Happy Halloween 2017!

This year Alex is Batman, Heston is Robin, and our daughter piece is a little wonder woman baby Lol All of their costumes look great.

My wife went to work in a giant strawberry costume and I’m dressed as a farmer. Insert all the jokes you want here.

We took family photos at the Halloween parties we have attended. We look great I think. It’s been a fun weekend going to different events for the kids and then at night going to the adult parties.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween tonight. We will be at home hanging out tonight. I am pretty much Halloweened out.

Traveling Dad

Every night I get home and bring my kids something new. It’s usually just a magnet of whatever cities I was in that day. We have started a collection. The boys help me put it on the fridge. The whole side of the fridge is full of the places we have been. It became a thing last year we keep buying them.

Things are going great. I have been busy traveling going to all of the cities I need to visit one last time. We have decided NOT to do a company/retirement party this year. I don’t want it. I want a small gathering of my local office and that will be good enough. Asking everyone to fly out right before Christmas is too much. I already know how everyone feels about me and I also know we will continue to communicate. My employees are like my family. I love them all. We have all been through so much together.

My wife is now 26 weeks pregnant. Our son Talon is doing great. It’s coming up fast. Probably faster than we are prepared for. In January we will all be moving to Paris, minus 2 of the nannies. We will begin our new life and take a month or two from working on anything to get ourselves and our kids settled in. We also will be welcoming Talon at the end of January, that’s why we want an extra month off after my move.

My wife is moving very soon. Ugh. I don’t want her to go but we need to fly her over before she can’t fly. She also wants to make sure the house is ready and his nursery is ready. Peace and Talon will be sharing a room just as Heston and Alex share a room for now. The new house is big enough for all of the kids to have their own bedrooms when they get bigger. I’m sure at some point Peace will out grow room sharing and need her own Princess space. Lord knows my wife dresses her like one everyday. I come walking into the garage and see more clothes boxes that arrived during the day. My wife is on a mission to buy out all of the baby things on Earth I think. She’s half way done by the looks of it all Lol She said she’s not sure what kind of clothes available over there and wants to stock up now since shipping from the States might be a few extra days. I guess.

We are all in our French speaking mode. My wife is practicing a lot and insists at night after the kids are asleep it’s only French. She is getting very good. The class she took paid off. She is working on writing things now. Even I can’t remember some of the spelling but it’s fun to look it up and learn again.

How is everyone doing? I haven’t been updating as much because I’m out-of-town every single day. Today I am finally staying in Chicago. Peace is 13 weeks and we need to go get her ears pierced today. I’m going into work late. I don’t know why this is a thing but my wife asked me to take her. Of course let her be mad at me Lol She already picked out the little earrings at the shop that will do the piercing. She went in twice to ask questions. I’m supposed to just take her in, get it done, pay for it, then make sure she is okay. I’m sure it’s going to hurt. When I went through my earring phases throughout my life (Yes it was popular a few times) I remember it not being that bad. It was sore but it stopped being sore pretty quickly. I hate seeing my baby girl in pain so I hope she can handle it. My wife says she wants it done. I said okay. I have no idea what the appropriate age is for this thing but she googled it and had asked the doctor the last time we went to see him. He said her ears are fine, go for it.

My dog Sam jr has been very busy. He has a 3 day a week play date set up now. He gets to run around an indoor dog park (Yes that’s a real thing) with a bunch of his dog buddies playing with toys they throw out there and sniffing butts. Sarah said he has a blast and loves it. I think he is much happier with a yard. I am still doing our morning and evening walks together and he sleeps in our bed. My wife banned him for a little while because his snoring was out of control but he warmed back up to her and he’s back at my feet. The cat is still chill. I don’t know what else to say I’m not really a cat person. I have owned a few cats and much prefer dogs. Much easier to take care of. Cats could give 2 sh**s less about anything. My dog seems to care about everything and wants to know where I’m at and what I’m doing.

I had a great workout this morning. I’m going to go start breakfast. I haven’t been home lately to cook for everyone i the morning so this will be fun. Then I have to go wake everyone up.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Love ya’ll!


Our newborn son’s name will be…

After months of debating, list making and a whole lot of Veto’s my wife and I are happy to announce that our new baby son will be named:




She picked the first name and had to really convince me to name our son after a bird claw. It grew on me much like Peace did. Andrew as we all know is the name I picked out. I am giving my son my best friend Drew’s name as the middle name. Andrew, or Drew as I have always called him has been my best friend my entire life. I am a few months older than he is but we were raised together, went through schools together. We are brothers. I couldn’t think of a better name than Andrew and I think it goes great with the bird claw Lol

Talon is so loved and we are so excited to meet him in about 14 weeks. I pray every day that he stays in there and cooks longer and I also pray his birth is easy and not so painful for my wife. So far the pregnancy with him has gone great. A few mood swings here and there but she said even the morning sickness wasn’t that bad.

