Today is the day

I wrote this a few days ago, I saved it as a Draft and I am finally publishing this.

We barely slept again last night. Today is the day. We get to go pick up my daughter. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I have prayed every single day for this to happen. I was patient and not so patient. I begged, I almost gave up but I knew God was going to bring her into my life. My adoption attorney says it can happen faster once you have already adopted once because the family court judge will have the paperwork showing I have already adopted before. I wondered why it got pushed through. I really thought it was the $65,000 we paid for this adoption. I really did. I thought well that’s more than I paid with the boys so maybe this time it will be expedited. She says it’s pretty normal for this time frame. Because they work nationally they have access to more kids are able to help more families like us.

When my wife found out she was pregnant within a few days I spoke with my adoption attorney and she said her agency has dealt with that before. It doesn’t disqualify me at all. She said even Thomas Rhett was in the process of adopting when he found out his wife was pregnant. I don’t even know who that is. Isn’t that the actor on that show Wings? I can’t remember. Because I already have 3 nannies, a huge support system and now a wife, she said it doesn’t surprise her I was moved up the ladder. Whatever it was, thanks to God. Praise Jesus on this one. I really owe you Big Guy Lol My butt will be in Church this Sunday for sure!

We are packing up a bag for a whole week because I really don’t know how long we will have to stay there with her. I know that later on this afternoon I am flying myself and my wife to go get her. We will be there by early evening and will go straight to the hospital. I can leave all of my stuff on the plane and come back to get it. We already rented the car and have the baby seat with us. We also packed up a baby bag for all the things we will need. Sarah bought it. It has little pink bunnies on it. She put in enough things for a whole week also. And we have a backpack full of new clothes and hats for her.

I keep thinking thanks to my boys I am well prepared to take care of a newborn. How easy it’s going to be for me with just one baby for a few days. Piece of cake! My wife is freaking out. She actually asked me if we needed to take Sarah with us. Really? I told her no and it kind of made me mad.

I am a VERY hands on dad. When I get home from work I kiss the boys, let the dog out, go change clothes and then I am on dad duty the rest of the night. We don’t even have Sarah monitor them on over nights anymore because I want to do it. Granted my boys mostly sleep all night now but even before they weren’t I told Sarah I need to do it. I can’t have you going all day and at night too. When my wife moved in after we were married she started taking a few nights too. She said she loves it. She would be tired the next day but she loved it. These are my boys, my responsibility. My nannies are only here to help me on weekends when I have to go do the food shopping and errands or when I’m at work or working from home. I honestly probably only need Sarah at this point but the other 2 are family and I want Sarah and myself to have a little break. They all do such a great job and my boys love all of the girls so no way will I get rid of them. Too bad none of them want to move to Paris.

Speaking of that, now my wife is having doubts about our move. She said we are going to have 4 kids under the age of 3 all under one roof. I told her I already have 3 nannies in Paris hired and moved into the new house. They are prepping the boys’ room and now both nurseries. I told her it will be fine and if we get there and she can’t do it we move right back. No big deal. She loves the idea of raising the kids in Paris. I have always loved Paris. I want to be closer to all of the great historical things around Europe. I want to be able to travel on a weekend and not crush it all into a fast 4 day trip like we would have to. I want to take our time and really learn about World history and teach m boys about other cultures. I can afford to do it, my grandmother took us all over Europe when we were kids. I want to try this move. She said okay.

I need to get into work. I have to go tell everyone what’s going on and file my emergency family leave as well as my paternity leave paperwork. I also need to get some things finished up. Lindsay will be here this weekend and all of next week to take over the office. She is so excited to be an Auntie again. Drew is so happy to be an Uncle x 4. It’s the best support system for me and I’m so grateful they can both come stay this weekend. I want to show off my little girl!

Thank you for everyone’s support. This was so sudden. I am still a little shocked. It couldn’t have been worse timing but like with everything else we will adjust and adapt. Or adopt Lol Look what I did there.

God has such a big beautiful life ahead for my family. I’m so happy to be married and having all of these babies. It really is all I have ever wanted, to belong to someone.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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