Our family garden is What?

Our very first family garden is throwing out so much fresh stuff we can barely keep up. We are having to put a bunch of it in the freezer. For whatever reason this year the gardening has been out of sight. Great job to our gardners for keeping up on things. It always looks great and weed-free. I love going out there and picking whatever I need to make supper.

Gardens are awesome! I just added photos of our garden and all of the fresh veggies and fruits we have picked so far this year to our Family Facebook page. Be sure to check that out guys.

Cubs game on Saturday? Okay!

  I shouldn’t have to say this but… THAT IS NOT ME IN THIS PHOTO Lol

That’s Chicago Cubs awesome pitcher Jake Arrieta. Anytime I post a photo on here of some dude doing something the trolls assume it’s meant to be a photo of me. It never has been. That’s how dumb the trolls are. It’s meant to represent something funny I’m trying to write about. Yes I do like the cubs, I do know how to pitch a ball, I have been to many ball games but I’m not a pitcher for the Cubs, I wish!


My wife has decided we are taking the boys to the Cubs game on Saturday. We aren’t taking any nannies. I think that’s a big mistake but she said we need to figure it all out ourselves. Okay. I like that idea. I just don’t like them being in big crowds like that without a few adult watching every move they make. Sarah is pissed, she wanted to go. I told her I would get her and some friends some tickets and she said okay. I didn’t tell my wife that part, because having a backup plan with the boys is no longer cool at our house I guess. My wife is in full on MOM mode lately and wanting us to cut back on how much we use the nannies on the weekends. I mostly don’t use them at all. I am with my kids 24/7 on weekends. I make sure I get all of my work stuff done Friday night late so that all weekend it’s me and my babies. I use the nannies if I need to run to the store or if I need to go out back and do something for a little while. My wife says when we are in Paris we have to really rely on each other because we don’t know how nannies. So it’s not about our current nannies it’s about what are we going to do once we are in Paris. I’m going to say here watch my kids I need to go buy groceries. How hard is that? Lol I guess that’s not right. Okay? Not Okay? I don’t know. This pregnancy stuff is starting to weird her out I think.

We also found out yesterday that our son is a little bit bigger than normal size charts. I tried to tell her before I knocked her up. The doctor is predicting over 9 pounds. Good luck with that sweetness Lol Sorry? My boy is going to be HUGE! I love it. I hope he’s tall just like me. My wife almost passed out when she got the news. I told her what did you expect, look at me.

So now she’s freaking out. We wanted to do natural birth but she said it’s going to rip her you know what all to h e double hockey sticks and now she’s considering a C-Section. I told her it’s her choice but either way, take the drugs Lol She’s going to need them. She agrees. So far her pregnancy has been really easy. She loves it. She said she loves being pregnant. She wants to enjoy every week growing a little more. She’s loving eating anything she wants right now. We are still working out together and keeping her fitness going. She’s eating more and more vegan foods which really makes me happy. I think it’s going great. I don’t see any problems yet.

Work is going good too. We are busy and trying to catch up has been a challenge. I’m finally caught up on all of my meetings and emails. I had a lot waiting for me on Monday. I have a few meetings today but then none the rest of this week.

Sounds like my wife is up I need to go get ready for work. Hope everyone is having a great work week. I will update more on Friday!

Keep praying and donating to the people effected by all of the hurricanes. They still need help. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!