We missed the Illinois State Fair, she’s mad?

Thoughts, prayers, love, whatever ya’ll need in Texas and Louisiana. Our family foundation has released a lot of money to both state’s Red Cross and other organization to help everyone impacted by this Hurricane. Our Church sent us all home with a list of things they need. My wife and I went shopping last night to start our donation box to send out Tuesday. We are doing what we can. I am so pulled to help out. We always donate money in any national crisis but this one is really hitting me hard. I see the tv, the photos online, it breaks my heart. My wife feels the same way. I am so thankful the death count is so low but we are all praying for the families that have already lost loved ones. This is a terrible, horrible event. Please God help them. I don’t know what else we can do.

I took the boys out to do some birthday present shopping for my wife. Her birthday is coming up and it’s about time we get going on the party plans. I asked if she wanted a huge party and she said no. All she want is a home cooked dinner by her mom not me (I was a little red ass about that Lol) and to have her babies with her all day. No problem. She told me what cake to get. I was going to get the same cake I got her last year but she wants something different. She was a little impressed I actually remembered the cake I got her last year. If it’s food I can remember it. If it’s take out the trash, I will get to it eventually.

We had such a chill weekend. We hung out with family and friends at the house. Peace is getting so big. Our daughter is now 5 weeks old! I can’t believe it. She is so happy. She eats, she sleeps. That’s about it right now but we do keep her active. I love laying on the floor on a blanket with her. The boys lay down with me and I tell them be careful. They are so sweet with her. We let them hold her feet or hands. Gently. They just want to be with her all of the time. It’s really awesome that’s their reaction. I think it’s easier because they can walk now and they can get themselves around. If I had all 3 not walking yet, God Lord Lol We staggered this out at the right amount of time difference I think. I hope at least. My boys aren’t even 2 yet. So far no signs of the terrible 2’s. Heston will grab hold of Alex by the shirt and sling him around some times. Alex is our hitter. So we have to break that up at least 2 times a week. Other than that they love to play together. They love playing with Sarah. Sarah is #1. I am #2. I come in from being outside and they wave at me. Sarah comes in and they run to her Lol That’s what I get. She bonded with them immediately. I had to learn how. It’s all a learning process.

Everyone told me adding a 3rd kid would be harder. It’s really not so far. She’s so young she is very easy to care for. I just love being home. I have to go back to work next Monday (Booooo) but it’s time. Sarah, Heather, and Brandi will be in charge. They have the schedule worked out already and know the entire month of September schedule. I am so thankful they are here. I need all the help I can get.

We will be going to Oahu, Hawaii for 5 days coming up. I’m really excited to take my whole family. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see my boys reaction to the surfing. They love the water. We are going to have to really watch them on this trip. Our cabins are all beachfront so they can literally walk out 10 feet and be on our own private beach. The cabins are probably 50 yards apart for privacy. It’s not actually cabins that’s just what we have always called them. They are huge houses. They can sleep 10 to 12 people each and at last count when I was there we have 33 cabins. My family has owned this part of Oahu since the 1970’s. We usually rent it out for weddings or corporate events. My staff out there will be getting everything finished up this week in preparation. We are having a wave of people come in on different days. The people who have to work the weekend will arrive Wednesday morning so they can have 3 full days. They don’t mind flying out Tuesday night late. The people who have to work until Friday will arrive Saturday afternoon and get to stay for 4 days. We had to rearrange a lot of schedules. I made sure our construction crews finished all projects and took nothing new at all for this 5 day period because those guys really do deserve a corporate retreat weekend. They work so hard for all of us and I want to make sure they enjoy a great trip away from work. I just want to make sure they all know how much I appreciate all of them. I would not be this financially secure or successful without them. I love them all like family and have known almost all of the construction guys my entire life. They remember me being 10 and following my dad around. That’s when we moved to Nebraska from Texas. To see me now with all of my kids, they treat me like I’m their son. I hope I make them all proud.

My wife just wants to lay on the beach or hang out and watch the scenery. She can’t do too many activities and she’s really bummed she can’t drink at all (Mrs Wine-A-Lot) Lol but there is always next year. I told her that and she seemed to be happy. She just wants more time off to bond with Peace. I feel bad she has to go back to work today. I wish she didn’t but she said she has some cases she needs to work on before she gives her 2 weeks. She only has, let me look, just over 2 months left. Then she’s packing up and moving to Paris. I’m taking her over. I will stay with her a few days to make sure she will be okay and when I leave security will be with her 24/7. She’s not used to that at all. It’s what I want and she understands that. She is the love of my life and right now she’s carrying our baby. I want to know when I’m not there they are taking care of her. She is very excited to move to Paris. She said it’s a dream come true to get this opportunity. I feel the same way. Raising our kids in Paris has always been a dream. I didn’t think it would ever happen though. Go big or go home, right? Yolo? What are the kids saying these days? I don’t know.

Today it’s all about the boys. Peace is going to her baby class and I’m taking the boys out for the morning. We have a few fun things planned. Heather and Brandi are coming with me. Sarah is taking Peace. I’m also taking my dog because he really has been a good pup. I keep bringing babies into his life and my time with him gets less and less. I am trying to balance all of it. The good thing is at night when I get all of the babies asleep he can sit on the couch and get petted as much as he wants while my wife is on the other side hugged up all over me. She’s going through this snuggle phase. I can’t sit anywhere without her on me Lol I love it but I also am used to have plenty or personal space. Whatever she needs or wants, she gets it. If I have to sit smashed between her and the dog while we Netflix, no complaints. Happy she’s in my life and very happy my pup is getting some much needed daily attention.

I need to go get breakfast going for my beautiful wife. She’s up and in the shower. Have a great work week. Please donate money or send supplies to the Hurricane victims. Do something. God will do the rest. I pray we all have a safe week and that the rain goes away down there. Stay safe everyone! We all love you!

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