Day 1 #Oahu #Hawaii Work Retreat

Good morning from Hawaii! We made it without too much trouble. Peace decided she was done with flying about half way through the flight and we had a lot of calming her down between the group of us. We had the back rows so it worked out okay. I had chartered this flight to get all of my Chicago people out-of-town at the same time. I warned them all my kids would be on board and to be prepared if Alex pops off for a bit. He actually was the most chill this time, that never happens. Peace did calm down but it did take about a half hour. It really made me rethink flying with her this far. I know I rushed her into it but I wanted our daughter with us for this trip. I want her in the photos, I want her to experience the sights and sounds so she can learn what it’s all about. You are supposed to give your baby visual and auditory stimulus so we really thought what better place than Oahu! Sorry, Peace. I really thought you would be okay with it.

Let me see. Wednesday night we got in and got everyone over to the compound. The staff was waiting and ready. Wow, what a great staff we have there. They also hired a bunch of locals to help out for our weekend retreat. The place looks amazing. Cleaned up great, lots of extras, and the most important thing, my wife is comfortable. She is now 20 weeks pregnant, guys! We are half way through with our son. I hope he stays in and cooks as long as he can. I had 2 early babies already and it’s not fun. It’s a constant worry about development because they were a few weeks early. Peace was right on time. We will see what our son will do when it hits January. So we got settled, got all of the kids settled and walked down to the beach. We took a bunch of photos of our first steps into the water and playing in the sand. Man, I really do take a lot of photos Lol My wife loves it but I think maybe it’s a little too much. I can’t help it. I want to capture everything. After we checked out the beach and all the fun things they have waiting down there for us to use in the water we walked back to the cabin. My wife says she doesn’t think a mansion on the beach is a cabin but I said that’s just what we have always called it. I took the main cabin (House, Mansion, whatever) for my family and we will be joined by our older family members. They have been coming to Hawaii longer than I have been alive so out of respect they were all invited to stay at the main place with us. We also made room for Lindsay and Dave and Drew and all of his family too. I wanted them all with me for this trip. Drew had done a lot of our early legal work when I first started out and he has constantly looked over all of our real estate contracts. He’s a part-time employee. Lindsay is my business parter and does not work FOR me. That’s a constant distinction she makes especially when we are arguing over something. Her and Dave are still going strong. I do miss Ben but him and I have stayed in touch. Dave is a different kind of guy. He’s nice and he treats her well so that’s all that matters. I just wouldn’t hang out with him much if we were solo.

We waited for the first big group to get settled and by the time they looked around and did the same beach thing we all did they wandered over to the main cabin. That’s when the 2nd and 3rd big groups arrived. We directed them where to go, our staff got them all to the right places and then back to the main cabin for a huge meal. We had a welcoming luau. We did not have a pig. I wouldn’t let them do it Lol If they want that, they can all go to a hotel luau and enjoy it there. We did have a lot of seafood though and some regional foods. Man, that food though. Very tasty and a lot of it is naturally vegan. My boys LOVE pineapple. They couldn’t get enough we had to take the bowl away from them. Heston plowed through 3 bites before Alex even got one Lol We had music going and we all tried to do the hula. Seeing my wife in her wispy (That’s a word, right?) little skirt and her flowery lei with her pregnant little belly just makes me instantly happy. She looks so beautiful guys. I just put up all of the photos from Day 1 on our Family Facebook page so be sure to read this then go check that out. She was hula and swishing and swaying and I whispered some naughty things in her ear enough to get a smack on my chest Lol I couldn’t help myself. She is so happy and I wanted to let her know she’s making me happy too.

After the big feast everyone went back to their own cabins and the ones that were staying at the hotels decided to take off to go explore. We all stayed up until 2am talking. It was so good seeing my older relatives. I haven’t really spent much time in Nebraska lately so it’s important I get time with them like this. Family is #1. I also got to see my baby cousins, all 1 million of them. Geez we really have a huge family. That’s Catholic for ya. We got the kids to bed and only woke them up once from laughing too loud. Everyone crawled into bed really late and my wife kissed me then snuggled up and she told me she already knows this is going to be an amazing trip. Yes it is! I surprised her with a new piece of jewelry before we went to bed. She has had her eye on this new ring for a while and I decided to finally got get it. She opened the box and screamed a little. Then she hugged me and made me put it on her finger. It went on her right hand. She said now guys will see that she’s double married and they should back off Lol Of course that made me ask, Uh WHAT GUYS!?! and she said just the guys that hit on her. Great. I didn’t know that would be a thing but it is. She is gorgeous, smart, and funny, so I shouldn’t be surprised but she has never told me she gets hit on. I get hit on but mostly women want to know how tall I am and as soon as I show them my black wedding band most of them leave me alone.

Day 1 in the books and we all had a great night sleep. Now this time difference is really messing
me up. I slept great and woke up to Peace wanting to be fed. The nannies have a schedule and Aunt Lindsay was already in there getting her up so she wouldn’t wake up the boys. 3 adults, 1 baby, Lindsay won Lol She said she wanted to and shoved me out of her way so I just went back to bed. Sarah stayed up a little she said then went back to bed because she already knows not to argue with The Lindz.

I think I will recap each day in separate posts. I usually do that and I can keep track of things a lot better. I hope everyone is having a great week back on the main land. Please be safe if you are in the path of the hurricane(s), yes multiple ones! I also know Harvey is still drenching parts of the US so please be sure to keep donating money or find a list of supplies and send out boxes. They all need help NOW. Not later. All of my Miami employees are out of Miami. The ones that came here are safe with me and they are just worried about their homes. I told them all if our building blows up don’t worry we will just go buy a new one and I will find a temporary place for everyone to work from. My main concern is our family condos. I don’t know if they are all going to be okay. I’m worried about all of the money I have invested in those buildings and I made sure my insurance will cover all of the damage before I left the States.

If your local authorities have told you to evacuate, please LEAVE. Don’t ride it out, you don’t have to. There are plenty of places for you to go. Ask for help. Pray for everyone in the area and please donate guys. Even $5 will help someone. The American Red Cross is the one I prefer to ask you to donate too. I know the funds go directly into buying the supplies they need for disaster relief. Please do that $10 phone donation or something. Thanks.

On to Day 2…

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