Pre-Ordered and Happy

I went into AT&T today and had them fix something on my cellphone then I went ahead and pre-ordered my whole family new Iphone X’s. They all want one. I’m happy to get everyone a new phone when they come out. We are ready. I’ve been reading on them for a few months now. The other day during the Apple meeting I watched a Youtube video of them debuting the Iphone X. Man it looks cool! I just updated to iOS11 and so far so good. I think the calculator looks very weird but the rest of it I like. I love the new camera. Wow! All of the cool photo filters. I have been snapping pics for 2 days now nonstop just playing with all of it. My ipad is the biggest change. I’m really happy to see a lot of the bugs got fixed. It’s running a lot smoother now.

Work is great, home life is great. We are all doing fine. My baby Peace is now 8 weeks old. She’s really growing fast. I love she has taken to the vegan baby formula. I love that the boys help out with her and that they are also developing into toddlers. You’d think this would all be really hard but it’s sort of not. We have our moments when someone is screaming but it fades pretty fast. We are already starting to talk about potty training the boys. We bought 2 potties and we have them sit on them fully dressed. We are way off from them actually using them but Sarah said the sooner we start the better. I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in diapers for the next 2 years of my life anyway so it’s no big deal. I’ve gotten so good at diaper changing I feel like a team member on a baby pit crew Lol I can hold a leg, wipe, hold the other leg, wipe, remove, new one, tape, tape, stand up, adjust, DONE faster than the girls can. It’s all of this practice I get. I’m telling you if diaper changing was a think at the Fair, I would smoke the competition.

Last night I made home-made chimichungas and oh wow did those go over well. The girls split one then asked for a 2nd one to split because it was so good. My wife almost finished hers but kept the rest for a snack. My boys got baby burritos instead and they devoured them. They love bean burritos. I don’t later on into the night because eww Lol They love them though so it’s worth it.

This weekend we are staying in town and working on getting some things figured out as far as furniture. Some of our furniture is going with my wife to Paris. Some is not. This house I’m never getting rid of. The condos are gone in November after she moves. All of that money is going into savings. I will make a very, very, healthy profit. I bought them 8 years ago so the prices have shot up since then. Plus we have improved them both. They are move in ready and I’m happy to see them gone. I loved the location but I just wanted a yard. I’m very happy to keep the house.

I better get ready for work. Hope everyone is having a great week. Please donate to Puerto Rico! They got smashed by Hurricane Maria. Also to Mexico for their earthquake! They need our help too. God bless everyone in the path of Maria. It looks bad!

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