I called Drew a little while ago and told him about the name. He started crying and laughing and saying well it is the best name there is Lol Of course. He said he is very honored to have my boy be named after him and he will look out for all of the kids for the rest of his life.

I called Lindsay and she hates both names and hung up on me. No wait, she told me That’s the dumbest names I have ever heard, they are going to throw feathers at him, I’m watching tv f*** off love you bye Lol That was the whole conversation.

We have just finished calling everyone to let them know the name. Mixed reactions but for the most part we don’t care. It’s our baby. My wife named him, I didn’t veto it. Talon it is.

We love you Talon. I can’t wait to meet you!

Baby shower tomorrow, I’m going out

Hey guys

It has been a very busy travel week for me. I have been gone every day and gotten home around 7pm or so each night. I had to make it home to watch the Cubs….lose. Geez what a disaster that last game was. It was a great season though and I can say I still like the look of our team. Go Cubs!

I have been so busy working that I keep forgetting to update this thing. Sorry guys. I see your messages, I will write back to you tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon is the baby shower. My wife said I need to be there just to greet the ladies and then I need to go away. I said FINE! I’m going to Detroit. She said no you aren’t. I said thennnnnn I’m going downtown and she said that’s fine. I am kind of tired of flying right now anyway. I will go check out the condos and look around downtown. My kids have to stay at the house for all of the women to smother them with kisses and tell them how cute they are, or whatever it is you do with kids at a baby shower. I would rather at least take my boys with me but she said no they are needed for photos. Listen at this point in our marriage and this pregnancy she can have whatever she wants. I no longer try to argue. I just stand there about ready to say something back but then I look at her huge belly and think to myself just STFU bro Lol Get through this and in a few months you can have your wife back.

I am very excited for Drew to come next weekend. Boys trip! We are going to stay at the condos all weekend with Lindsay and just hammer out all of the paperwork. She is finally being reasonable. She was holding me hostage over money. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my 2 best friends and to finally get this contract over with. Huge weight off of my shoulders.

Tonight I am going home to cook a huge supper for everyone. I haven’t been cooking much this week. I did make 2 casseroles that no one ate. So I’ve been snacking on them at night while we watched the Cubs games. I was trying to help buy Sarah said what helps is your credit card and a call to order food Lol I guess they have been eating out a lot. I guess expecting any of the 4 WOMEN LIVING IN MY HOUSE to cook is too much to ask. My wife doesn’t cook. She has tried a few times but it’s not her strongest talent. I knew that going into this. I love to cook and she loves to eat things while I am prepping the meals. That’s what she does. The nannies clean up. That’s how they help and I appreciate it because then I feel like I can make any size mess since I’m not cleaning it up.

How is everyone? What did Trump do now? I see all kinds of a mess on Twitter but I haven’t really read it yet. Is he impeached yet? Is that happening soon? Anyone want to guess when his impeachment is coming? I vote next year by June. That’s what I think. He is just a bad President. He’s embarrassing all of us. It’s a shame.

I’m doing great. My wife is the in 26th week which means she is you know what all of the time Lol I feel like a stud horse but this is what she wants so I have zero complaints plus she is very very good at everything. I enjoy private time with my wife VERY MUCH. She’s also very appreciative of all of my creativity. Her baby bump is logistically something I have to think so it’s been fun to figure this all out together. She really is the love of my life. We laugh so much every day. She’s so funny and sweet. She is the best woman for me. I am glad I decided to call her back after she phone bombed me 3 times in one day. She said she needed to tell me something, when I called her back a little annoyed she said she forgot what it was but to meet her for dinner and she would figure it out. I said no. Then a few hours later I said yes. After that dinner I stopped dating the other 2 women I had been casually dating and we became an Us. She didn’t even move in until after we were engaged for a month. I told her we needed to work on that slowly for the boys sake, not because I was freaking out. She has been so great with the kids and seeing her with Peace melts me. My kids own me, but my wife has every piece of me that I have left. I love her. I really do. Abby (Insert Maiden name, still her lawyer name here) Cooper is my wife. I would do anything she wanted me to do. And we do want more kids but not for at least a year or more. She said 2 year break so we can get them out of diapers at least. I agree. Wiping butts x 3 is hard wait until our son comes. Baby butts x 4, geez, what did I do Lol

