St Louis/Iowa City yesterday

Yesterday morning I got up really early. However before that let me do a quick update.

My wife did ask all of the questions she wanted to with Peyton. I guess Peyton talked to Lindsay afterward and said she felt grilled and slightly burnt Lol My wife is very thorough. They did whatever it was needed to be done or needed to be ridiculously overdramatized and when I picked her up from work I told her now UNFRIEND HER NOW. She did. I said don’t re-add her. Drop it. She did finally calm down about all of that. Her pregnancy hormones have turned her into a nut job. She admits it and that’s the label she put on herself. I don’t think or even refer to my wife as a nut job. I know better. She said she was jealous and she doesn’t ever want to feel that way because I don’t give her any reason to be jealous at all. She said it’s all the b****** in the world that flirt or hit on me that she’s afraid of. She said I’m a good-looking smiling friendly guy and she knows that’s very attractive. It doesn’t matter I have my black wedding band on and I openly express how much I love my wife and kids. Women are still trying to get at me. I said well they can’t. I’m married and I don’t ever want a divorce so no thanks. That made her feel a lot better, I hope.

The next morning was my St Louis trip.

I was invited to speak on 3 panels. It was all about commercial investments and how does it work in today’s economy. Actually right now it’s pretty good. Next year not so good. I did ask a PH.D economist on twitter about the economic downturn probability and he said it’s going to be a slow growth next year. That verified what I had said in 2016. The conference was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed learning from the other panel members. I had a great time discussing how my business has been able to sustain. I have never overreached, that’s why I’m still in business. I told them I’m not just conservative with our money and expenses I’m downright Grinchy about it. I won’t spend it unless we need it. I will use what we have until it falls apart. When it’s time to upgrade things I always have the money to get the best quality of items and we make sure to take care of it all. That’s how. I think that’s just common sense though.

We left St Louis and decided to stop into Iowa City to eat. It is one of my favorite places right by the airport. The food is delicious. They offer vegan options and I probably ate way too much. I took a bunch of muffins and cookies home.

My wife surprised me by picking me up at the airport. I texted her when I landed. She knows it takes me about 20 to 25 minutes to park my plane, lock up the hanger, and walk to the terminal where I exit the airport. She called me and said to text her when I was walking over. I did and when I walked out I called her. She was just pulling up. I know this because she honked at me Lol It scared the SH*T out of me! I jumped a little. She rolled down the window and said GET IN SEXY MAN! I died laughing then I got in and gave her a big kiss. I said what are you doing here! She said she missed me. I said what’s the real reason. She said she did miss me but she also just got off work so she timed it all together Lol I said I knew it was just because you missed me. She said she did but it was both reasons. I gave her a cookie and told her all about my day as we drove home. Then she told me about her day and what she had to do the rest of this week. Her work schedule has lightened up a lot so she’s really able to work on finishing up her last few things before she’s out of there. We are at almost a month and a week or so before she’s done working for a while. She excited for the break so she can really focus everything into her pregnancy but she’s also very nervous about when it’s time to go find a new job. Her current job she can do research from home online for their cases. They will pay her but at a reduced amount. She doesn’t want her law degree to go to waste so she is going to see what she can do about working in Paris. I’m all for it. Whatever she wants, I’m fine with it. Plus we have nannies to help out if she does go back to work.

We got home in time to hang out with the kids. I gave kisses to all of my babies and spend about 2 hours with them. We got them to bed late which made Sarah a little mad but I told her she now gets to sleep in a little so it will work out. She likes to keep our routine the same. It’s fine.

Today I had a big meeting to go over everything I learned at the conference. We all came up with some new ideas on how to market the businesses. I really like opening up discussions and listening to what my employees have to add. I always feel challenged but also interested. Someone wants to wrap up my Audi with one of those full company logos over the entire car. I snort laughed and said over my dead body. No way. I like to advertise but we don’t need it that bad. We are actually doing very well so far this year. I’m very proud of our teams and I’m really happy that we are NOT expanding any more this year. I told Lindsay don’t do it. Let us get caught up from the last one. Our Atlantic city office is finally showing a little bit of a profit. That one took forever to get going.

So I’m getting ready to go eat lunch. I don’t know where I’m going today but I’m happy to get out and enjoy the day.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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