Moving in and the rules?

The girls are going tomorrow morning to get the rest of their stuff out of their apartment that they don’t want the movers to touch. The movers have been at my condos all weekend boxing everything up. They will then go over to their place and box that all up before they coordinate where they go first to pick up the boxes. This is all very exciting and worrisome. My lake house is big enough for all 5 adults to roam around in. We all have our own bedrooms and thankfully everyone gets along. That will be helped by all of the ladies have their very own bathrooms and we did rearrange some things so they have bigger separations between them. I want them to enjoy the few months we will all be in this house together.

We have a family meeting after breakfast. The schedule is the most important topic because I want to make sure they all understand it’s not going to lump everything on Sarah. If they live here they pitch in especially since none of the 3 are in school right now. They are working on their resumes. My wife was helping each one last night a little. We both have written reference letters to go in their resumes and I will do all I can to help them find jobs. Sarah is going to focus on getting her education to the point she can teach nursing. The other 2 will be starting nursing jobs at local hospitals. That’s what they all want to do. Sarah is going to figure out a part-time job to help supplement her cash flow. She has been paid very well and I told them all I am going to pay them all until January 1st that way even when I’m gone I’m still honoring to help them out.

My wife wants to talk about the House Rules. I didn’t even know we had any rules but she said that the nannies “strut” and she did the air quotes, around in skimpy outfits that are way inappropriate around me and the boys. I said they think of me as their dad, and she said that’s probably what Ben Affleck said  before he started the affair with the nanny. Is that what happened to his marriage? Did he cheat with the nanny I didn’t know that. I would NEVER DO THAT! She knows that, I know that, they know that, God knows that. NOT EVER!  I am not so ego drunk to know that even though a hot 20-year-old would make me feel young and excited, I do realize I have nothing at all in common with anyone below 35. Not when it comes to a relationship. We are family and you don’t do that. Okay well Toby Willis, Josh Duggar, and another son of a certain reality tv show with lots of mom has done it but I wouldn’t. That’s disgusting. It’s also taking advantage of a young, naive girl that doesn’t realize she’s exchanging herself and her body for whatever it is. I don’t even know. I don’t put any thought into it.

Speaking of that. That Toby Willis, he got 40 years and had molested several young girls. How is that even possible? I was so shocked when I read that yesterday. 40 years? He should be locked up forever. He had no business being on a tv show at all. He knew what he did and he was still trying to act like nothing bad goes on. I know that bad things happen within large families and a lot of them try to cover it up because they don’t see the bigger picture. See something, say something. That’s what goes on in our house and in all of my business. We all speak up. So far the only thing the girls see and speak up about is when I bend over to do something and maybe my butt crack hangs out a little without me knowing it. When it does happen they all let me know right away by making fun of me, telling me to put that thing away, or pointing and saying Crack kills Lol

I need to go walk Sam Jr he’s having a fit. I told him I would take him out 5 minutes ago and he’s about to wake up the boys.

Have a great Sunday everyone! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!


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