She’s home!

Yesterday morning we took Peace back up to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor said she’s fine to fly. He said straight home and get her into the house. I said Yes, sir. We left and took one last family selfie before we got in the car. I had to drop my wife off at the plane and then go return the rental car. That took a little longer than I thought. By the time I got inside Peace was up so we decided to feed her, change her, and then leave. I also decided to get myself and my wife something to eat at the airport before we left that way we both can make it. I usually have snacks with but this time in the rush of things I forgot. We both had a light breakfast so we were pretty hungry.

On the way back to Chicago Peace slept great. She woke up twice my wife said but she just held her until she went back down. We landed and had to get my plane parked again. We finally found car service. The guy went to the wrong pickup spot. I was getting pissed and finally told him 5 minutes or we are taking a cab instead. I didn’t want my daughter outside that much. We put the cover over her car seat so she was okay but I didn’t like that. He apologized and made sure he drove safely home.

We pulled into the driveway and around the round part to see a huge Welcome Home Peace sign. I’m guessing they made it because it looked a little janked up Lol Lindsay said they had all pitched in to make it so thank you girls, great job. Still a little janked. We got her inside and immediately she was swarmed. Everyone go a chance to look at her. I made sure each one washed their hands and had on a clean shirt then they could hold her. But only for a few minutes. Poor thing got passed around like a bowl of beans Lol Everyone got photos taken real quick and then it was time to get the boys to sit down and meet her. All they wanted to do was touch her and look at her. Heston was fine with her right away. Alex was a little shy until he saw Heston touch her. Now they are obsessed with her. They are trying to learn her name. They know she is sissy. They have that one down. My dog just sniffed her and walked off. He’s over it Lol He’s so done with me and all my babies. He just wants to hang out in the backyard. With it being fenced all the way on the sides and only open to the beach he spends all day out there. He loves it. He even walks on the beach and checks things out. My wife’s cat Tristan hid. I know  he will come out soon but with all the people in the house, he’s a little scared.

Lindsay did a great job on Peace’s nursery. All of the things we didn’t buy she bought them. She even remembered to get the bath chair for newborns. We have the one for the boys but she wouldn’t fit it that one at all. I am so glad she remembered to get it. That makes it a lot easier.

We got all of our bags unpacked and I showed everyone the videos of when we first met her. They saw it on Facebook but Lindz hooked up my phone to the big tv so they could all watch it better. I am such a goofball I didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

The rest of the day was all about resting and making sure we were ready. She’s home and that’s all I care about. My wife has to work all next week she can’t take off. I will be home with the nannies and we can all pitch in. I told Sarah this will be a piece of cake and she said I’m not really thinking about trying to feed Peace with both boys trying to eat her bottle Lol No I guess not but we will work things out.

This morning we are going to Church. Heather and Brandi are staying behind with all of the kids. I need to go thank God for this miracle in our lives. I promised I would go and I think a little break will be good for us. After Church we are going to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Lindsay gave me a list. She eats the weirdest things, I swear. Why does she need powdered sugar? What is she going to put it on? I don’t know.

I’m so happy to be home. My daughter is amazing. I am so in love with her. I hope we are bonding. I’m spending all of my free time with her and the boys and my dog. We are all hanging out together. When I walk out of a room everyone follows me. It’s so good to be home.

I hope everyone has had a great time the past few days. Thank you all again for the great messages I read them and I appreciate all of the congrats. Adoption really is a blessing. It’s a long, long road of waiting and hoping. I don’t know how this happened soon but it’s been almost a year. I guess it was longer than I thought. I had forgotten when I filed the adoption paperwork. I put it all on hold a few times but as soon as I released it and opened us up for it to happen, bam, 7 months later! God is so good to me.

Go to Church everyone, thank God for all your blessings. Have a great Sunday!

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