It’s a girl, but not the one you think


…but keep reading.

We spent the whole weekend at the lake house. We have everything up here now except my furniture, Sarah’s furniture and whatever the girls had over at their apartment. The movers have boxed everything up. We had to move all of my vehicles so they could park their 2 vans in our under the building parking spots for their guys to get the boxes, tape guns, moving blankets, and bubble wrap from them. I was going to leave a vehicle there but they asked me to move it so we did. As long as I’m not packing all of that stuff up I will do what I’m told. They finished our condos, finished the apartment and now it’s all coming up here soon. I have to do it on a certain date because to have a big moving truck parked there for hours I need a permit. The moving company takes care of all of that I just have to sign stuff. We talked about using 2 or 3 smaller moving trucks so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal but the guy that runs the company said he’s going to bring a crew of 8 to make it go really fast. I am laughing thinking how we moved my huge bed in there years ago. I have replaced the mattress a few times but that big bed frame and headboard, good luck fellas Lol

Everyone is really happy to have a house with a yard. My wife said lucky for me we have 8 bedrooms so that helps. It’s not a house it’s smaller sized mansion but it’s medium-sized compared to my neighbors. I bought this place years ago and slowly worked on things a little at a time. I had thought about living in it full-time but in winter the commute would be bad. Living downtown was more convenient anyway. My condo was only 15 minutes from my office and everything fun to do. My dog loves it here. My wife’s cat loves it here. One day all 4 or 5 of our kids will love it here.

Speaking of that. I asked my wife when I should write about this and she said whenever I wanted. She reads all of my posts before I post it that way her family, friends, and co-workers that follow my blog won’t surprise her with anything I’ve said that they might send back to her. It has happened before. The blog post where I said any adopted children will only be mine and not hers, boy did I get a lot of s*** for that one. It didn’t bother her because it’s the truth and the agreement we made. It’s not setting myself up if my marriage fails. It’s setting my kids up with a plan IF my marriage doesn’t work out. I’m a million percent sure my marriage is going to last forever, however, my kids are everything to me and I won’t share them into a situation where she would be dating or marrying someone else and my kids are around the new guy. They deserve better than that if we can avoid it. Her family had some very real and harsh things to say to me and I took it because I understand it’s not a popular thing to say. It was my wife’s decision before we got married. We put it all in the pre-nup. We went back and forth on it for weeks to get a fair and equitable agreement. That brings me to this news.

My adoption came through. Our daughter was born yesterday morning. We have to wait 48 hours or more to go get her but as soon as we can we are both flying to the location which I won’t share on here and picking her up. I got the phone call while I was in Miami Beach yesterday for business. I got home last night after holding onto the news ALL DAY and called everyone in the living room. The boys were alseep already.  I didn’t even tell my wife what my announcement was.

I video’ed me telling everyone the news I just put it up on Facebook. As you can see on there, everyone was SHOCKED. I couldn’t stop grinning the whole time and I almost couldn’t get it out because I started laughing. I said “I know this is really bad timing with the move and we don’t even have anything ready but our daughter was born this morning and we need to go get her soon. Total silence and then my wife and the girls started jumping up and down and hugging me. My wife is the one that kept saying Are you serious in the video over and over. Sarah is the one saying Thank you God over and over. A few of my friends flipped that and thought my wife was saying Thank you God. She did say that later but her first reaction was Are you serious. Yes, babe, it happened.

So today all of my nannies are getting a nursery ready because I don’t have one ready for this. Thank God for my wife’s parents. They are taking the boys for the day so we can do all of the shopping we need to. My wife and I are going to work in separate cars this morning,

I’m leaving work at noon to go over to my adoption attorney’s office. She’s giving me all of the paperwork I need to take with me. She is so sweet she was crying during the call when she told me. She knows how badly I want this. I had to sit down when she told me. I walked out of my meeting when I saw her number come up on my phone and I walked back in and told everyone my adoption just came through I’m getting a daughter in a few days Lol

Can you believe it!!!!

I can’t either. I’m not ready to bring her home yet but I promise you by the end of today I will be. We sat and made a plan on who was going to go buy everything. Lindsay and Drew got their flights to come here on Saturday. Drew started laughing just like I did and said Man God puts everything on you at the worst times, Every stinking time Dude Lol We both just laughed. Lindsay said Name her Lindsay or she’s not coming Lol Then she started in already with she’s the godmother again and she’s not going back to that (expletive expletive) Church to do that Holy water thingie, her words not mine. I said are you coming to meet her or not and she said yes, shut up. We asked my wife’s parents over late last night to tell them. They live a few minutes away from us so it wasn’t a big deal. I meant to get home by 7:30 so I could take my wife out to eat for a date night but I got hung up and didn’t get home until 10:15. They came over so they knew it was something big. I video’ed their reaction and just put that up on Facebook now also. Hugs for all of us and my mother in law started crying.

You guys have no idea how hard it was to not tell my wife over the phone yesterday. I wanted to surprise her with it. She said she can’t believe I didn’t let it slip. We text often and I did call her twice to let her know I was coming home and then again when I landed safely. That’s our rule for me to always tell her when I’m leaving and when I land so she doesn’t worry. I wanted to tell her right away but I also didn’t want to mess her up at work and that would have for sure. It messed me up the rest of the day. Last night no one slept good. I tossed and turned. My wife and I made a list of names. We have to have a name before we leave that state. It’s for their paperwork. We had a list of girl names for our baby but my wife said we need to figure this out.

Help me Lol I need baby girl name suggestions. I rarely post my comments anymore but I do read them. So please just leave suggestions if you want or email them to me. We are flying out tomorrow afternoon to be in the area. We have to wait until Friday morning at the earliest and I do know that as soon as I’m legally allowed I’m going to go get her.

This completely screws my work schedule and my wife’s work schedule but this isn’t our fault. This is life. This is the good God does. We have to rearrange everything. I’m taking paternity leave, my wife can’t. She’s in the middle of a huge case and can’t take off. My nannies are going to have to help me out a lot and I already told them sorry a million times. We told the boys this morning and they went over and touched mama’s belly. I tried to explain it but they won’t get it until we bring her home.

I finally got my little girl! How awesome is that. I love her so much already. I loved her from the moment I heard she was born. She’s a beautiful little asian baby girl, born in the United States. The father is not in the birth mom’s life, He is Asian, the birth mom is 17, caucasian, and can’t handle it, she’s been going to all of her prenatal care appointments, she doesn’t want an open adoption which is fine if that’s what she really wants. I will tell her when I meet her how to contact me if she ever changes her mind. She’s been set on giving her baby up for adoption for months. I’m sorry she going through all of this but I am so grateful to her for this gift. I didn’t care what she was. I just want 10 little fingers and 10 little toes.

Oh man I still can’t believe this happened right now. We have so much going on. I have all of these work trips scheduled. I’m going to have to send other people.

July 24th, what a great day for a birthday! Happy Birthday baby girl. We all love you so much. I will see you soon.

I got my daughter! God is so good. Thank you God for this blessing. I have prayed and prayed for a little girl. Thank you God!


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