We’re moving and moving again

Very shortly our condos downtown in Chicago will be empty and in the process of renovation. After that we will get them both staged and on the market. I don’t think they will be on the market long. I’ve already put the word out around town I’m looking to sell them. My wife is fine with us moving up to the lake house as long as we can still stay in the city overnight a few more times. I also had to agree to do all of the driving. I already drop her off in the morning as it is unless she has to go somewhere. Then she can take the Audi and drive herself.

My nannies took the news of the move pretty hard. I had warned them all for months this was really happening. I sat down with all of them and told Sarah she had no choice, she’s moving.  I asked the other 2 what they would like to do. They want to earn as much money as they can before we move to Paris. They decided to move in with us and split the weekly schedule with Sarah. She was very happy to hear that, this gives her more free time. They are going to give up their apartment the weekend after we move. I have already showed them their choices of apartments to move into after we move to Paris so they have already picked out which ones they want. Thankfully they all agreed to stay in the same building and help each other out, just 3 separate apartments. I was happy to hear that. I want to know they will be okay. I told them I want to fly them over to Paris a few times per year….forever or until my wife makes us move back to the States. I offered a full-time job in Paris to Sarah and she said no. She wants to continue her education so she can teach nursing. It’s her goal it’s what she wants to do in Chicago. I really thought her family would ask her to move home but she said this is her grand plan and she doesn’t want to go backwards. Good for her.

My wife is 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I wonder what size of fruit our baby will be this time. Plum was the last size. I ate a plum and looked at how big it was before I ate it. Our baby is growing fast. My wife looks amazing. I love her body and I can’t seem to keep my hands off of her. She has been extra cuddly lately in the mornings and wants to slow down her work schedule. She only has a few months left before she resigns. Then she will be at home all of the time and she thinks she might pick up a few hobbies or join some social groups.

What else has been going on this week? Other than laundry every night and trying to get the boys back into their routine not much. We have so much going on it feels like we have family meetings every night at dinner. I like calling the girls up and telling them it’s time to eat. They show up with their stories for the day and I give them dad lectures or dad advice. My wife laughs at all of their single girl stories and Sarah just rolls her eyes. I keep thinking about when I brought my boys home and it was just me Sarah, Drew, and Lindsay. It was scary. I thought I knew what I was doing but I didn’t know. I listened to Sarah. I still do. She knows these boys. She could tell them apart faster than I could. I will always take care of Sarah no matter what she does with her life. I told her I really wanted her to come to Paris. I would get her a house, a car, anything. She said it’s not a life she wants. I’m going to miss all of them.

My wife is deep in decorating our Paris house. We bought it, got everything approved and have been picking things out. I pray by the time I move her over there it’s all finished. She keeps changing things last-minute. It takes more time but I think we will be okay. A month before I move her I’m taking her over to look at it. That should be plenty of time to fix whatever she doesn’t like. I want her to be happy because she’s going to be over there a whole month and a few weeks without me. Being pregnant I don’t really like that. I’ve already been telling her no to some things she wanted to do. No motorcycle rides anymore. No driving really late at night alone. She just laughed at that one.

Oh I know what else. I’m going into the tattoo shop tomorrow night to finally get her name put on my back. She took a long time working with my tat guy to figure out how she wanted to put it. She wants Abby not Abigail. Fine by me. And there is plenty of room up on the top to add all of our other kids’ names. I think it will look nice. I like the design she picked out. She just wants her name big enough so that everyone will know there’s an Abby around Lol And that means hands off of me.

Have I said lately how much I love being married? So far it’s really easy. Just do what she says, don’t complain, and make her laugh. I’m good at 2 of those things.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. I will update more later. We are going to the lake house this weekend. We all want to go on the boat and jet skis.

Love ya’ll!

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