I left it on the boat, again

Today we all went to Church. The kids, the wife, the nanny. Everyone. We had a great time too. I really enjoyed today’s message. “Bring your life into your present moment.” Very inspiring. After Church we all went over to a buffet restaurant and had a nice brunch. Man the food was good there! I really liked the variety of different kinds of salads. My boys just wanted the fruit. I swear if I didn’t make them eat other things all they would live off of is fruit. Peace was ohh’ed and aww’ed over everywhere she went. She really is the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She is so quiet. Even her little cry isn’t that loud. I know that won’t last forever but I also know as she grows she’s going to change a lot faster than my boys did.

We all made it home to change clothes. I packed up 2 picnic baskets full of food and water and I told everyone get on the boat and jet skis, we are going out for a day of fun. My wife loved the idea. She just wanted to read her magazines and lay out in the sun anyway. We took off and had the nannies on the jet skis following us. I love watching Sarah ride around. She is hilarious. She cooks right next to the boat and then she’s waaaaay behind us Lol I turn around to make sure she’s not waving for help. I don’t know what she does to make it do that every time but I just laugh. We found a very nice quiet little beach to park near. I got out and transferred, kids, then wife, then food, and began setting up our beach tent. It’s a huge canopy that shades all of us. I made sure to order the biggest one I could find. The only bad thing is if the winds hits it just right it takes off. Even if I stake it down. Today’s wind was almost non-existent so that made it very nice. We all took turns swimming with the boys. I took Peace out to just dip her toe in and she wiggled. I didn’t put her in the water. I just wanted to see what she would do. She spent the rest of the day hanging out under the canopy and napping, eating, looking around. My wife took off with Heather on the jet skis and they were gone for a while. I could still hear them but they went around a corner and I didn’t see them at all. Then I heard Heather’s big laugh and a Woooooo and they just zipped on past us Lol It was really funny to see them going around the boat. I thought they were going to hit it but she got out-of-the-way or maybe it was just my angle from where I was standing.

We probably spent way too much time out there today but it wasn’t that hot. A nice cool lower 80’s I think. By the time we finished eating and everyone was about to pass out for naps I said let’s head back. We got home and I unloaded everyone and everything again. My dog was pissed we didn’t take him this time but the last time I did he took off in the woods and rolled in I have no idea what it was. I just smelled it and knew he was getting a bath later.

After we got the kids settled down for a quick nap I took a jet ski out myself and did a few laps around the area. I heard the other 2 jet skis start-up and next thing I know there is my wife with Sarah and Heather again. Brandi and her 3 friends from the city stayed with all of the kids. They arrived just as we were heading back home the first trip out. We all started going over each other’s wakes and spinning around each other. My wife tried to cut hard to splash me with water but didn’t get it very high. I didn’t do it back because I knew I would get yelled at. I just took off and waited for her or Heather to catch me. They did and this time they cornered me and both splashed me really good Lol It was mean! Oh well.

We got back and all took showers. What a fun day out today. I hope everyone got outside to enjoy this weather. If it’s nice out you can’t keep me inside. I love being in the back yard. Even if I’m just taking a walk with my dog or watching the cat jump on bugs in the yard. I’m so happy both of my boys get this huge back yard to run around in. I guess I didn’t realize how much kids need a yard. I took it for granted and really believed that going to the park 2 or 3 times a week was good enough. It’s not. I learned that one early enough. Our house in Paris has a huge yard for them. I can’t wait for them to see it. I just realized I forgot my cellphone on the boat. That’s the second time today I left it somewhere. I’m getting old and forgetful, geez.

I need to get down to the kitchen and start making supper. Everyone does not want sandwiches again so I think I’m going to just make some spaghetti. I can use vegan noodles because no one even knows they are vegan and just yank out enough for me and my boys before I add any meat. That should feed this big group of girls up here today.

Hope everyone had a nice day. God has really blessed all of us today. Thank you Jesus for all my blessings. I really do appreciate my life and all things you grant me to enjoy. Amen!

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