Thoughts, Prayers, All of it for #Irma’s path

Please get out-of-the-way of Irma. She’s coming into town and she’s going to do some serious damage. It looks bad, guys. Please be safe.

Yesterday all of my employees in the Miami office got all of our things out of that office. We put it all in one of my family’s condo buildings 4 blocks away. They worked all day going back and forth until the only things left in there were the furniture. It’s up on the 6th floor of the building so if anything happens, at least it won’t flood. I mean I hope they don’t get 6 story high size flooding! They were supposed to finish it today and board up the building but they all agreed to work all night until it was completely done so that they could spend all day figuring out what to do about all of their homes. I have 10 employees in Miami. All very young, smart, great kids.

They were all supposed to come with us to Hawaii today. That has been the plan for months but with this Hurricane some don’t want to leave their family or pets behind. I completely understand and have offered to move the ones that stay up north into hotels. I will pay for a week for each of them if need be. Anything to get them the h e double hockey sticks out of there asap. 4 people are staying behind. 6 are coming to Hawaii tonight! They want to get their homes boarded up and they will be in communication with neighbors to make sure they all have a home to go to when this thing ends. That’s the best I can do. We tried to talk to the 4 to get them to come with us but they won’t leave. I get it. I also want them to make safe choices. I feel like their dad. I’ve been dadd’ing them for 3 days about all of this. No one is staying in southern Florida thank goodness. They all are getting out of Miami today and tomorrow. That was the good news.

My goodness have you guys seen CNN? The coverage of this thing slamming into those tiny islands? Wow. I don’t know what else to say. We will be donating more money from PFF to the effected areas. We always do. We will match what we gave to the Hurricane Harvey victims. Anything we can do to help them out. It’s a helpless feeling. Please evacuate, get out of there, run! Just get out-of-the-way of Irma.

Tonight after work we are all flying to Hawaii! How fun is that. We will be there until Sunday afternoon. The time difference will be an adjustment but we will be in such a beautiful place. I’m taking everyone I know Lol Just kidding. I’m taking a ton of people. I will have an official head count next week of who actually shows up. This trip has cost me a fortune and I don’t care. I want everyone all together and celebrating the business that we all love and work for. We are all making great money. I pay my employees well above industry standard because I want them to stay. I don’t want them to get trained work a year or two and take off. We always have room for advancement and raises. We do 4 raises a year if you qualify. I want them to understand even a small raise will add up over time. It also makes you feel really good too. I love being able to let everyone know it’s time for raises. I love being able to provide that for everyone. They are all family to me. I just want them to stay working for us forever. I really do.

My wife said she’s getting off work at 3pm which really means 4:30. I told her I’m coming into your office at 4pm no matter what and I threatened to “Officer and a Gentleman” her out of there. If you don’t get that movie reference google it. It’s actually a very good one liner, especially from me. Well done, Sam!

I’m a little concerned flying with Peace and the boys all that way. My dog and the cat will get to stretch their legs once we are up in the air and cruising. They will be fine. But it’s a very long flight for kids. That’s also why we decided to bring them all. There is a 4 day span in between getting there and going home. I think that’s plenty of time for them to adjust, at least I hope so. We are about to find out.

I am going to blog everyday while we are there. Usually I have to write a little early in the mornings and try to remember all we did on vacations or work trips. This time I will have plenty of time to do things. I can keep you all up to date. My wife is bringing this huge book to read. She ordered it online and said she’s been wanting to read it for a while. She said when the nannies have the kids and we just want to “veg” on the beach that’s what she’s going to do. I’m going surfing. Okay wait, I’m going to attempt to get on the board and fall off gracefully at least. That’s what I plan to do. Mostly just swimming. I told her even if all I can do is sit on it and let the water push me in that’s good enough. I have a lot of family fun things to do with just my wife and kids. We have 4 side trips so I can show her things we used to do when I was a kid. We are already packed. Everyone is ready. I just have to get my wife and come home. Then we load up the shuttles, we have 2 Lol and go to the airport. This time I told them no limits on luggage. I’m going to have a staff to help me Lol It will be fine. Usually I have to lug 4 bags at once and go back and forth until I have everything. Not this time. I’m so thankful.

Hawaii here we come! I can’t wait to dip my feet in the ocean blue. I also want to eat some Hawaiian local cuisine I haven’t had for a while. The food there is amazing. So fresh and healthy.

I will update more later guys. I have to get ready for work. Kids are all great. Everything went fine yesterday with Peace. My wife just pulled the back of my hair and kissed me Lol She said tell everyone on my blog Hiiiiiii.

Have a great work week, if you are near Florida please get out of there. Go anywhere. Be safe. If you stay, God bless you!