We have her!

We have Peace! We filled out all of the paperwork. The birth mom did not want to meet us. She was very sweet and told them she knows God found the right couple and she doesn’t want to know anything about us. I told the Hospital administrator lady and social services lady to ask her one more time please, they did and she declined so I accepted it. I prayed for her, I prayed for Peace and I let it go. That’s what God has taught me. Accept, reassess, let go, Let God.

I just put the video up from when they brought Peace into the room they had us wait in. I put up my mini tripod and put my phone on it so everyone could see it. I was going to Facebook Live it but I didn’t. Yes my wife and I were both crying. I kissed her perfect little head half a dozen times. She has so much black hair Lol I was amazed. My boys didn’t have this much hair. She has the sweetest little face and she’s very quiet. I know once she gets the cobwebs out of her lungs she will let me have it but for now she’s very chill.

We Facetimed with the boys and they both said Ooooohhh. They have no idea what a sister is but they are about to learn. My wife looks so amazing holding her. That’s what really got me. My wife holding our daughter. Wow. That’s what life is all about. I told her in a few more months we will be doing this all over again and she said when she married me she knew I wanted a lot of kids, she did too but even this is surprising. I told her we can stop for a few years. I don’t want number 5 and 6 to come so soon. She agreed and also told me I was cut off Lol Oh no! I don’t want to be cut off!

Thanks for all the great comments that keep coming in on Facebook. Isn’t she the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen. She is mixed race. Half Asian/Half Caucasian. I don’t see that as a problem at all and I know her life is going to be perfect. If anyone says one damn thing about her ethnicity they are going to put me in a Try Me mood and I will have something to say about it. No way will I let anyone pick on her.

I get bullied enough online I won’t let that happen to my kids. Not ever. Lindsay has been working very hard to get the trolls accounts Locked up and Suspended. She also has been matching up their IP addresses from Twitter and Yelp. How dumb are they to actually use their real names and locations on Yelp Lol It makes it very easy for her to figure out what troll is what IP and she bans them on here. I told her I want everyone Unsuspended once a month because I believe in second chances. She says she doesn’t and it’s her decision to keep all of them blocked so sorry guys. Unless it was an accidental blocking, you nasty women are permanently banned. She’s also banning your proxy websites you still try to use to read my blog. If you are banned, how about stay away? I don’t read anything you say to me on Twitter, you are all muted. Lindsay is the one that goes around once a day to get you all kicked off. I don’t even know how she does it. All I know is she tells me who is locked up and who got suspended. That’s all I see. That new Mute button, wow that thing works great. I see NOTHING Lol I love it. They are getting nailed for spamming me. If they send me over 5 tweets in a row we can get them locked up in a few hours she told me. That’s amazing. I really want to thank Jack and Biz and all of her friends at Twitter for helping me out. It’s making things so much quieter. I love that.

The hospital doctors all told me to wait a few days before we fly home. I asked if it’s easier for us to just drive back they said she will be okay in 2 more days so we will be here until Saturday morning. I asked if we could bring her back before we leave to make sure and they said yes. This hospital is so awesome. We took photos with her and the staff that was taking care of her. The OB/GYN said she was a very easy birth, 4 big pushes and she came out. He said after a little suction and shaking her chest a few times she let out a big scream and was ready for life. She’s a little bigger than my boys were. She’s healthy that’s all I care about. I counted and kissed 10 little fingers and 10 little toes.

We are at the hotel. I signed everything I needed to sign. I spoke with my adoption attorney and she said if the hospital social services and administration cleared us we could leave. I put my little peanut in her baby car seat and drove about 10 mph over to the hotel Lol My wife said you can speed up a little Sam. I said precious cargo!

She’s taking a nap right now. My wife and I each took a shower so we are completely cleaned up. We have no plans other than to go get food for ourselves. We have formula we are feeding her. We are starting her out on vegan formula. I am going to try this once again. If she starts presenting issues like Alex did I will take her immediately off of it. I won’t go through that again it made me feel like a horrible father. It was all my fault. I decided, he wasn’t thriving so I threw away an entire case of formula.

It’s a 2 and a half hour flight from here so it won’t be that long. My wife said she’s small enough right now she can handle it and after that we won’t have her fly until we leave for Paris. My wife will be moving in November. I’m following with all 3 kids in January. We have a plan and as far as ya’ll have seen God always has another plan for me.

I keep taking pictures of Peace. I was surprised we aren’t taking too much crap for her name. I really thought our family and friends would have a lot more to say about it but so far no. They love it. It really is a beautiful name. I love it. Taylor is for my cousin Taylor who passed away years ago. Her death had a major impact on my life and I wanted to honor her. My wife is the one that came up with Peace. I love it but at first I was like Nooooooooo, that’s weird. It grew on me and she was pretty adamant. I’m happy she got to name our daughter. She said at least we can make her nursery with all kinds of peace signs, that’s easy. Yes it is Lol Great point!

My wife just got back with our food. I love ya’ll and I will update you more tomorrow. I need to go eat. I can’t wait for my boys to meet their little sister. I will video it!


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