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We have spent all of our time with Peace. She is the quietest little girl in the whole world. She barely fusses and when she does it’s for a few seconds. She’s eating good, she’s pooping and peeing like she should. Everything is good. Is it possible we end up with a very easy baby? My wife said wouldn’t that be just like her name. How funny is that. We are so happy. My wife holds her more than I do. I love looking at her. Her little face is so beautiful and my goodness all of that black hair Lol We can put a little bow in it. I went out yesterday and bought the outfit she will be in to meet everyone. I told my wife we will change her into it on the plane before we go home. I called car service already and made an appointment to be picked up so I don’t have to mess with it. I also didn’t want anyone to come get us at the airport. Knowing Lindsay she would be standing next to my hangar rental so she could scoop her up right away.

The girls all told me they have everything ready. Sarah said Lindsay has spent so much of her own money buying things. We have 2 different strollers and she found a stroller that will fit 3 babies Lol That is hilarious. I didn’t even know they had that. We have a side by side seated one for the boys. We also have the one in front, one in the back kind too. It all depends on where we are going.

3 kids. Wow. I’m 44 and I am going to have 4 kids by the time I’m 45! God is so good to me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve so many great things recently. My wife is so happy. She keeps hugging me around my neck and telling me how in love she is with our life. I am too. We are so excited to bring Peace home tomorrow. Everyone is going to love her. The DONT TOUCH rule will be in effect when the bigger crowds of family and friends start coming in. I do not want a sick baby right away. You can look but no holding her. That will be just for the 8 of us. Drew’s kids can hold her for a few but only if they wash hands before.

My boys still have no idea what a sister is and that’s okay. When we bring her home they will find out. My dog and her cat are going to have to adjust. Sam jr is so good with my boys. He runs around and the boys chase him. It’s really funny watching the boys go after Tristan. Heston will say titty titty instead of kitty kitty. We all just laugh.

We are going to hang out one more day here to make sure she is okay. In the morning we are going back to the hospital to make sure her lungs can handle a short flight. Her doctors said because we are both healthy and wouldn’t pass off any airborne germs to her she can go as long as her lungs sound good. I told my wife if she is in any distress I will land right away and we will have to drive back. She said okay.

I just put up 10 more videos and 12 new photos of Peace. She isn’t doing much yet but she is Daddy’s girl so I have to show her off. I already put a Batman onesy on her Lol I had to do that. It’s pink with a black Batman logo on it. My wife said where did you get that. I said I found it at Toys R Us when I was buying her foldable crib. We had to go buy one because the crib the hotel had for us looked gross. I was not putting my daughter in that. I told my wife, BRB and came back with a bunch of stuff. I’m glad we bought it because we can use it for the new baby.

My wife is now 14 weeks pregnant. Let me look at the app we use. Oh, our new baby is the size of a peach this time. How funny. It says baby is probably thumb-sucking and wiggling toes. It says the baby has probably doubled it’s weight since last week. It says my wife should be feeling hungry a lot. She’s over the throwing up finally. She still gets queasy when she smells something that triggers it but she is so happy to be done with the morning sickness.

This app is giving us fun and creative ways to announce the pregnancy. We did that already. We did that as soon as we wanted. Waiting to share that kind of news in our family won’t work. We have 3 nannies that can sniff out a baby faster than anyone so trying to hide it in our house, no go. We decided to tell everyone earlier than most but we wanted to. It’s our first baby together and I was so happy to learn I got her pregnant in our first year of marriage. We want a big family. We have settled on no more than 6 but we are more comfortable around 5. It all depends on my wife’s health and her desire for more. I told her even if she only as the new baby we can keep adopting.

She loves being a mommy. She said she has learned so much about life from taking care of my boys. So have I. It really is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. These kids, they have my whole heart forever. I love all of my babies! I love my life. Things sure turned out way different from I thought it would but I kept faith in God.

I will update more later. Have a great Friday!

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