Labor Day Plans

Good morning Batfans!

We will be hosting a lunch bbq for some family and friends. It’s easier to get my wife’s family at our house because it’s bigger so everyone can be comfortable and enjoy a big backyard for the kids. They can also go swimming in our pool or in our little section of private beach. We made sure the beach was cleaned up on Friday so everyone can enjoy this nice weather.

I’m happy to have everyone over. I get to show off my cooking skills once again which I love to do. I don’t like grilling meat at all but my buddy Josh will be coming up to help me out with that. He’s bringing his girlfriend and I know we will all have a good time. I found some really cool yard games online for everyone to play. It should be a lot of fun.

My wife is so happy right now. She smiles at me every time I look at her. Then I say What and she said you really are an amazing man. I just laugh. Yes I am. I have been through a lot to get me to this point. I still read my Bible every day and work on some things. I just want her to really enjoy our life. I want her to feel loved every minute of the day. That’s why I don’t argue with her.

  1.  She’s a lawyer and she would kick my butt in any oral argument anyway
  2. She’s too pretty for me to be mad at
  3. She’s carrying our son and I don’t want to upset him
  4. Did I say I would lose anyway? Lol

I know better. She has me trained already. I think being older than she is helps us out a lot. I am at the age where I just don’t care what anyone but her thinks of me. That’s how I have handled every thing the past 2 years. I don’t care what people say or at least try to say to me. They get cut off before they get to me. I think it’s pretty funny some continue to try to get my attention. Move on Ladies. Trolls are not meant to be fed, they are meant to frenzy on anything they think they know. Such a sad, pathetic life.

My kids are healthy and happy. Our daughter is doing really great. She’s getting bigger each week. I can’t believe I have her. She came in as a big surprise out of nowhere. I was in love with her the minute I heard I had the chance to have her. We got there and I was very anxious and then we met her. My heart just filled up and every time I see her I just feel so happy. All of my kids make me feel that way. I want to be around them all of the time. I can’t help it. My wife is the one that wants a little break here and there and we send her off to get some “Me” time. I like “Me” time but I much prefer to be with my babies. Knowing they are okay and safe, that’s all I want.

I have to go clean up breakfast dishes. I need to start working on all the various side dishes we will have. Everyone is bringing something so that will help out a lot. I’m going to make some really awesome appetizers I saw in a recipe. I hope they turn out. I’m excited to try it out. I love finding new things to make. I am a Foodie for sure.

Hope everyone enjoys your day off of work. Get outside, go hang out with people. Do something. Life is too short, my friends. I have to return to work tomorrow and I don’t want to. I know Sarah will take good care of Peace I just don’t want to leave her just yet but it is time. The past month and a little more has been amazing. I have really bonded with her well and I pray she knows how much we all love her. She is the daughter I prayed for. I wanted a little girl so much. I wanted my boys to have a little sister to watch out for. They sure are doing a great job so far. If she cries, they both go running and then they start pointing and letting us all know Peace is making a noise Lol It’s hilarious.

I just uploaded the photos from this weekend to our Family facebook page. Have a look at my new sunglasses. They are really sweet looking. I love the aviator style anyway but these are a new version of them by Ray Ban. I love them! I think I look really cool in them too.

Heston just crawled up on my lap I’m done typing now. Have a good one. Happy Labor day guys! Love ya’ll!

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