2 sick kids, time to move out

My wife left earlier today. Friday night the boys decided to have a poopfest all night. I really thought it was just something they ate. By Saturday afternoon I had them into the clinic to see what was going on. They have this crud that’s going around. Poops, vomiting, a slight fever, and of course irritable. We had a family meeting this morning and my wife decided to take Peace, 2 nannies, and the cat, and go to the condo for a few days. I told her if they are infected she is already infected but she said it’s better to protect the baby and our unborn son as much as we can. She said she is feeling fine. Everyone else seems to be feeling fine. It’s just the boys…and now Sarah. So far I’m okay. I plan to catch it tomorrow that way we all 4 can be sick together, heal up in a few days and get the house cleaned up before everyone comes home.

I already miss them. I want them home but I also realize I need to take care of them through this. Them being away right now is the best option.

Heston has decided it’s hilarious after he throws up. He starts laughing. Alex does not think any of this is funny and is very vocal and upset constantly. I just want them both to feel better. Poor Sarah. I told her to go lay down at 2 this afternoon and she hasn’t gotten up yet. I’ve been in diaper duty x 2 all day and I’m starting to finally get immune to the smell. I have the trash bin outside of the garage, thank goodness. It’s almost full Lol I hope they get here tomorrow to dump it because I don’t think this crud is done with us yet. We are keeping the boys hydrated. I already have some chicken broth ready for Sarah as soon as she wakes up. I doubt she will want to eat anything but I also have crackers ready too.

My poor boys! And Sarah. I feel bad. We have no idea where this came from. The boys haven’t been out the past few days. No one else is sick. I don’t get it. I guess this is just one of those things. Even my wife said no one at her office has this. No one at mine either as far as I know.

If your house has the crud also right now, God bless you. We went to Church this morning and prayed it goes away soon. I always feel so helpless when my kids are sick. I want to help them but all I can do is clean them up and hold them. Alex loves to be held when he’s sick. Heston gets hot and doesn’t want anyone to touch him.

My little 19 month boys are into the NO word right now. I had hoped it wouldn’t start-up this early but it has and now we have to deal with it. I also get the Come daddy. So I walk over and they attack my legs Lol I fall for it every time. Okay, I really don’t but they crack up laughing and I always act like they got me. It’s a fun little game they enjoy. Anything to stop the beating each other up over the toys.

We have finally all decided to this year Alex gets to be Batman and Heston gets to be Robin! Guys, there are no words to describe how excited I am for this. We ordered their Halloween costumes they will get here next week. Peace will be going as a little strawberry. My wife found this outfit and has not stopped talking about it. She even put Peace into it already to see how it looked. Peace was fine until she put on the little strawberry hat. They manged to get 2 photos taken before she got mad and they had to change her out of it. She does look very cute in it, I must say. My daughter is adorable in anything. I can’t get enough of her little cheeks. She is so tiny. I love kissing all over her little face and forehead. She is definitely a daddy’s girl. My wife is not happy about that but oh well. I keep telling her Peanut is all hers for now. He loves her a lot more than me Lol I’m just the voice he hears.

How was your weekend? What did you guys do that was fun or new? I got caught up on all of the messages. I haven’t been on social media much the past few days and now we all know why. Having 2 sick kids at once is not fun but I think the worst is over.

At least we have plenty of diapers here. We are sure going through them fast. Have a great Sunday night! I will update more in a few days.

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