Weekend Update

Everyone is back home and things are perfect again. Our little baby girl is almost 11 weeks old. This morning she is getting baptized into the Catholic faith. We are so excited to welcome her into our Church home and begin her foundation of belief in God. We have been planning this out for 2 months. Lindsay and Drew are her god parents again. My wife really wanted one of her siblings but we have agreed that our son will have different god parents. Drew will be the god father, that one is non-negotiable and our son will have her sister as his god mother. Lindsay is fine with it. She said 3 is enough Lol She was joking, don’t twist it. She was not fine with it at first but I explained to her how important it is to my wife. She let it go after a 5 minute argument. We still have Lindsay as one of the emergency contact for all of my kids so she said she still wins. I don’t get her logic at all.

We did not bring in all of the family for this. We decided just a small group this time. It’s been a little nuts around here lately plus the kids are just getting over being sick. We are having a private party at home today for her to celebrate her baptism.

Her gown is really nice. My wife found it and said it called to her. I’m happy it fits perfectly. You never know with babies this age. Each week they gain weight and grow. It’s crazy how much my little Peace pie has changed.

Photos from the event will be up on our Family Facebook page tomorrow morning. Photos from the party will be up tomorrow night.

We are in our final month of my wife living here full-time. She is already packing up all of her personal things she wants to take. We have begun sending over furniture she wants to take with us. We really have way too much stuff. Some of it will stay here. Well actually most of it will because my wife wants to redecorate. Whatever our designer over there has created I know my wife will change some of it immediately. Fine by me, I’m not attached to my furniture. My artwork, that’s another story.

We have not figured out a baby name for our son. Thank goodness we have several months to go. My wife is now 6 months pregnant and happy about it. We went to her 6 month checkup and everything is great. She has gained a few more pounds but nothing too drastic. I was surprised it wasn’t more because she is eating everything Lol I’m making snacks for her wait time for her snacks. It’s constant. Just as long as everyone is healthy and happy I don’t care.

I go back to work on Monday. I have several trips next week. I’m trying to get in as much as I can before my wife’s move. I will be going with her for a week to settle her in. I want to make sure she is okay and has everything she needs. The kids will be staying home with the nannies while we are gone. I’m already not looking forward to leaving her in Paris for a few months but we have agreed to go back and forth twice a month. That way we stay connected. With all of the violence going on in Europe these days it has made all of us a little paranoid about the move. I have hired a security team to stay with her 24/7 until I move over but you still never know.

We had a great few days with the kids. We went to Navy Pier yesterday before we came back home and watched the Cubs lose game 2 of the NLDS. That was bad. They blew a nice little lead and then really blew the game on 1 bad inning. Not cool but at least we had a good time hosting the watch party.

I need to go get showered and dressed. Our little Peace is going to be baptized this morning and I’m so happy God is welcoming her into his Kingdom of faith! Praise God she is ours. I love her so much! She is the best little girl on Earth.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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