Lindsay is already in Chicago

Sarah just called. She said Lindsay is already at the house and already bossing everyone around. She said she threw out a few of the things the girls put into Peace’s nursery and rearranged all of the furniture. She also put a bassinet up in our bedroom for when we want her to sleep in there with us. I didn’t do that with the boys. I had them in their cribs from day one. I would let them nap near us in the living room or if I needed a nap they could nap in my room but we had decided early on they need to get used to their cribs. I’m getting all of these flashbacks from when we brought the boys home.

I’m so happy Lindsay is there. I knew she would be Lol She is going to Costco and stocking us up again. She does that every time she’s in town. Our baby closet is going to be so full she will have to find another room to put stuff in. She always buys about 3 months of everything. Diapers, wipes, formula, and now she has all of these baby girl outfits to buy. Sarah said she brought in a gigantic teddy bear. It’s about 4 feet tall. I said how did you get that on the plane. She said she made Dave stop at a store on the way to the house Lol How funny. I can see her sitting it up in their rental car and buckling it in the backseat. She said her god-daughter deserves the best. Yes she does!

Lindsay will help the girls get things figured out. It’s going to be a great weekend. I asked if she would go get groceries too and she said she was half way done with the list. She said she’s also hired a party planner to do our baby party for all of our family and friends. She scheduled it for 3 weeks from Saturday. So that puts it, let me look, August 19th. She said by then her immune system can handle that many people and by then we will all be in a routine with her. Then she told me we are not moving to Paris now and she’s going to go cancel that trip Lol I told her don’t do that and she said I’m a selfish a**hole for taking her nephews and niece away from her. I said move to Paris and she said there’s an issue she’s not allowed anymore Lol I don’t think Paris has banned Lindz but you never know with her. I’m sure she’s banned from a specific airline she doesn’t travel well with chatty seat mates.

Auntie Lindz is waiting at home to meet us. I can’t wait to see her hold Peace. And when Drew and his family comes it will be that same feeling all over again, a complete feeling of safety for my kids. With my 2 best friends I know 100% they would both give up their lives for any of my kids. Knowing that makes me feel more at ease when I get both of them in town at the same time. I just know everything is going to be okay because these 2 awesome people will always look out for me. Always.

I pray Peace has a great nap. She was up a little while ago with a bad diaper. I changed her and my wife said thankfully we both have enough practice with that. It does make it easier. My boys have made me a pro by now. I still don’t like dealing with the blowouts Lol But so far Peace hasn’t had one yet. It may be a while.

I have so much free time with her sleeping that’s why I’m blogging more. I want to share this whole experience with everyone. I just put up 4 more videos on Facebook, guys. Go check them out. Isn’t she cute!

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