DJ Snake at #Lolla

  Day 2 of Lolla last night was amazing! I took the girls down there earlier than Day 1 so we could walk around more and check everything out. My wife was getting dropped off after work so she could come party with us. We left the kids with her parents for some more bonding time. Peace is doing great otherwise I wouldn’t have gone for a second night.

DJ Snake is one of my favorite artists, it would have been a sick kid to be the only way I wasn’t going to see him. In fact it was the only show all 5 of us stayed together to watch. We were in about the 8th row back from the stage and completely smashed in with the crowd. It was completely worth all the smells, the sweaty people, and the loud, loud drunks. His set was lit! I just added videos we all took and photos we took onto my Facebook and our family Facebook page. Be jealous Lol Ya’ll knew I wouldn’t miss going to Lolla this year. My wife holding a giant Glow in the dark hula hoop she found somewhere was worth every dollar I’ve spent the past 2 days. She was so excited and when she got it spinning she was squealing. It was such a happy moment for her. She was so proud to get it going and keeping it going so long. I tried and I don’t have it down yet. I did get it going a little but I think I need to practice.

We all have had such a great time at the festival. My wife and I have really been getting closer and I think things like this helps a lot. We get to see the fun side of our life. Most of it right now is taking care of the kids or working. To be able to blow off some steam and dance with her, that makes me day.

I had to stop writing someone woke up. It was Heston he needed a new diaper. He went back to sleep. I was going to get him up for some one on one time but he was too tired. It is kind of early. I always get up first. I can’t help it. That’s engrained from my military days.

I called Lindsay during DJ Snake’s set and she said he’s coming here tomorrow, ***** Lol She’s going to see him at Encore. She loves him as much as I do. Very talented guy. I have a lot of his songs on my phone for when I work out. Great workout jams.

We have seen so many great bands. Porter Robinson and Cage the Elephant were my favorites. My wife loved Muse and Ryan Adams. Muse got rained out 3 songs into it, that bummed her out but she said the 3 songs were amazing. The girls have seen so many weird named bands they love I can’t even list them. We did see the Killers. My wife loves them too. So many great bands. We just went from one stage to the next. The weather wasn’t that bad but by the time I was able to gather everyone up it was cold and they were all huddling up. Day 1 we had to evacuate after several hours of pissy rain coming in.

I had to stop writing again I thought I heard Peace but I checked and she’s fine.

Peace Taylor is the cutest girl baby on earth. Her little face is just perfect. She’s eating really well on the vegan formula. She got breast milk her first 2 days. I have no idea if it was her birth mom or a donation. I don’t know. I just know when we switched her I also had regular formula on hand just in case. She is eating well so I think we are okay.

Yes Peace will also be vegan. However, just like with the boys, if they want to try something they can. If they want to start eating more non-vegan things okay. As long as we mix some of it in there I’m happy. It’s all about eating right. If you maintain a very healthy eating habit from birth you will always go more for the healthy stuff than the bad stuff. We don’t really keep that much bad stuff in the pantry anymore. The girls are not vegan. They do try it and some things they really love. I don’t force anyone to do anything. I lay out on the table and if they try it, they try it on their own. My wife is not vegan. She told me she never will give up meat and potatoes. She grew up on that and I understand. She does enjoy vegan breakfast foods though. She says it starts her day with a great healthy energy source. When I cook I still cook whatever the girls decide and I make things for my boys and myself at the same time. It’s really not that hard. My wife keeps telling me “Thank the Lord you love to cook because this would drive me crazy”. This is why I do all of the cooking. The few times my wife cooked us a meal she said never again Lol She’s actually a very good cook, it’s just not something she does often. That drives her mother crazy, so good luck with that one, honey.

My boys are doing great. They love their little sister so much. Everyone has been helping me with Peace. When she takes her naps we leave her alone and have a nanny check on her every 15 minutes. That SIDS death dream was happening the first few nights I had her home so I freaked out again and started having everyone pop in on her during the day. Sarah has been doing nights, Brandi and Heather have split up the days. Sarah said at night is when she needs to watch her the most. She wants to make sure she’s eating enough, getting enough sleep. I get up when she cries. So does Sarah. A few nights my wife has gotten up and told me to sleep. I’m trying to do it all. I’m failing, but I’m still trying. 3 kids is nothing compared to a few months from now.

My wife is now, let me check our app, 15 weeks pregnant. Our baby is the size of a navel orange. Naval or navel? Whatever it is, it’s that big. She’s doing great. Happy and getting bigger. I love it. She loves it. It’s watching life grow and getting so hopeful for the birth. I can’t wait. When our new baby is born, my boys will almost be 2. Peace will be around 6 months. That’s a houseful of kids! It’s the dream, baby! I wanted to have a lot of kids. Not really this close together but it’s okay. We will work it out.

My wife pointed out that Peace and the new baby will be in the same grade for school and I said it all depends on what the cut off date is at the school they are in. It’s not an automatic thing anymore. They have birthday cut offs. She didn’t know that. I didn’t know that until Sarah told me. She said my boys can start school when they are 3. Preschool first if we want. I want. I think that will help and isn’t preschool just 9am to noon? Or 8am to noon? It’s something like that. My boys can handle that. When they start kindergarten isn’t that still half a day too? I’m trying to remember when I was in school but I was too busy dodging dinosaurs or walking uphill in 3 feet of snow, both ways. Lame, dad joke Lol We will figure it all out. We have been really working hard on my boys’ French lessons. They are also learning spanish. I took a spanish course online. That’s one of the ones I don’t know. I’m fluent in several. They get mixed up but it’s all about repetition. If they can nail down spanish they can get by in Italy. Very similar languages. We will do the same thing with Peace. I think she’s a baby genius already, so I’m sure she will handle it.

Today I’m staying home. I’m #Lolla’ed out. My wife is going back tonight with her sisters and girlfriends. Sarah and Brandi are going too. They are all going in separate cars because Sarah and Brandi are meeting up with their group of friends. Heather is will be staying home to help me.

If you are near Chicago, go to Lolla. It’s a lot of fun. You will have a great time, bring plenty of money it’s expensive. Well worth it. All of our photos were making me laugh. Everyone looks so happy. Even the random people in the photos that photobombed us look happy.

Oh Peace is up now. Have a great weekend guys!

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