Paris Trip

We had a great Thanksgiving and the rest of the trip was a lot of fun. We were able to go sight seeing and show the girls around. They had never been to the places we went to and I wanted them to know all of these great stores and shops are very close by. I’m glad we took the time to show them. My wife said Well get your credit card ready now mister Lol Great. Just what I love to hear 🙁

The kids love being with mommy again. They missed her so much. I told them another few weeks and we will go back to spend Christmas with her. That’s when I have to decide. I plan to move over January 2nd. Do I leave my kids there or do I haul them back and forth within a few days? My wife is mad that I won’t be spending New Year’s Eve with her but I told her I have so much to take care of before we go. She said well go back after Christmas and get it done then come home. I need to figure something out. I do want to be with her to start the new year. It would be a lot of fun to go see the fireworks downtown in Paris. I just don’t think I can get it all done by then. She was getting mad but I told her I would figure it all out. I do have plenty of time to rethink my schedule. Plus making a pregnant wife mad is never a good thing.

We left in the afternoon and got home yesterday afternoon. We stayed in NYC for a few hours to go see the Christmas tree and to also hit the 2 toy stores that I knew my boys would love. I try to give them a break after such a long flight I don’t want to rush them into another hours long sitting adventure. They had fun and walked out with 2 toys each. Peace got 2 new toys as well but she wasn’t as enthusiastic about hers Lol I know when she’s old enough to pick out her own stuff she will be much happier.

I can’t believe how big my daughter has gotten. She is so cute. We get a lot of compliments on her outfits which helps a lot because in the mornings when I dress her I have to ask Sarah does this look right. Does this look okay?

Half the time I get the shirt right but the pants are all wrong. I have no idea what I’m doing. Thankfully I have help for that girl stuff.

My wife has bought so much baby stuff. Some for Talon some for Peace. They are both going to be very well stocked up once we have both of them at home.

My wife’s family are all unhappy she won’t be back for Christmas but I told them all this was her choice. I offered for her to stay in the states and have the baby her. She said no. She wanted him born in France. I’m fine with that. I think that would be a good fit for our family.

So now I have a few weeks to get my things ready to move. I couldn’t be happier to be leaving my job. All of my companies are in a great spot financially and I know Lindsay will run things at a good pace. She will expand but not too fast. I told her if she opens up in a bunch of new cities too fast we will lose it all. She said Duhh I’m not stupid and told me to get in the car and STFU. That was the last talk we had about work things.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Back to work for me. I have no more out-of-town trips until my Dubai trip in December. My wife was going to go but with the last doctor’s checkup we both decided no way. Lindsay will be going with me to Dubai this year. Dave won’t be coming with her. They are in some sort of kerfuffle over who knows what this time. It might be because Ben is hanging out with them more and more. I wouldn’t put up with that sh** Lol No way. It’s cool to be friends and be friendly if you randomly bump into them. But to invite your ex over for dinner a few times a month, that’s wrong. I don’t know why she does it.

I need to get going to work. Have a great work week everyone!

Black Friday

My wife is burning up her Ipad looking at websites to find awesome gifts on Black Friday sales. She keeps asking me if she should buy this or that. She’s really excited. I’m happy she is in a good mood today because yesterday…

Thanksgiving in Paris. That was fun in theory. I brought all of my kids and the other 2 nannies with me to France. I asked them if they wanted to spend it with their own families and they said no since we are all about to be split up in January. That was very nice of them. I paid them all extra Lol We had a horrible plane ride from Chicago to NYC. However, on the flight from NYC into Paris no problems at all. Peace was content sleeping or being held. The boys were both kept super busy with distractions or walking around a little. We all tried really hard to make it without any huge meltdowns. The only meltdown we had was from my wife texting me nonstop while I was over the ocean.

My wife is VERY pregnant. We are 31 weeks in. This means we have 9 weeks to go and she is freaking the F out Lol She said she has been to the doctor twice since she moved there. That freaks me out until I find out she just had a bad stomach ache or she is having really bad back spasms. I scheduled massages for everyone to try to help. She said she has calmed down so we are going to make that a weekly thing. She just can’t get comfortable.

According to her, MY LARGE SON is crushing her bones from the inside out Lol Yes he is a little longer and bigger than an average baby. She knew this going in. I warned her before we started trying for a baby. She said she’ll just get drugs and won’t feel a thing. She seems to forget she’s the growing vessel that holds him in and she will be feeling him grow. She loves being pregnant. She wants more kids. She also wants smaller babies and unfortunately that won’t happen with me. The whole flight over she kept telling me how she can’t sit down. She can’t stand long. She can’t sleep well. I told her I had bought this pillow thing that helps pregnant women sleep instead of the body pillow she has been trying and we will try that. She told me SHE DOES NOT WANT IT. I said well we are going to at least try it out. She said NO. I said I’m not arguing we are going to try it. PERIOD. That went over well.

