home this morning. I have missed my boys so much and I can’t wait to see them. My wife was crying last night saying how much she missed them and how much she loves them. I said we don’t have to stay all day like we planned. She said take me home. Lindsay and I have almost got all of the things hammered out. Our lawyers are going to have to negotiate the final steps. She won’t budge, I won’t budge. Let them duke it out for a while. I love her but man is she stubborn!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my updates. Things are great. My wife is now 12 weeks pregnant and we get to find out the sex of the baby within the next month. We want a girl but will be very, very happy with either one. 10 fingers, 10 toes.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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