Day 5 #Oahu #Hawaii Work Retreat

We all slept in and got up early still. I don’t know how that works but a 5 hour time difference helps. We only had one thing left to do and that was to take all of the remaining folks over to the Dole Pineapple plantation. My son Heston has all of a sudden decided Pineapples or as he calls them Ooohhhh’s are the best thing in the world. I think it’s because the pineapples are very fresh, very ripe, and bursting with flavors. He has not stopped eating pineapple since we got here. He smells it then he eats a bite. Oooohhhhh, Daddy Lol It’s hilarious. We took a video of him saying that and doing that. I just put it on our Family Facebook page.

The place opened at 9:30 but its way up north so we decided to start out early. The shuttles showed up on time and off we went. I had picked up a bunch of donuts, orange juice and waters for the trip. Coffee was already passed out at the cabins before we left. We all yawned and enjoyed the trip up north. Then we arrived.

The place was already packed. We had to wait in line for a little while with such a large group. Then we split ourselves up. Some of us rode the train, some of us hit the gift shop. Some of us went in the maze. We all decided to meet back up in an hour to see if we wanted to do more or we had enough. I learned so much about Pineapples. I have never had Dole Whip before. I tried it and oh man. You guys need to take the tour there and try that. We also bought Heston a little side dish of his Oooohhh and he lost his mind. Alex likes them but not as much as Heston. Everyone had a great time, we bought souvenirs for the group and off we went to the airport. All of our bags were there waiting for us to go home. Our chartered plane filled up fast and we decided to take all of our Miami people back to Chicago since Miami is both flooded and not capable of taking in flights yet. I think they also have no power too. They will stay at the condos for a day or so until we can get them home.

We made it home and all of my kids survived 2 huge flights in 5 days. We all crashed last night. I am exhausted but I have to go to work today. I am going to miss being home with my babies but it’s time.

I am praying for everyone that has been impacted by both hurricanes. CNN is doing a great job covering the whole thing. People in Texas and Louisiana still need our help. They have lost everything. The water and flooding have finally stopped by they have a big clean up going on. Send money or supplies, guys. They need it!

Our Hawaii work retreat was a lot of fun. It was worth the amount of money I spent on it. I told them if our profits for this year are the same or better we can do it again next year. I think we can. Lindsay’s business expansions are working out great. She spent a lot of money to do it but we are already receiving profits. I’m so happy she decided to take over. Being her partner in business is a huge challenge because she’s extremely aggressive with decisions. It’s all worked out fine minus a few issues. I’m happy we can pay our employees and treat them with an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. They all deserve it and I really wished I could have done it sooner but it took me almost 10 years to be able to save up that much. I love all of my employees. I hope they get back to work and feel completely refreshed and appreciated. We tried really hard to give them a great time.

God bless everyone in the storms’ paths. Stay safe! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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