Baby shower tomorrow, I’m going out

Hey guys

It has been a very busy travel week for me. I have been gone every day and gotten home around 7pm or so each night. I had to make it home to watch the Cubs….lose. Geez what a disaster that last game was. It was a great season though and I can say I still like the look of our team. Go Cubs!

I have been so busy working that I keep forgetting to update this thing. Sorry guys. I see your messages, I will write back to you tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon is the baby shower. My wife said I need to be there just to greet the ladies and then I need to go away. I said FINE! I’m going to Detroit. She said no you aren’t. I said thennnnnn I’m going downtown and she said that’s fine. I am kind of tired of flying right now anyway. I will go check out the condos and look around downtown. My kids have to stay at the house for all of the women to smother them with kisses and tell them how cute they are, or whatever it is you do with kids at a baby shower. I would rather at least take my boys with me but she said no they are needed for photos. Listen at this point in our marriage and this pregnancy she can have whatever she wants. I no longer try to argue. I just stand there about ready to say something back but then I look at her huge belly and think to myself just STFU bro Lol Get through this and in a few months you can have your wife back.

I am very excited for Drew to come next weekend. Boys trip! We are going to stay at the condos all weekend with Lindsay and just hammer out all of the paperwork. She is finally being reasonable. She was holding me hostage over money. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my 2 best friends and to finally get this contract over with. Huge weight off of my shoulders.

Tonight I am going home to cook a huge supper for everyone. I haven’t been cooking much this week. I did make 2 casseroles that no one ate. So I’ve been snacking on them at night while we watched the Cubs games. I was trying to help buy Sarah said what helps is your credit card and a call to order food Lol I guess they have been eating out a lot. I guess expecting any of the 4 WOMEN LIVING IN MY HOUSE to cook is too much to ask. My wife doesn’t cook. She has tried a few times but it’s not her strongest talent. I knew that going into this. I love to cook and she loves to eat things while I am prepping the meals. That’s what she does. The nannies clean up. That’s how they help and I appreciate it because then I feel like I can make any size mess since I’m not cleaning it up.

How is everyone? What did Trump do now? I see all kinds of a mess on Twitter but I haven’t really read it yet. Is he impeached yet? Is that happening soon? Anyone want to guess when his impeachment is coming? I vote next year by June. That’s what I think. He is just a bad President. He’s embarrassing all of us. It’s a shame.

I’m doing great. My wife is the in 26th week which means she is you know what all of the time Lol I feel like a stud horse but this is what she wants so I have zero complaints plus she is very very good at everything. I enjoy private time with my wife VERY MUCH. She’s also very appreciative of all of my creativity. Her baby bump is logistically something I have to think so it’s been fun to figure this all out together. She really is the love of my life. We laugh so much every day. She’s so funny and sweet. She is the best woman for me. I am glad I decided to call her back after she phone bombed me 3 times in one day. She said she needed to tell me something, when I called her back a little annoyed she said she forgot what it was but to meet her for dinner and she would figure it out. I said no. Then a few hours later I said yes. After that dinner I stopped dating the other 2 women I had been casually dating and we became an Us. She didn’t even move in until after we were engaged for a month. I told her we needed to work on that slowly for the boys sake, not because I was freaking out. She has been so great with the kids and seeing her with Peace melts me. My kids own me, but my wife has every piece of me that I have left. I love her. I really do. Abby (Insert Maiden name, still her lawyer name here) Cooper is my wife. I would do anything she wanted me to do. And we do want more kids but not for at least a year or more. She said 2 year break so we can get them out of diapers at least. I agree. Wiping butts x 3 is hard wait until our son comes. Baby butts x 4, geez, what did I do Lol

Speaking of our son, we have a name and I will be announcing it some time this weekend. I didn’t pick out the first name. It grew on me over time. I did pick out the middle name and I told her there is no other option for it. This is his middle name. She said if I felt that strongly about it, then she knew I put in a lot of time to think it over. I did. I really did. It’s very important to me and soon you all will understand why. And we have had a completely change of plans for the godparents, again. My wife said just keep Drew and Lindsay as all of the kids Godparents that way it’s just easier. I guess she can’t pick which sister Lol It turned into a huge deal and feelings got hurt so she ended up blaming me and told everyone I insisted all of the kids have the same god parents. That’s not true but who cares at this point because it got the whole damn thing diffused. I didn’t realize her family would be so upset over it. It caused 5 phone fights and 3 text wars. I had to take my wife’s phone away from her one night and told her enough, she was upsetting Peanut Lol Peanut is not her first name by the way, or his middle name. That would be silly. Most likely that’s his nickname for life now. I like it and that’s what we call him now.

I hope everyone is having a great week. My wife just got here so I’m going to hit Spellcheck then publish. We are heading home!

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