Peace, out?

About half way through the baby shower our daughter Peace Taylor passed out and fell asleep. We did from 8am until noon because that’s the set of hours when she is the most awake. We wanted her to meet with as many people as she could. I honestly thought after a while she would get pissed and let us know she was over meeting everyone. She is so chill she just hung out. Then she ate and right after her bottle (We do vegan baby formula) she went down. Sarah took her into my office where we set up a crib for the kids just in case. My boys loved all of the attention. I had to hear at least 1000 times how big they are getting. This is very true. They are the exact same height and weight right now. The last weigh in Heston was a little bigger in weight. I think it’s hilarious when people try to guess which one is who. Sarah can have one look and tell. I can finally do the same unless I’m only looking at them from the back. Then I just guess.

My wife was very pleased at our Baby shower/Office Open House and we loved having everyone. It’s also the last time I let Lindsay “handle everything, don’t worries”. She didn’t even make it back in time for the party. She showed up late last night and had a baby sombrero for each kids. She held Peace and fed her before she put her down for the night. She was teaching her all kinds of Mexican food/drink combos. Just what I want, my newborn to learn about tequila shots and lime tacos Lol

We had so many great photos and videos. I just put 5 videos up and 42 photos on our Family Facebook page. I’m glad I started that. It’s a private page that we only approve people we actually know. My wife is in charge of that and has to ask me, who is this. I love we have control over our content. We share almost daily. We were able to add all 5 of us in there so we can upload things right from our phone. The Facebook Live part is the best. We all can add short videos of the kids to share with everyone. It really does make it easier.

Okay so here is our schedule for next week. Monday we go to court for the adoption final steps, we go to the doctor, then we do the gender reveal that night. Tuesday morning Lindz and I head out for our book signing. A book store in Milwaukee contacted me so I added them last-minute to our schedule.

We will go to Milwaukee first then fly out to Los Angeles and do 2 book signings there at 2 different book stores, then we hit Lincoln Nebraska and we are there for 2 days. We have 4 book signings in Nebraska. Finally for our last stop we are going to Cleveland Ohio on Friday. We will stay in Cleveland until about 4pm because we have a meeting with the city.

4 days without my wife. It’s all apart of spending as much time teaching Lindsay everything I know. She soaks it all up like a sponge and I am very thankful at how smart she really is. We decided to do a joint book tour because everyone was going to ask her about me anyway and she thinks more people will buy the book if I’m sitting there with her. I have warned her for rude questions. It hasn’t happened to me much but she also has a lot bigger reputation than I do. She said she’s going to wear a tshirt with a photo of a catfish on it to each event. I said please don’t and she said just watch me. Which means she’s going to do it. She has that sense of humor. She embraces the negativity and uses it against everyone. I block and ignore it all away and enjoy the peace. She loves to stir **** up.

And finally the week after all of this mess we are taking Peace to Church to get baptized. We have already picked out her Godly name and finally agreed on what it should be. In our family we do the baptism as soon as possible and we give them their Godly name right away. Our family has always felt the longer you have it, the closer you are to God. It’s tradition and I want my kids to continue with it. My wife has a hard time understanding why we do it all at once and I said because for us it feels like our child is spiritually protected a lot longer. I told her it started way before I came around so we just are keeping things going.

That’s all that’s been going on, guys. Nothing else to report about. Things in my life couldn’t be better. I get a whole week with one of my best friends and I get to travel and meet some new people. All positive things. I already miss my wife and kids. Lindsay said she will buy me a stuffy (Stuffed animal) to cuddle with at night if I start B****ing too much Lol

I’m trying to figure out how much cash to bring on this trip. Lindsay doesn’t let me pay for anything but I try to do it before she can. I don’t like anyone paying for me at all. It’s always a battle over the check. This time if I bring cash I can hand cash before they have time to swipe her card Lol And when I show them the big fat tip they are getting I think they will pick me, not her. We shall see. She is a very expensive friend so that’s why I’m trying to figure this all out.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! We are getting ready for Church and I will update more tomorrow night. I will be announcing the baby’s gender next week some time. I’m going to pick a day and just do it. My wife said it’s okay because she has been going through my comments on here and on twitter dm and she didn’t realize how many fans we really have. I said it’s because I’m just writing about our life and I guess it’s fun to read. I don’t know why I have so many loyal readers I just know ya’ll are my blog family and I try to update a few times a week.

Have a good one! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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