We landed got through security got our bags outside and there she was. I was so happy to see her. We hugged and kissed a few times. I asked where my dog was she said she decided to leave him home this time. That’s okay. We loaded everything up and off we went. HOME.

We got inside and my dog went nuts seeing me. I missed him so much guys! We got the kids settled and got them all a snack then started unpacking the things that needed to be put up. It was so good to see Brandi. She is the fun one. She always makes all of us laugh and I’m glad she’s happy living in Paris. She gets days off. She has been helping my wife out with decorating and shopping. She said she loves it there. She was going to go home for Thanksgiving but decided to stay. All of my girls back together again…let the picking on me constantly begin!

We had a great meal. Man was that good. Turkey, tofurkey, sides, appetizers, desserts. We have a fridge full of leftovers still. Everyone was so happy to be together again. I thanked them all and thanked our new staff. We invited our security team over for the meal. I handed out Christmas bonuses because I want them to have their money sooner so they can spend it however they like. My wife said I gave them all too much but I don’t care. I really appreciate everyone taking such good care of me, her, and our kids. I love them all and want them to feel special and appreciated. I try my best to always make sure they feel like family.

We got everyone ready for bed and it was bed time for us. I pulled out the new pillow. She threw it down. I got out of bed and picked it up. I said just try it please it’s for Talon too. He wants mommy to try it. That worked Lol Somehow. She laid down and lights out 4 minutes later after she told me she hated it. I had wanted some Hi I’m here sex but I also saw how uncomfortable she had been so I let that go. We made up for it this morning Lol Don’t worry we are always all over each other. We are still newly married and in that phase. I hope that never goes away.

When she woke up she said it just felt right. She said it felt like it cupped her in the position she needed to be in. Now she loves it and wants to order a second one just to have on hand. No problem. It will be here next week.

Today all we did was hang out at the house. I did not want to drag the kids anywhere when they are still trying to get on schedule. I don’t like seeing my babies struggle to sleep. I know this is a short trip here and we will have to do this again at Christmas but I was really hoping by coming over Wednesday it would be easier on them. Maybe we need to come over on Tuesday instead? I don’t know.

Tomorrow we are all going out for a tour of the city. I set that up with a guide that will help my wife and Brandi find other places to go. They are sticking around our suburb for now because they are both a little nervous to venture out. Thankfully a lot of people do speak english and when she stumbles on her words she said they have been very nice. I think it’s because she’s at least trying to speak french and fit in. She said the neighbors have been hanging out with them a little and I’m very happy to hear that. She said the pets are doing great. She thinks her cat Tristan loves it there because there’s much more traffic and people walking by to enjoy some window time. I’m glad to hear that. I think that cat hates me or at the most tolerates me.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I got all of your well wishes and messages. I just answered you all back. Thank you guys for thinking of me and our family. Now go shopping! Enjoy the sales and make sure you spend quality time with the people you love this weekend! I will update more tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from the Coopers!

This year Thanksgiving will be in Paris France at our new home. Tomorrow I am loading up all of the kids and nannies and off we go. It’s going to be an adventure flying that many hours with 3 kids. I’m going to loss my sh** at some point along the way I’m sure but hopefully once we get there things will go back to normal and we get to see my wife. That’s my goal for travel day. My wife will be 31 weeks pregnant on Thursday and we both had decided we did not want her flying back and forth for the holidays. Her family was not very supportive of the idea but she made that final decision. It is her body, our baby and I supported what she felt was safest and best for them both.

I’m really excited to see the boys enjoy the new house. Their rooms are completely done. My wife has worked very hard this week making sure the last few things got unpacked for them. The baby nursery is ready for peace and Talon. I’m bringing over some of the things that she had ordered before she left. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what she has done to our house. She is not working right now and she said it’s driving her crazy so she keeps busy by shopping for things and decorating. Whatever she wants to do, I just say Yes. There’s no arguing with her anyway so I don’t even try. We Facetime a few times a day but it’s not the same. I want to see her and kiss her so badly. I miss my wife. It is so hard being so far away from her.

She has ordered all of our meal that way I didn’t have to get there and start cooking right away. I will be cooking a few things that are traditional for myself and the kids. Vegan traditions that I want to carry on forever. Everyone else will be enjoying a turkey dinner plus many, many fixings. My wife said she just ordered everything they had because she said we would eat off of the leftovers for days anyway. Great planning.

