Busy week

We have a lot going on this week. This coming weekend is my wife’s baby shower. She moved the date up so we can take care of everything else before her big move. The party planning is in her sisters hands, I am just paying for it. They are going to host a 1 hour event followed by time for everyone to take photos. I guess that’s a thing now. We had to order a backdrop that says It’s a Boy and then everyone gets individual or group photos with my wife. I don’t get it. I asked if I had to show up for it and she said “God no. You would be so bored.”

Then I asked if I can take all of the kids with me and she said no way Lol She wants them all there for the baby shower and all of the nannies to help with all of the kids. So now I have to figure out what to do with myself for 2 hours on Saturday. I know exactly what I want to do but I’m guessing I won’t be allowed Lol I would really love to take a quick flight over to Detroit to pick up some lunch. I will ask her tonight but I can already hear the no in my head.

Drew is coming out here the following weekend. We have a lot of legal paperwork to go over for the business name change that Lindsay wants. We also have to start negotiating the ownership contract. It’s supposed to be 50%/50%. I stay silent and let her run everything. I just cash the checks. I do not have all of my personal money into my business thank goodness, so if she loses it all, it won’t hurt that much. She swears she’s not going to go crazy with opening in different cities but I think I know her better than that. It’s either going to take off or it’s not. I have worked my a** off to set things up not to fail. All of my businesses feed into SJC. The construction companies make a lot of money that we use to invest into commercial property. Everyone thinks I’m an investment firm and I am. But not in money investments. In commercial property. I think it’s hilarious when someone tries to tell me what it is that I do for a living. They see investments and think Oh well you need to be licensed and regulated, blah blah blah. Oh really? For what? I don’t do any of that. I swear some people are too stubborn to listen to anyone.

Peace is great. I gave her a big kiss goodbye this morning and she just grinned and grinned. I have the sweetest baby girl on Earth. She is so cute. My boys are doing great. They are getting so big. They both help out their sister a lot. I think Sarah’s suggestions of making them help us get her to bed has helped a lot. They help us read 1 story to her from the Bible and help me tuck her in. They hand me her blanket and they help turn out the lights. Very big helpers. Then we go relax for a half hour or so and it’s time to get them to bed. Sarah managing our time at night has really been a blessing. She knows how/what/where/when with the kids. My wife and I are still trying to get everything down but it’s really Sarah that’s the backbone here.

Halloween is coming up everyone. We have so many parties to go to. We are trying to find a place to take the kids Trick or Treating. I no longer want to take them door to door. I don’t think that’s a good idea. At least not at this age. My wife asked if France does Halloween Lol Yes but it’s more treats than tricks. They celebrate it with parties and the kids do go door to door. It’s mostly about commercial stuff not like here. Our entire house is all Halloween. My wife hires some gay guy to come decorate for events and he knocks me over with all he can do. He even bought decorative napkin rings. I didn’t even know they had those for Halloween. I think all I have done the past few years is put out pumpkins on the front doorstep. To me that was good enough.

Still no baby name yet for our son. We are working on it. She keeps suggesting birds for first names. What? I don’t want a bird name for my boy. No way.


Have a great work week everyone!