Day 4 #Oahu #Hawaii Work Retreat

It is really late here. It’s into Sunday by the time I’m sitting down to write this. I just don’t want to forget anything plus we are leaving in the morning to get back home. We won’t be back until next year some time because we have too much going on right now. My wife never wants to leave. She wants to have the baby here and forget about our move to Paris Lol I told her no but we can come back again and again. She wants us to bring her whole family sometime. She wants them to see Hawaii. I guess none of them have as far as she knows.

So we sent off some of our employees and their families last night. Everyone told us how much fun they have had. Some came earlier than we did because they all got a 5 day break. With work schedules we had to shift some things around to make that happen. Big huge smiles and when I asked did you have a great time? Oh yes, Heck yeah, YES were the top responses. I asked what didn’t they like and no one has complained about anything so far. I’m sure I will hear something but for now we are all good. They all literally have staff with them. Each group has 2 people to make sure they get to where they need to go and they have what they need to have. This whole experience with this staff has been amazing. We paid them all very well and I hope that they will continue to work with us in the future. Great, great people. I appreciate all their hard work this week.

Friday. Okay Friday our activities were:

  1. Scuba/Snorkeling/FreeDive We all wanted to try Scuba. I’ve done it many times before but some in our group had not. All of the kids did the snorkeling and saw some really cool fish and sea life. I guess they went on the other side away from where we all went. We had to sit through a video presentation. Then they taught us all how to breathe and what to do in case you can’t breathe. We were taught how to surface, slow, surface. Then how to move in all of our gear. I liked knowing they took their time on the safety part. My wife did not scuba. She didn’t want to she just did the snorkeling with the kids. I did the scuba for half of the time then I went over to the free dive. I’m a very good swimmer and can hold my breath for a long time. I have that long, lean body of a swimmer so I’m pretty good in the water. I dove down and found where they were at. It took me 2 up/downs to get over to them. I finally got down to where they were at and saw this huge turtle. It looked like a floating rock at first and then the head turned around and scared me a little. I had to go back up because I started laughing. We all had such a great time and my underwater photos turned our amazing! I just put all of the photos from today on our Family facebook page so please check those out if you want to. Scuba, big time fun. Our group said it was Top 3 things we had done so far.

2. Segway tour

After the dive we just needed a chill activity that everyone would could do. We tried a Segway tour around Waikiki. Some of us did the walking tour. We really had a lot of fun riding around. You just have to lean your body the right way. This made it a lot easier for our older adults to do some sightseeing once they figured out how to do it. That took a while Lol The prices weren’t bad at all and we learned a lot of the local history. I think the kids loved it more than we did.

3. Iolani Palace tour

We needed an indoor activity and this place was perfect. It was the royal residence of the kingdom of Hawaii. I didn’t even know they had a King. The government used the building for offices until they turned it into a museum. The architecture is amazing and the details are really cool. We looked at every corner of the place because there was always something new to see in each room. It’s an hour-long tour and you get all of the most important facts as you go. Everyone liked it because it was indoors and we didn’t have to do anything but listen. The kids were pretty good only a few times they wanted down but I just took both of the boys outside for a few. Great tour, full of history and I recommend it to you guys.

4. Night Cruise/Sea Life park

The adults went to a special dinner and a nice time cruise. The kids all went to the Sea Life park then home for a big beach party. They had music, a cookout, smores, and watched the sunset while they all played on the beach until it got dark. Then they went inside for 2 rounds of games with prizes. I guess the kids have been telling their parents they don’t want to go back to school they want to stay in Hawaii Lol I think all the kids are having fun, what do you guys think? The adults in my group went for a night cruise on a yacht. We chartered it months ago based off of the reviews and had already been talking to the boat staff for a week. They provided everything. The meal, the drinks, the route. It was nice just to climb on, sit down and eat. I didn’t have to do a thing. My kind of activity. We were out on the water for about 2 hours before we headed back home. The weather was perfect. We all brought light jackets because it does get cool at night especially on open water. Seeing the stars like that, wow. Mother Nature is the best. My wife said she loved it and it was very romantic. I didn’t know it would turn into that but alright! Good job Sam Lol

We got back home and most of our cruise buddies were plowed because Lindsay decided this was a booze cruise (Again) and kept all the glasses full. I know she was drunk but I never see her act drunk. She’s already loud and already laughing at everything so I guess I can’t even tell the difference anymore. Drew was plowed. He didn’t have his kids and his wife gave him permission to get hammered Lol She was drunk too so I told them we would make sure their kids got to bed and we would drag them up to their room so no one saw. That’s exactly what we had to do. Dave and I had to carry Drew up the stairs. I’m glad to see he had fun. He needed a vacation he works too many long hours.

The cruise was awesome. We really had an amazing time and the food was really good. I enjoyed it a lot.

I’m exhausted. I want to go to bed. I get to sleep in again in the morning. We had a great time. Our last full day in Hawaii. We are leaving after we eat breakfast. It’s time to go home. Guys, this place is amazing. Come to Hawaii someday!

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