Hawaii anyone? Hawaii Everyone!

I am finally off of my paternity leave and I don’t want to go to work this morning. I have to but I don’t want to leave Peace and my boys. We have had such a great month hanging out together. I really loved it. Having 3 kids this young really isn’t that bad. I had heard how hard it is but I am managing just fine. I can hold Peace or feed her and still do things with my boys. You have to multitask. There is no other option. Including my boys into the feeding times has helped a lot. Thank goodness for Sarah teaching me how she does it. Even my wife gave me tips on how to go about all of this. They want to help. If you tell them she needs to eat and they need to help me they do. They hold her feet while I feed her Lol I tell them don’t let go or she won’t eat. It works. I do realize that’s probably a bad thing but hey, I found what is working for right now. Alex is the one that let’s go more. Heston is a rock. That boy will hold her foot until the last drop. He is so good about it.

I know this is a little bit much but guess who is going to Hawaii tomorrow night Lol My entire family! We are leaving after my wife gets off of work. The cat and the dog too, we decided to take them. I didn’t want to but my wife said if we are taking all of your family we are taking our pets too. Okay then. We are going to be hosting my employees, my family, and the friends that can get off of work for this once in a year trip. We want to continue this as long as my profits are going so well. Instead of giving myself a bonus this year I turned into this trip. I make more than enough money to provide for my family and all of the things we do in a year. I want to give back. This is how you make employees want to stay with your company. You honor them, you vacation with them, you bring their families on a free 5 day trip and don’t let them pay for a single thing. Everyone will be given an envelope of cash as soon as they arrive to the compound. Even the kids. The parents most likely will take that cash to hold but this will ensure no money is spent from their own funding. I want them to know how much they really do for me and my family. They all work so hard and I want them to just relax and enjoy the sun. It’s a 5 hour time difference that will be hard to get used to at first but the weather, man it’s going to be nice! Mid 80s all week with some cloudy days. Not bad. The water will be perfect and the late night beach strolls. I can’t wait. All of my employees are staying on the compound grounds, all of my family and friends have hotel rooms. I want all of my employees together in one spot. We have plenty of space for all of them. It has worked out great. We have been working on this trip for months and I really do hope the staff is ready.

We are going to come home on Sunday afternoon. My wife wasn’t sure she could get the time off but she’s trying to use up her vacation days. She has another week left but she said she’s going to let them keep it. When we get home she’s going to finish up all of her case load and then just assist anyone with their cases. That way when it’s time to turn in her 2 weeks she has nothing lingering. The partners have no problem with it because she has been very open and forthright on her moving time frame. We haven’t changed the move date so that helped out a lot.

Oahu is such a beautiful place. I grew up going to Hawaii every summer for a week or two. It really has a lot of fond memories for me and my family. I can’t wait to get everyone there and tell them, here’s some cash, here’s the schedule for the week. Join in the activities or don’t. Either way, you do whatever you want because the entire week we only have 1 huge meal together, Friday night. That’s when ALL of my employees will be able to join us. I made sure to get their schedules worked out. With the time difference it helps out a lot. It takes 7 and a half hours to get there from Chicago. That’s a very long time for my kids to be on a plane. It’s also the reason we turned our “weekend retreat” into 5 full days. We wanted everyone to have plenty of time to enjoy it since 15 hours will be in the air.

I pray they all enjoy it. They really deserve a break. I am so humbled by all they do. I really want them to just have a good time. I have worked very hard planning this whole week out. I think I am giving them some really fun things to go do. Wish me luck!

Have a great work week guys. I need to get dressed for work (Boooo). I already miss my kids! Love ya’ll!