Speaking of our son, we have a name and I will be announcing it some time this weekend. I didn’t pick out the first name. It grew on me over time. I did pick out the middle name and I told her there is no other option for it. This is his middle name. She said if I felt that strongly about it, then she knew I put in a lot of time to think it over. I did. I really did. It’s very important to me and soon you all will understand why. And we have had a completely change of plans for the godparents, again. My wife said just keep Drew and Lindsay as all of the kids Godparents that way it’s just easier. I guess she can’t pick which sister Lol It turned into a huge deal and feelings got hurt so she ended up blaming me and told everyone I insisted all of the kids have the same god parents. That’s not true but who cares at this point because it got the whole damn thing diffused. I didn’t realize her family would be so upset over it. It caused 5 phone fights and 3 text wars. I had to take my wife’s phone away from her one night and told her enough, she was upsetting Peanut Lol Peanut is not her first name by the way, or his middle name. That would be silly. Most likely that’s his nickname for life now. I like it and that’s what we call him now.

I hope everyone is having a great week. My wife just got here so I’m going to hit Spellcheck then publish. We are heading home!

Rowboat Book Club Book #58

This book looks sad and interesting. We are going to read Evicted by Matthew Desmond.

Evicted is one of those Important Books That Every American Should Read that you might pass up because it looks so Important and Not Fun. But you should know that it’s worth a full read—the excellence of Evicted lies not only in the overall message that the housing crisis in America is an endless cycle of pain and inequality, but in the details that humanize the facts and figures that accompany the writing. Matthew Desmond is a sociologist and urban ethnographer who gets in on the ground of the poorest districts in Milwaukee and reports on eight families who are on the brink, along with the landlords and the city officials with whom they interact. With a presidential election coming up, there’s no book that speaks more to the injustice of America’s infrastructure.

Busy week

We have a lot going on this week. This coming weekend is my wife’s baby shower. She moved the date up so we can take care of everything else before her big move. The party planning is in her sisters hands, I am just paying for it. They are going to host a 1 hour event followed by time for everyone to take photos. I guess that’s a thing now. We had to order a backdrop that says It’s a Boy and then everyone gets individual or group photos with my wife. I don’t get it. I asked if I had to show up for it and she said “God no. You would be so bored.”

Then I asked if I can take all of the kids with me and she said no way Lol She wants them all there for the baby shower and all of the nannies to help with all of the kids. So now I have to figure out what to do with myself for 2 hours on Saturday. I know exactly what I want to do but I’m guessing I won’t be allowed Lol I would really love to take a quick flight over to Detroit to pick up some lunch. I will ask her tonight but I can already hear the no in my head.

Drew is coming out here the following weekend. We have a lot of legal paperwork to go over for the business name change that Lindsay wants. We also have to start negotiating the ownership contract. It’s supposed to be 50%/50%. I stay silent and let her run everything. I just cash the checks. I do not have all of my personal money into my business thank goodness, so if she loses it all, it won’t hurt that much. She swears she’s not going to go crazy with opening in different cities but I think I know her better than that. It’s either going to take off or it’s not. I have worked my a** off to set things up not to fail. All of my businesses feed into SJC. The construction companies make a lot of money that we use to invest into commercial property. Everyone thinks I’m an investment firm and I am. But not in money investments. In commercial property. I think it’s hilarious when someone tries to tell me what it is that I do for a living. They see investments and think Oh well you need to be licensed and regulated, blah blah blah. Oh really? For what? I don’t do any of that. I swear some people are too stubborn to listen to anyone.

Peace is great. I gave her a big kiss goodbye this morning and she just grinned and grinned. I have the sweetest baby girl on Earth. She is so cute. My boys are doing great. They are getting so big. They both help out their sister a lot. I think Sarah’s suggestions of making them help us get her to bed has helped a lot. They help us read 1 story to her from the Bible and help me tuck her in. They hand me her blanket and they help turn out the lights. Very big helpers. Then we go relax for a half hour or so and it’s time to get them to bed. Sarah managing our time at night has really been a blessing. She knows how/what/where/when with the kids. My wife and I are still trying to get everything down but it’s really Sarah that’s the backbone here.

