Finally an internet rumor that’s TRUE!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got to spend hours with my 2 best friends and a bunch of family. We had a great time laughing and sharing stories from the past. It was also good to travel over to the family cemetery and say hey to Ryan and his mom. They are both buried next to each other. I updated them on all of my family stuff and my life. I prayed for both of them. I cried and told them both I missed them and I promised to see them both someday. Hopefully not soon, God. Did you hear that part? You have to honor your loved ones that have passed before you. Their loss is a huge turning point in your life. If they didn’t make an impact that’s not their fault, that’s yours. I learned that lesson early.

We had 2 book signings yesterday. Huge crowds at both but what do you expect for the hometown boy. It was so funny seeing my family members watch people’s reactions to me and Lindsay being real and showing up together. My Uncle kept saying of course they are real, stop reading trash! Great advice. Tabloids, trash blogs, and troll accounts are garbage. They serve no purpose and add no value. Roasting someone with lies and false info is not entertaining. Yet here we are 2 and a half years into my story and I’m more popular than ever. From what my fans have told me it’s all because I have never backed down from any of it. I took my share of the blame, I stood up and admitted what I did do and I also called out all of the things I didn’t do. I have been honest from day one and anyone that doesn’t believe me, well, I don’t care. You can twist anyone’s words into anything you would like. You can do all sorts of nasty things to someone to try to bring them down. Didn’t work, folks. I’m still here Lol And there will be a HUGE SURPRISE coming very soon for some of ya’ll that think you are powerful. I guess you will have to see what I’m talking about good behavior.

A troll who I have never known about came to our book signing event. She waited in line for us to sign her books, she looked like a normal person until her horns popped up out of her forehead and all this venom starting coming out. She blasted me first for all kinds of things that I completely ignored. I only wrote an S on her book before I lifted my marker and passed the book over to Lindsay. Lindsay wrote GO AWAY TROLL Love Lindz in huge print and handed her the book back Lol I’m very sure today or tomorrow that book and a complete false story of what really “happened” will come out. I’m very sure it was all a set up to try to get one of us to pop off and I’m very glad it wasn’t me. Lindz told security to get this troll out of the building and when they had her and was walking her out Lindz decided to let her have it. She unloaded on this poor girl who was totally shocked and had no comeback at all. That’s the thing about Lindsay, she is incredibly smart and she knows how to destroy someone so hard they have nothing to say Lol She has done this to me for years. That’s why I stopped trying to argue with her so much. Her tactic has always been complete and total logic. She started in with the I can’t believe you are wasting my time with your beep beep. Go pay for our books because I’m going to spend your money on booze and lottery tickets tonight. Then she hit her with the Next time don’t wear beep beep leggings with a I can’t even type it Lol Everyone that heard it was dying laughing and I just stood there shaking my head. Our publisher team told security to just get her out of there and that’s exactly what they did. When we left they hustled us through the back door into Drew’s truck and off we went. Some of my family members stayed behind and they told me later on that everyone was happy to see Lindsay stick up for herself. They said that’s how we both get treated online everyday and they are really sick of seeing people do and say such rude things to me. I’m very happy to have support.

We have 2 more events today in Lincoln and then we are out of here. So good to be back here but like I’ve said before, my home is in Chicago. I really can’t wait to be back with my wife, kids, and pets. I miss them all so much. Seeing my wife and babies on Facetime just isn’t enough.

The current internet rumor going around is that after I retire I will be working on furthering my education. Yes I will and I don’t know how anyone knows that. I have never spoken up about that. I have a masters degree and I want to get another one. It’s not for any reason other than I want it. I want to continue to learn and figure things out so that I can offer the world something bigger than I already have. Whatever my next career path will be, no idea yet. I just know if I have more education I can figure it out faster. I can do it all online and I’m very happy to know that is something my wife supports fully. I asked her if that would be okay and she said yes. I was very happy that she has never asked me Why or Why now. She just said of course you can, you go get that other masters. Isn’t she the best!

I hope everyone is having a great week. 2 more days of this and then I’m home for while. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Have a great day and if you are near Lincoln or Cleveland come see me! I would love to meet ya’ll! Just be nice.

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