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  Good morning guys!

What did I do yesterday? Let me think. I hung out with my kids all day. This paternity leave is awesome. I’m having a great time being a full-time dad. If this is what my retirement is going to be next year, sign me up. I love doing everything for Peace. She is great by the way. My boys love having me at home all day. It’s like the weekend that never ended. My nannies are even having fun. Some times I wonder about them. They all have agreed moving into the lake house was the best decision. It’s better, easier, and more enjoyable to be under 1 roof. I say that now because we are all getting along. I also realize that won’t last forever. I hope and pray it lasts until November because that’s when our family starts the move over to Paris.

Last night we hosted 6 people for a special fish supper. It was a thank you to our adoption attorney and her whole team. They got to meet Peace and hold her. I just put the video and photos of that up on our Family Facebook page. They love her. They are so happy she is with us. I’m excited to go to court next week and get everything finalized. The paperwork, judges order, and sealing our documents is our last thing. Then it’s official. We have a closed adoption of Peace Taylor Cooper. I tried hard to get the birth mom to do an open adoption and I left a note in the case file if she ever changes her mind and wants to find us, here’s all of my contact information. We would love to have her continue to be in Peace’s life if she chooses. No pressure at all. She didn’t want to meet me and I do understand that. It’s a very tough decision to make that turned into one of my life’s greatest moments. Top 5!

We had a great talk all through dinner. She asked what our plans were and how we were adjusting. Everyone was so nice. My boys wanted all of their attention and did all they could to keep all eyes on them. My dog barked twice and left the room. I don’t know what he said but I think he was telling me he’s going to take a nap? I don’t know. He literally barked twice and left the room.

So my beautiful, smart, funny, lovely wife who has been working 5 days a week from 8 until ? every night got up at 3am with me to change Peace’s diaper and feed her. I said no no it’s okay go get some sleep. She said no I want to get her. There is nothing more beautiful than my wife holding our babies. My heart does a flip, 2 twists, and a dab every time she holds one of them. We have a photo of her holding Peace on the couch with Heston on one side and Alex on the other. Both of my boys were laughing at something silly she said and my wife has the biggest smile on her face. I uploaded the photos and found it. I want to order a print of that. I think it’s an amazing photo of them.

Out of nowhere my wife asked our adoption attorney how hard it would be to reverse the paperwork so that she could legally adopt all 3 kids, if she wanted to. I choked on my water. Not in a WTF, NO WAY, reaction. I was very VERY HAPPY!


is the one that said she didn’t want to legally adopt any of my kids. So I made a very tough decision and put it in the prenup to abide by what she wanted. I told her over and over I don’t think it’s a good idea and give it time. She said she knew in her heart she didn’t want that responsibility if:

  1.  We got a divorce (Won’t happen she’s the love of my life)
  2.  I died
  3. I was incapacitated (Did I even come close to spelling that right?) and was unable to care for my children

When I was in the process of adopting a new baby girl I told her over and over, you really do need to decide on this. I wrote her off in the prenup just like she requested. I made sure my kids would be with me 24/7 unless she wanted to take them somewhere. She TOLD ME TO.  With Peace she was so adamant not to join in. She said she already made that hard decision once and didn’t want to go back over it again. Now all of a sudden she’s rethinking all of it. Fine by me. As long as she knows that IF any of those 3 happens I will not do any type of shared custody of my kids. We can work out visitation. She can have them anytime she wants but there are a lot of conditions. My kids being around some dude she’s dating no. If she marries him fine. I can say right now that won’t ever happen. She is my Queen and I treat her as such. I have so much respect for her she says it’s one of the main reasons she loves me so much. We make decisions together. We are adults and talk things over. I never take off and leave her with the kids unless it’s work related. I always make sure my nannies can cover for me when I’m not home. I do everything I can to make sure she has everything she wants and needs. I support her in all ways and I have paid off all of her debts. She is debt free after so many years of school loans, etc. I even got her family members out of debt. I told her that’s a Christmas gift for years to come so she needs to count that in each year Lol I bought her parents a house, yes she did chip in for that, and I have done all I can to upgrade her car(s) yes I have bought her 2 cars, and her lifestyle. She wants for nothing, pays for nothing, and I love knowing her paycheck stays in her own bank account, so she can save up money for whatever it is she wants to do with it. Our joint account I keep a certain amount in and if we get low I fill it back up. She doesn’t have access to ALL of my money and that’s because I have kids. I have to provide for them. Our marriage is our marriage. So when she asks our adoption attorney about adopting the kids……

WOW! Yes, do it! I would love to open discussion up on that topic. I told her that to when we were laying in bed. She said it’s something she had been thinking about since we first met Peace. She said she doesn’t know how she could ever live without all 3 kids in her life anymore. She is a mom, she wants to be their mom, she doesn’t want anyone else to EVER be their mom. She said this way I am the mom, in paperwork, in legal status, and I have rights to my kids.


I knew she would come around. I told her over and over not to sign it all away. She did anyway. So now I have to go find out how to undo all of this. The prenup will stand in court. We just have to do an adendum? Let me ask her how to spell that one. Two d’s addendum. I almost got it. She’s reading over my shoulder now. Apparently I got it all wrong. She said she always wanted to adopt the boys but was not sure how that was going to fit into her career path. She said over time. No I’m saying it all wrong. Get up. No Just move Lol

5 mins later…

She wants my kids. She is their mom and now she wants to make it legal. I’m fine with that. I want her and ONLY HER to be their mom. Why not? I mean I married her because I knew she was going to be a great mom. I didn’t bring her around the boys for 6 months while we were dating because I told her over and over again my boys will only meet the girl I plan to marry. No one else. They are that important to me. Believe me she was getting mad about that too. We never had sleepovers. We never had a weekend away alone until we got engaged. Our dates revolved around my kids schedule. She dealt with it. We had a LOOOOOOOOT of lunch dates. Until it turned out we were eating lunch together almost every day. On weekends Daddy would go out for a few hours Lol We would go date as much as we could but I would always go home alone because my kids needed me.

I’m very happy right now. Just knowing that all 4 of our kids will have her as their mom and she can legally make decisions on their behalf. I want that. I want her to do it. Right now if she doesn’t step up and do it I’m putting my kids into Lindsay’s hands. God help us all on that one Lol I love Lindsay but my kids would be foul mouth, pot growing, pot smoking, felons by the age of 12. And my boys would be thugs with tattoos and guns. I am over exaggerating but I’m telling you right now, there’s a million reasons why Lindsay doesn’t want kids. She would raise mine if she had to and she would do a great job. She would just feed them chips and Hawaiian punch for dinner every night. That’s not cool.

So we are going to look into all of that. I swear our family court judge, thank goodness I donate so much money to his elections Lol Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten where I am with all of this. His court clerk already doesn’t like me. I hope this works out. I would love to have her redo all of our adoption paperwork.

I mean she really is their mom. I already wife’ed her up why not mom her up next?

I love her. She always amazes me. It is always something with her!


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