I miss my dog guys. It’s hard. He’s my buddy. I miss the cat too but he’s actually likes me Lol

I want to wish everyone celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving. We gave ALL of our employees Wednesday off for a paid travel day. They come back to work on Monday. I did not want anyone having to rearrange schedules around and miss out on family time. I know how valuable it is. We announced that last month so that everyone we well aware.

I hope your travels are safe and fast. I pray my kids don’t scream, cry, or throw a fit the entire ride over the ocean Lol Wish us luck.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We love you all!

The Coopers

Rowboat Book Club Book #59

Hey guys. We are almost done with this book list. Do you guys like this format? Do we need to go back to doing it the other way? Let me know please. We will be reading Grief Is The Thing With Feathers by Max Porter.

Winner of the Dylan Thomas Prize, this Kafkaesque, bizarre, and beautiful debut thrusts us deep inside an East London flat where a widower and his two young boys are reeling from a monumental loss. It’s the arrival of an uninvited houseguest—of the belching, burping, slurping (and hugging) kind—in the form of a giant, Ted Hughes-inspired crow that comforts the fledging family. Equal parts novella, poem, and play, Porter obliterates the confines of form, transforming the manuscript into a breathing living organism of its own. This book is guaranteed to change the way you see everyone precious in your life, and it’s a powerful reminder to love hard and relish everyday intimate moments.

Gearing up for the weekend

Since my wife has been in Paris our house is a disaster Lol I tend to pile things up on the kitchen table and plan to get it all cleaned up some time on the weekend. This time it’s so bad I had to clean it up last night. We couldn’t even eat there. Sarah said as soon as I got home last night can you pick up the table we need to set the table. I said just move my stuff onto a chair. She said have you noticed how much stuff is on it?



Sorry, hold on Lol

I have been working all week and tonight I finally get to stay home with the kiddos until Monday. I miss my wife very much. We all do. The boys  keep asking for mommy. We Facetime her but it’s not the same. Thankfully we will all be going to Paris next week to spend our very first Thanksgiving in our new home. I’m really excited about that. We invited my wife’s family over but they want to stay home and that’s okay. Her parents have stopped by a few times to see how things are going. I tell them that I am struggling to balance everything and that the kids are wearing me out. That’s as honest as I can relate it. This week is a crusher. I’m so tired but I still have a lot to do.

Tonight I promised the girls we would get pizza so I’m stopping to pick it up on the way home. Sarah wants to try something different so I told her to just call in their order.

I need to get to work. I started writing this at home this morning but Peace woke up and then the boys got up so I didn’t finish writing it.

I will update more later. Have a great Friday everyone! Love ya’ll!

It’s official, she moved to Paris

I took my wife and Sarah to Paris, France. This was the BIG MOVE. Let me tell you nothing was easy about it. Keep in mind my wife is now 29 weeks pregnant. Nothing she does is easy.

We got to NYC and had another weather delay. That gave me time to rest up before the whirlwind I was about to go through. We finally got going and my wife was not comfortable. No position right now is okay. We finally got her a blanket and rolled it up a certain way to make it work. It’s a long flight and her being able to sit without being in some sort of level of pain is important. We made it over and it was Luggage Ninja Warrior all over again. I decided to slowly move my clothes over a little at a time on each trip over. My wife said she will organize my closet for me so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. She loves to organize. I married an organizer. She likes thinks to match and she also thinks everything has its place in the home. Fine by me. I just want to have clean clothes and a lemony fresh, clean house. Sarah was really happy to be in Paris. She said she loves the city and now sees why I want to live there.

Let’s face reality. I’m not getting any younger. If I wanted to make this move, it’s now when my marriage is still new and young. I don’t think I could have convinced my wife if we had been married for 10 years. Even 20 years I don’t think she would have wanted to. We would have been to settled into Chicago. She was more excited about the move than I was.

We got to the house and Sarah was very happy to see it in person. The photos and videos really don’t do it justice. She said it looks perfect to raise the kids and I told her we made sure there is a spare room just for you. You can come see us any time. She has turned into a daughter to me in some ways. I told her she is welcome to stay, welcome to go. She can literally have anything she wants from me. She said the reason why she doesn’t want to live in Paris is because of her family. It’s too far from Texas and if something happened she would be to far away. I completely understand that. My parents have both passed away so knowing that her parents are still around I know how important family is to her. I still tried to show her all the cool things Lol She was sort of convinced but her FINAL decision is not to move to Paris with us in January. I told her I won’t mention it again. And I won’t.

Brandi loves Paris. She said she has had such a great time looking around. She has met a few nice neighbors that have helped her find places. She said our pets have been great.

