It’s a balancing thing

Trying to find the time to do some work emails and return some work calls has been a little difficult. Yesterday my wife called 4 times during the day to see how Peace was doing. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything. I feel bad for her she’s struggling. I did float the idea of when she moves to Paris she takes the kids and just as soon as the words came out of my mouth I said I can’t do that, I need them everyday Lol She got mad. She told me don’t say something like that and get her hopes only to take it back within a few seconds. I was trying to figure out if she took them would I be okay. I wouldn’t at all. I don’t like it when I’m away from them. I have never been away from Peace yet and I don’t want to be.

As soon as my wife got home she took a shower to clean up from her day and said give me my baby Lol It was very endearing. She held her for about an hour before it was time to put her back down for sleep. That gave me time to start cooking supper and let my boys help me cook. They don’t actually get to cook. I pick one up and say drop that in there and then pick up the other one and say okay “Chop” that. All they do is touch the spoon and hit whatever vegetable I’m chopping. They love it though and they want to help.

Heston has been a big helper with his little sister. When I need a fresh diaper he is learning where to get them from. Alex will get the diaper out and then walk off with it. He’s trying. He’s still not used to his big brother duties but the good thing is they both accept her and want to hang out with her.

I think when they are all 5 and 4 things will be more fun for them. They can all play together and be able to communicate with full understanding.

I almost choked just now thinking of my boys being in kindergarten. This is going by way too fast I don’t want them to leave me Lol I love being home with the kids all day. I can’t wait to retire at the end of this year so I can spend all of my time with them. I will start a new business or do something but I still don’t know yet.

I talked to Drew and Lindz about it to get some advice. Lindsay said go start a Pot dispensary in Paris and we can send the plants back and forth. I said no way. Drew told me I should start a tourist company so that snotty Americans can have actual help when they travel to Paris. He said the last time he took his family they hired a private guide and learned nothing and spent hardly any time at all seeing things. It was mostly driving around and getting lost because the guy was trying to save time in traffic but never did. I’m not doing that either but that was actually a good suggestion. Unlike Miss Drug Diva who is raking in more money than she can count. She hit that pot investment at the right time. She is talking about doing even more since it’s now legal. I hope she knows what she is doing but she said it’s all government mandated. They have to jump through a lot of hoop and they get inspected a lot. It’s not all smoking, rolling, and snacking. I think it’s hilarious she doesn’t even smoke it or use it. She said she just sees the plants as little dollar signs now.

Maybe I will become a writer. Just kidding, that will never happen. I have one more book in me but I’ve been working on it for years and I haven’t had time to write more on it. I might get more time but I doubt it.

We are going to Bears practice soon. Josh and I are taking the boys. I asked the ladies and none of them are that interested. That’s okay Josh can help me. We are also going to a Cubs game soon too. I miss watching them. I always have a great time at the games. Even parking we have figured out.

It’s time to get my wife up. She has to get up at 6 now because of the longer commute. I love waking her up. I get up between 5 and 5:30. No wonder by 10pm I’m yawning my face off. Peace is doing so well on overnights. She wakes up, eats, I hold her and then do a diaper change and put her back down. It’s easy. I’m thankful I had twins first to show me how hard it can be. Now with just her, I can handle it like a pro. I think I’m Parent Level 3 by now. I am managing my time well, staying patient, and teaching them as I go. I’m a really good dad. I know I am. I am be a total f*** up everywhere else, but this dad stuff, too easy.

Now after our baby is born and we have 4 kids, I may reduce my level back down to 1 Lol 4 little monsters vs me and my wife. Thankfully  I have 3 nannies in Paris already waiting. They will be coming over next month to stay a week. They need to meet my kids so I can access if they will work out or not. It’s important to me to make sure these 3 new ladies know how we do things. I’ve been begging Sarah to come with us. I told her I don’t want to raise these kids without her, she has no idea how much I need her. She said she agreed to help me out until I didn’t need her. She thinks I’m good enough now I don’t use her enough. That’s not true. So many times per day I refer to her for answers. She knows my boys so well. She can tell me what’s about to happen right before it happens. She watches them, studies them. She knows Heston won’t eat green beans before he eats his bread. I didn’t pick up on that but she did. She knows Alex rubs his eyes when he’s getting really mad at Heston and he’s about to hit him. I didn’t pick up on that one either. I can do this without her, but I just don’t want to. I want her with us. She said no and she means no. Maybe she will change her mind? I told her if she did I would fire the head nanny over there immediately Lol That’s cut throat I know but I can find her another job elsewhere.

It’s 6 time to wake up Sleeping Beauty.

Have a great work day everybody!  I will update more tomorrow.




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