Day 2 #Oahu #Hawaii Work Retreat

The morning of Day 2 I woke up at 6am Hawaii time. I was mad about that. That’s 11am Chicago time and I had a bunch of emails I wanted to get done. I had stayed up really late talking to family so not getting much sleep didn’t do much. As I said Peace woke me up an hour earlier than that but I was shoved back to bed.

I got up and headed downstairs to see what the breakfast buffet was going to be. So much great looking fruit I stole a few grapes and went outside. I had 4 activities planned for the day. Everyone had their own schedule so it was just picking what we all wanted to do. My group talked over the list and picked 3 of the things to do and the last one we blew off. No one wanted to go do it. I told them still use the shuttles to go into town and maybe look around a little. We had them for the 3 hours anyway. That was my nannies cue to suggest shopping (Of course) and everyone agreed.

  1. Surfing

I have surfed before. I’m a snowboarder so surfing really isn’t a problem. The problem is the water. The water moves unlike the snow shifting around and so it’s all the waves fault I couldn’t stay up on my board Lol I did get up there maybe 2 times if I’m being honest. The other 30 + times I ate it and fell off. We only have 1 photo of me up on the board and of course that’s the only photo of me I’m going to use for our surf trip. I didn’t want my wife to try but she did anyway and she got up the first try. Of course she did. She said she can still have fun and before our baby gets too big she wants to still stay active. So our son already surfed for the first time, in utero, but still. All of our group either tried to surf or just kind of splashed around. Because we have small kids my group is mostly my family, nannies, friends, and a few of my Uncles and Aunts. They are slow-paced like we are so of course they just hung out and chilled watching us. We did get my Aunt Maggie up on a board and Drew and I pushed her around the water a little. She called it surfing and we took her photo just so she could Facebook that to everyone. She did a great job I didn’t think she would do it when we started heckling her. Surfing was a big hit and all of the guys that helped us out, thank you! I really appreciate the lessons

2. Landmark Tour

As I’m sure you know there is a lot of really great history on the island of Oahu. I booked a one and a half hour tour around the southern part of the island since that’s where we are staying at. We are at the very base of Kahala. That’s where our compound is located. I want to say our shuttle literally pulled up next to each landmark and we got off. We walked less than 10 feet to get to each one however everyone decided it was “a lot” of walking. Come on, people! Work with me here. Also Lindsay brought my wife’s favorite wine as a gift for our house. She obviously isn’t drinking right now but my wife loves wine and is constantly buying it when she finds a new kind. Anyway, so our nice quiet Landmark tour got turned into a dang Booze Bus and all I saw were Red Solo cups being passed back to her seat Lol Then passed back up carefully. By the end of the tour everyone was giggly and Heston kept pointing at the tipsy shuttle passengers. Yes, son, Auntie Lindz strikes again. It really was a fun tour. I liked it.


3. Diamond Head Trail

We all ate lunch and decided to try to the trail. It only costs $1/person so it was worth the money for sure. It has the views of a life time and that’s really why I wanted everyone to try. It took us a while but my group got up there. Please do not wear flip-flops if you go hiking up Diamond Head Lol Shoes is the best thing for you as we all learned. We got up there and were able to take a bunch of really great photos. I was so proud we survived and no one passed out. Luckily the weather hasn’t been that hot. It’s been mid 80’s and cloudy. Check out all of the photos I just put on our Family Facebook page for this.

4. Tropical Flower garden tour Shopping Trip into Town

We blew off the flower tour. I was a little bummed I wanted to go but I was out voted. We went into Honolulu and did some shopping instead. The girls all got a bunch of hair accessories. I bought my kids a bunch of stuff and got myself some cool tshirts and Hawaiian shirts to wear. My wife went ape-s*** over some skirts so we probably need a new suitcase just to get all of those home. Geez. My group can shop! We all had fun and no one melted my credit card when we checked out. I paid for all of their stuff and left happy.

Our group had such a busy day we all went home, ate, and passed the f out. It was such a long day. My wife said she had such an amazing day and never wanted to leave. I told her well good thing my family owns this compound, we can come back anytime we want. She said she married me for the compound and we both laughed. She married me because I don’t put up with her s-h-you-know-what and she definitely doesn’t put up with mine. We balance each other out great. Day 2 for the rest of the groups was a huge hit and I’m so happy everyone is having fun. As you will see the 4 activities on each day rotates around. We all will be doing the same things just on different days. It will be interesting to see if everyone else blows off the Tropical flower garden tour too Lol I really thought it would be a very chill activities but my Uncle Don said “If I want to go see flowers, I’ll go look at a book” Lol Okay.

Day 2 wrapped. On to Day 3…

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