Court date and Baby Gender Reveal

This will be a very busy week for our family. This morning my wife and I are going to court so I can get Peace’s adoption finalized. All of her paperwork is ready. We will be sealing her adoption papers just like I did with the boys. It’s a closed adoption by the birth mom’s choice. We never have to share her or make time for anyone. She’s all ours! Legally mine but my wife is looking into adopting all 3 kids. She was really serious about that. I’m going to talk to our family court judge this morning about that. Obviously it’s too late to add her to Peace’s case today but I think we can revisit this soon. I’d rather get it all done before we move.

After court we have a doctor’s appointment to see how our baby is doing. Then we are going to find out the sex of our baby! Everyone thinks it’s a girl. My wife thinks it’s a girl. I think it’s a boy because I’m a boy making machine Lol So we are divided. Once we find out I will call Sarah and let her know so that they can go buy the right color balloons. Tonight we will open a giant box filled with the correct color on Facebook live and everyone will find out at the same time. We are having my in-law’s over for dinner and we are going to do the event live with them watching. It will be so great to see their reaction. I’m pretty sure some of my wife’s sisters will be there too.

Let me think what else. Oh. My wife has this entire week off for vacation. She won her court case. I knew she would and she wants time to bond with Peace. It worked out great since I am leaving for 4 days. I will be traveling with Lindz until Friday. We have dual book signings together. This trip has been planned for 2 months. We knew when her book would be out and we decided to lump everything together. I get asked about Lindsay at all of our book events. I really think everyone is going to love her book. Her book sales so far are doing great! She has quite the following. Not as good as mine yet but she will probably pass my book sales.

I debated on taking my dog with me. I miss him when I’m gone and he loves to travel but I think this is a very busy trip and he wouldn’t enjoy it. He’s going to stay home. He will be bummed.

We had a very fun Sunday. We hosted a pool party for all of the family members still in town from our Baby shower. We grilled out and had so many great stories and memories to share from yesterday. Church was awesome. I love taking my family to Church. I feel so proud to show them all off. My Church family have always welcomed in whoever I bring.

I need to get going we are going to be late for court. My wife said it’s the most disrespectful thing to do so I want to leave early because I am so excited for today! Peace Taylor Cooper is officially adopted after today! We have a daughter! I couldn’t love her more if I tried. She is the sweetest baby girl ever. She loves great in all of her pink Batman stuff Lol Yes I have some. Yes she has already been wearing pink Batman onseys. Did you think she wouldn’t? Come on ya’ll! Batman is the greatest!

Have a great Eclipse day! Don’t look up unless you are protected. Not sure what time it will hit around here but I’m going to try to take a pic with my old camera just in case it screws up or something. I was told not to photograph it but of course I’m going to try.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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