When I came in the door I said where’s my boy at and Sam jr hauled a** over to me Lol He wagged and jumped up on me then rolled on his back and ran around. I told him let’s go see your yard so I took him out back to pet all over him. He was almost knocking me into my wife so I needed to give him some running room. I sat out back and held him and talked to him for a while. He really missed me. I missed him too more than I knew. He’s my buddy, he goes with me everywhere. I was able to play with him a lot and throw his ball around. Then we took our walks like he’s used to. Brandi said she had been walking him around and he was getting to know each corner. She said he doesn’t understand not to walk in front of cars and she’s had to jerk on his leash a few times to wait. None of my homes are around a steady stream of traffic like our home in Paris so he’s going to have to learn.

We got everyone settled and got my wife and Sarah fed. I wasn’t that hungry yet. I hit the grocery store to get the things on a list my wife wanted. Apparently Peanut is now craving fruit like crazy. I’m happy to hear that. My wife has several smaller sized snacks throughout the day and she said eating healthy has become a huge priority. She keeps track of what she eats and is still mildly exercising. She said she wants to bounce back from this baby like Courtney Kardashian. Or is it Kourtney? I don’t know and I don’t care what that means.

She is finally there and very happy.

We did tour the hospital where Talon will be born. We had our first doctor appointment there. We brought copies of all of her medical files the past 3 years so they can start her history. Talon is doing great and our new doctor is very nice. She answered all of my questions. She asked if we were done flying my wife around and I said yes. I told her our whole family will come see her at Thanksgiving and Christmas so she didn’t have to go anywhere. She said good because she thinks it’s time to stop flying with her. I agree. It was already uncomfortable and I hated seeing her like that. She loves the house, loves the furniture. All of our stuff she wanted to move will be at the house in another week. It has to get moved, unpacked, and then sent to the house in this huge truck. I don’t know how they are going to do it but I hope it’s easy. Because I will be using all of the same companies to move the rest of the house over soon.

We did a lot of driving around and I took Sarah to the 2 places she wanted to see. We took tons of photos and made sure my wife had everything before we came back home.

I miss my wife. It is not the same in this house without her. Yes it’s easier to get back into the old routine with Sarah and the kids but I’m really trying to balance it all. I took yesterday off of work because I had been away from my kids for a few days. I was also exhausted and needed a day to just chill.

This morning I have a ton of meetings and a very “lively” video conference with Lindsay scheduled. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to now. She’s in Mexico and it looks like she has found something she wants to buy. We don’t do commercial real estate in Mexico we only do our Energy investments. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she found an oil tanker to buy Lol She keeps talking about them like they are the new Porsche.

This weekend my buddy Drew is finally coming out. We had scheduled a boys weekend but things got switched around so he’s finally able to make it. His work keeps him really busy this time of year.

I think I hear Peace I need to get going.

I’m doing great, my wife loves Paris and my kids are all healthy and happy! Things couldn’t be better. The countdown begins for the big move for myself and my kids. I really hope things hold together until then. My wife is the glue in this family and her being gone, it makes me very anxious.

Have a great week everyone! Love ya’ll!

Busy like Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

I’m back home and work is busy, home life is busy, my kids are all busy. It’s a crazy pace this week. We have all been helping my wife pack up all of the things she wants to take over to the new house. The movers finished things up and the shipping company is already here getting it all put into this huge truck. She is taking a lot of furniture she wants to keep.

Guys my wife’s closet is empty. I can’t believe it. She has more stuff than all of us combined Lol She has been shopping up a storm the last year and a half. We found so many things with the tags still on it. I didn’t say anything. I did give her a little look which she immediately got defensive about. I also found out that I have most likely ruined her body and she may never fit into any of those dresses again. I’m pretty sure she was a very willing participant in that and I know she will fit in them again. If she doesn’t I don’t care.

Tomorrow I am taking my wife and Sarah to Paris for the weekend. I want Sarah to at least have a look at what we can offer. I do realize this is just a free trip for her and she’s not going to change her mind but I have to at least try one more time before I drop it for good. The kids are going to their grandparents so that Heather isn’t all alone with 3 kids. That’s not fair. Whenever they go over there all of my wife’s sisters head over to help out. When we go pick up the kids they come home with bags full of new stuff Lol I don’t think they understand they already have more than enough stuff. It’s very nice though and we always bring it home.

I feel like I haven’t even recovered from our last trip. I miss my dog bad so it’s going to be fun to see him again. I hope he’s doing okay. Brandi said she’s been taking him for walks 3 times a day just so she can look around the neighborhood.

I will be off social media again this weekend. I did get a lot of messages returned. Thanks for all the well wishes on our trip last week and our move. I will finish returning messages tonight.

Have a great Thursday everyone! I need to get to work.