Yesterday was Eclipstatic!

We saw the Eclipse, sort of. It was pretty cloudy so we could barely make it out but I just added the 3 photos I took of it. Yes it’s in there somewhere. That’s Chicago though. Big event, weather shows up, enjoy.

Yesterday morning we met our adoption attorney from the agency we have been working with. She walked us through the steps we had to take which was signing some paperwork, paying the fee to the court and then it was our turn to go before the judge. I’ve known him for years. I’ve donated a lot of money to his campaigns and have always been a huge fan of his. He was happy to meet Peace. He held her afterwards for a family photo which I thought was very cool. She will have a copy of that photo forever now. He ran through everything and boom within 10 minutes we were in and out. Thank goodness we have our agency do everything Lol I would be so lost. Honestly this is the second time I’ve gone through this and this time was much easier. I knew the few questions the judge would ask me. I knew he would verify we wanted all of our documents sealed because of all of the harassment that continues online about me and my family. He asked my wife a few questions and then he signed the order. Boom! Done! Peace Taylor Cooper, welcome to our family. You now have 2 parents who love you more than anything.

After court we went over to our doctor’s appointment. We were a little early so I walked the boys around a little outside before we went in. We try to not have them sitting in a waiting room because the same 3 things happen every time.

  1. People ask if they are twins, ask are they identical, ask their names, how old they are…on and on
  2. People want to hold one of them and that’s not going to happen Lol
  3. We make a huge distraction for anyone that’s in the doctor’s waiting room and I end up apologizing to the whole room

Sarah is the one that came up with the plan to have one of us sit in the waiting room and when we get called in they come out and get us. It works out great. She’s so smart.

When it was our turn my wife came out and said let’s go. Then we had Brandi hold onto the boys in another waiting room all by themselves while we went to find out the sex of our baby.

Everything is good. My wife’s weight is up a little. She looks good, they put the jelly on the belly, they moved that laser thing around and there it was. Strong heartbeat. Then my wife grabbed for my hand and I held onto it. She wanted a girl so bad. I did too. That would even things out. Next thing I know we hear

“It’s a boy” and my wife started crying and laughing. I started laughing too and I kissed her then I said I told you I’m a boy maker Lol First my Ryan (RIP my boy) and now my son.

I’m having another son!

We went out to find Brandi and the boys. She said well what do we have and I said it’s a boy. She hugged us both and then I bent down and told my boys you are going to have a little brother soon. They have no idea but I hugged and kissed them both. Then I held my hand on my wife’s belly and said he’s in here he will be out in a few months. Still no clue. That’s okay.

After that my wife said “Peanut is hungry” which means feed her Lol We took the boys to a vegan restaurant nearby the doctor’s office. Man they had some great food. We had sandwiches and chips plus they have vegan cookies. My boys only wanted the cookies but we managed to get almost half a sandwich down them each. Heston just really eats anything. Alex is my picky baby. He won’t eat it if he doesn’t like the taste. He’s a little stubborn.

I almost forgot!

While we were sitting at lunch eating Brandi said to Heston do you want Mama to have a baby boy so you can play with him. Heston looked right at me than at my wife and said Mommy. That’s the first time either one of them have ever said it. We have repeated the words Mommy and Daddy over and over. This was a big moment. My wife started crying and gave him a big hug and a kiss. We tried to get him to say it again but he was all done. That’s all we got, just the 1 Mommy. Alex just kept eating. Peace was such a trooper yesterday. She really did very good all day. She didn’t fuss at all in court. She stayed quiet and chill while we waited and even all during lunch when I was feeding her. Can I just say how much easier it is to feed one baby at a time? I was actually able to munch on my sandwich while I fed her.

After lunch we took the boys to a toy store while Brandi waited in the Escalade with Peace. We wanted to get them a little something and my wife wanted to get some blue stuff for the baby reveal and a pair of baby shoes.

We got home and by the time I got all of the kids situated and ready to go they had put together the big box with the blue balloons in it. My dog wanted to eat the box Lol It was so funny. He kept trying to eat the corner. We had to put him back in the house.

We filmed our Facebook Live and we released the blue balloons. My in-laws were so happy. The video is on our family facebook page for everyone to see. We’ve already hit 1000 views! How cool is that. I love analytics. They are really fun for me to see. Most of our views came from Nebraska. I knew it would.

Yesterday was a really long day. We ended it with everyone giving us baby name suggestions. No I’m not naming my son Sam jr. I have a dog for that. No I’m not naming him after my dad or brother who have both passed away. My wife and I will pick something which means she will tell me what she wants to name him and I get to pick the middle name again Lol That’s how it was with Peace. We did both agree on it but it took her some convincing on that one.

I have written this paragraph 3 times now and I’m done if it erases again. I don’t know what’s up with my Macbook but it keeps erasing whole paragraphs as I’m typing. That means it’s time to get me a brand new one. I love getting new Macbooks! They really are the best laptops. Stupid thing. I bet it’s just something easy to fix. I will take it in today but I’m also buying a new one. One of my nannies can have this thing when I get it back.

Oh and I forgot the last new from yesterday. Out of nowhere Brandi told us she wants to move to Paris with us and be our nanny. My wife was very happy to hear that. I wasn’t. We already hired our team for over there. They are already living in our house and getting things ready for our big move. They even bought all of their furniture for their rooms and moved in. I mean we have it all planned out. I asked her why. She said she can continue her education since there will be 2 other nannies, she wants to be a travel nurse and what better place to travel all over than there. She said she has been praying on it for months and finally decided it’s something she wants. I said okay. It took me an hour to say okay. I was shocked. We will figure it all out. I mean I will have 4 kids soon. Why not 4 nannies? Lol We really were looking to just have 2. A main nanny and a backup one. I guess Brandi is now our main nanny. My wife said it’s going to make things so much easier and now she’s starting to pressure me into letting her take all of the kids over in November.

NO. I can’t do that. I can’t be without my kids that long. That’s 3 months. I just can’t do that. She doesn’t get it. We are going to have to discuss all of this more.

I need to get going. We are heading to Milwaukee on our first book tour stop then on to Los Angeles! If you are in one of the cities we are going to let me know. Leave me a comment here, DM me on Twitter or if you are in our Facebook pages let me know. I would love to meet some of my loyal long time readers and fans. I will already apologize to everyone that meets Lindsay. She is a very nice person but she has the attention span of a gnat. So she isn’t really rude she just gets done with talking to people very quickly. She’s really good talking all about herself than she is trying to communicate with other human beings Lol

We will see ya’ll on the road! Wish us luck!

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