Halloween is coming up everyone. We have so many parties to go to. We are trying to find a place to take the kids Trick or Treating. I no longer want to take them door to door. I don’t think that’s a good idea. At least not at this age. My wife asked if France does Halloween Lol Yes but it’s more treats than tricks. They celebrate it with parties and the kids do go door to door. It’s mostly about commercial stuff not like here. Our entire house is all Halloween. My wife hires some gay guy to come decorate for events and he knocks me over with all he can do. He even bought decorative napkin rings. I didn’t even know they had those for Halloween. I think all I have done the past few years is put out pumpkins on the front doorstep. To me that was good enough.

Still no baby name yet for our son. We are working on it. She keeps suggesting birds for first names. What? I don’t want a bird name for my boy. No way.


Have a great work week everyone!

Sleep in? No

I have been flying all over the place for work this past week. Work has kept me busy.

I’m doing my last trips for the year in the United States this month. Next month I’m moving my wife to Paris so she can get our new home ready for our big move in January. In December I’m going to Dubai. With my wife being gone I didn’t want to do anymore work trips during the week. Lindsay and others will be doing them. I am going around to each of our offices to thank everyone and tell them bye. When we go in January I didn’t want a big party. I just want to pack up my kids right away and get to my wife. I’m so excited for our new chapter to begin. At that point she will be close to giving birth and I don’t want to miss that at all.

My wife is ready to be done with work. She says all she is doing right now is basically clerk stuff. She said it’s boring and now she feels like an intern all over again. She said she is being helpful to her associates but it’s not the same pace she is used to. I told her well when you move you won’t have any job to worry about so what are you going to do with your time? She said she already lined up a job Lol Of course she did.

We have all of the money we need and she still wants to work. I love her but I just want her to chill for a while. She said she will be working from home doing research for cases. It’s all online. As long as she will be happy. I don’t care.

Peace is doing great. She will be 12 weeks old tomorrow! Can you believe it guys. We made it 3 months with 3 kids. Crazy how much she has changed our lives. She is getting so big. I love when she first wakes up. She is the happiest baby ever. She smiles a lot more than Heston did at this age. She is eating very well, her doctor checkups have all been great news. She is thriving on the vegan formula.

The boys are doing great. Heston is still my chill boy. He can play with his toys all by himself and just be in his own little world. Alex still wants more attention. They 19 months and still growing strong. Identical twins are kind of weird because they both do the exact same facial expressions. When I say no no, they both look at me like WTF dad Lol Or when I say who’s hungry they both come running. I swear they have my mannerisms already. They mimic a lot of what I do. That’s why I have to be very careful with my words. I don’t cuss a lot but the word SH*t comes out more often when I mean it to. So far no one has repeated it back to me but I do know it’s going to happen. One weekend with Lindsay and I know they will work the F-bomb. She has been very careful but I also know she is teaching them bad stuff. She taught them spaghetti hair which I thought was terrible. It was funny but I don’t want them to rub spaghetti in their hair when they eat it. We do have some great photos of it though.

Our family facebook page is full of photos from this week. I finally got time to upload them. We are in full on Halloween decorating mode. You can tell my house looks like a pumpkin patch. We took our Halloween family photos already. The boys look amazing in their Batman and Robin outfits. Peace looks adorable. I’m pulling off the very daper Joe Madden while my wife is doing a very good Sia Lol That wig. That thing gets used too much in our house. All of the girls love to wear it.

Things are great. We had a chill week. It was very busy and I was late getting back home a few times but nothing major. My wife is 6 months and 1 week pregnant. Things couldn’t be better. We had our 6 month checkup and our son is healthy, growing, and great. We have not picked out a name for it. We are going to do that before she moves I promise. We have a few in mind. My wife continues to come up with weird names that I veto.

Anyone have any baby name suggestions? If so leave a comment. Yes I do read the comments. I just don’t post them anymore. I do write back if you leave your email address though. I have made a lot of really interesting friends the past several years doing that.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Pray for the California wildfires to stop. They are all working so hard to help, I pray they get all of the fires contained soon. Please continue to pray and donate for all of the hurricane victims and the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

And most of all pray for our country. We all know I am not a Trump supporter. I think he is the world’s biggest a**hole and I can’t wait until he is impeached. He is no different from Harvey Weinstein. They both belong elsewhere. Anywhere but here. I’m so sad to hear about all of those victims. They are still coming out too. This kind of thing makes me sick and I hope everyone can get healing and closure from this. He is an evil man and he needs to lose his job. I hope they shut down his production company.

Have a great Sunday. We are getting ready to go to my in-laws for a birthday party. I thought I was the only one to throw a party at 8am Lol