Peace’s Baby Shower is today!

This morning from 8am to noon we will be hosting Peace Taylor Cooper’s baby shower in my office. I’m already here waiting for the caterer. My wife and the girls will be bringing down the kids in about an hour. I came here last night to meet up with my wife to see how things were going. The event planner that Lindsay hired had so much stuff Lol I guess that’s how she shows everyone how much she loves her niece. I have to send videos and pictures because Lindsay won’t even be here in time for the party. She’s in Mexico working and said she may be a little late. I said how late she said Sunday. I guess that’s her choice. Peace will be surrounded by love either way. Our daughter is not even a month old yet and she is already getting spoiled rotten. Good. My boys and I all cater to her. Anything she needs we all go running over. My boys are even starting to grab diapers for me. It’s so funny they fight over who gets to hand me one and then I take the other one and act like I’m using it too. They just laugh and are proud for helping me.

My wife loves all of this girly stuff. She kept picking everything up and saying she loves it. The pink baby shoe centerpieces are her favorites. I like the balloons with Peace’s name and birthdate on them. I thought that was a very good personal touch. I never thought of doing that but Lindsay said she ordered them and had them sent to the event planner. She said a sack of 50 balloons only cost $45. That’s not bad I need to do that for my boys’ birthday next year. I guess also for my wife’s birthday too. That’s coming up soon.

We invited the entire city of Chicago plus all of our out-of-town family and friends. I am very surprised so many from out-of-town showed up, especially my family members. The boys’ birth mom and both grandparents are here. I can’t believe it. Their birth dad  and his parents wished us well but said they wouldn’t be joining us. I understand that. I have sent everyone photos of the boys with their new baby sister. I have also let them all know we are also pregnant and having a baby next year. All of them have been very supportive and think it’s really great the boys will have siblings. I told them all we have set the number 6 in our head. We want 6 kids. My wife loves the idea of 6 kids but there is one condition. If she ends up with twins at some point we are done. Triplets we are done AND I’m cut off forever she said Lol I told her I’m a verified baby boy maker (Ryan) and that’s all I know.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will update more tonight I have a very busy travel schedule next week with Lindsay. We are doing joint book signings. Her book is finally out and it’s hilarious. I really did enjoy reading it. My wife read it and said Lindsay needs to go into comedy. She has such a way with words. I’m very proud of her telling her story and what really happened. So happy that bookstores want to book both of us. We have a 4 day trip starting on Tuesday because I go to court on Monday morning to get all of the adoption paperwork for Peace sealed up and signed off on by our family court judge and then right after that I’m meeting my wife at her doctor’s office to find out the sex of our new baby! I will be announcing that very soon. We are going to do a gender reveal party on Facebook Live for everyone that way we don’t have another party for it. She said almost all of the people who would come are on our Facebook let’s just do it on there. We are going to open a big box with the right color balloons in it. Our nannies will know the sex of the baby because they all said they are dying to know and they want to help us with the reveal part. We won’t tell anyone else. My wife’s parents will be coming over to find out live so that will be who is standing there with us. I know they will already start hugging and crying as soon as they find out. They love all of their grandkids so much.

I better wrap this up I think the vans just pulled up outside and I didn’t get a permit for them to park there to unload so we need to unload on the sidewalk real quick Lol

Happy Baby Shower to my beautiful daughter Peace Taylor! I hope you know how much we want you and love you! As of Monday you will officially be mine!

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